Kriziki (Tavern Brawl)

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Set: Tavern Brawl
Type: Hero
Class: Priest, Warlock
Health: 30
Artist: Ursula Dorada

Sought peace and quiet in Outland, but instead found demon hunters. LOTS of demon hunters.

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For other representations of Kriziki, see Kriziki (disambiguation).

Kriziki is a priest and warlock hero that the player can pick in the Rumbledome! Tavern Brawl.

For more information, see Rumbledome!.

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Lesser Heal(126).png

Tavern Brawls[edit | edit source]

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Type Emote
Opening remark Must fly again...
Mirror start Lazul promised us.
Thanks Ra-ak! Well done.
Well Played Bold you are. Yes!
Greetings Shadows hide you. Caw!
Mirror Greetings And you. Ca-caw!
Oops Birdbrain am I? Hm.
Threaten Shadows tear you asunder!
Attack Shadows unravel you!
Concede No wings today.
Thinking [1] Darkness folds and writhes...
Thinking [2] Hm...
Thinking [3] Ra-aak? Ra-aak.
Almost out of time Time runs thin.
Almost out of cards Cards low.
Out of cards Caw-ards gone.
Error: Too many minions No room for that one.
Error: Generic I can't do that.
Error: Hand already full Aa-ak! Full hand!
Error: Hero already attacked Kriziki rests now.
Error: Minion not ready That minion must wait, a-rak!
Error: Minion exhausted It recovers from last strike.
Error: Not enough mana I Need Mana!
Error: Need a weapon Need weapon!
Error: Can't play that card No! Cannot play.
Error: Can't target stealthed minions That coward is hiding
Error: Not a valid target Cannot target.
Error: Must attack taunt minion Another taunts me.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Kriziki, full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]