Knights of the Frozen Throne enchantment list

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The following page lists all known enchantments related to the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. For basic information on enchantments, see Enchantment.

Note that some of the associations between enchantments and their related cards may be incorrect, since there is no way to determine this for certain without extensive in-game testing. Because of the way the wiki imports data, some enchantment data may also be out of date, and may therefore not match the stated effects of the related card, or that shown on the enchantment in-game. Corrections to out of date information are welcome, but should only be made if the up to date information has been clearly witnessed in-game.

Regular play[edit | edit source]

Related card Enchantment Text
Wicked Skeleton Extra Calcium Increased stats.
Bring It On! Challenged Minion cost reduced by (2).
Corpse Raiser Ready to Return Deathrattle: Resummon this minion.
Grave Shambler Armed and Dangerous Increased stats.
Anti-Magic Shell Anti-Magic Shell +2/+2 and "Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers."
Valeera the Hollow Veil of Shadows Stealth until your next turn.
Cobalt Scalebane Dragonscales Attack increased.
Night Howler Awooooo! This minion has increased Attack.
Dark Conviction Convinced Stats changed to 3/3.
Shadow Ascendant Ascended Stats increased.
Frost Lich Jaina Frost Lich Your Elementals have Lifesteal.
Frost Lich Jaina Icy Veins Frost Lich Jaina is granting your Elementals Lifesteal.
Gnash Gnash +3 Attack this turn.
Leeching Poison Leeching Poison Lifesteal
Cryostasis Frozen Blood +3/+3.
Light's Sorrow Dying Light Increased Attack.
Shadowblade Shaded Immune this turn.
Prince Taldaram Taldaram's Visage 3/3.
Acherus Veteran Veteran's Favor +1 Attack.
Tuskarr Fisherman Fresh Fish! Spell Damage +1.
Fallen Sun Cleric Cleric's Blessing +1/+1.
Runeforge Haunter Resilient Weapon No durability loss.
Embrace Darkness Embraced At the start of the next turn, lose control of this minion.
Shadow Essence Shadow Essence Attack and Health set to 5.
Zombeast Stitched {First minion} and {second minion}.
Phantom Freebooter Witty Weaponplay Increased stats.
Desperate Stand Redeemed Deathrattle: Return this to life with 1 Health.
Sunborne Val'kyr Blessing of the Val'kyr +2 Health.
Furnacefire Colossus Me Bigger Increased stats.
Bonemare Bonemare's Boon +4/+4 and Taunt.
Strongshell Scavenger Strongshell +2/+2.
Crypt Lord Might of Ner'ub Increased Health.
Deathaxe Punisher Bloodthirsty +2/+2 from Deathaxe Punisher.
Plague Lord Fangs +3 Attack this turn.
Death Revenant Bloodthirsty Increased Stats.
Shadow Reflection Shadow Reflection Always copy your last played card.
Plague Scientist Test Subject Poisonous
Blood-Queen Lana'thel Vampiric Bite Increased Attack.
Toxic Arrow Toxic Arrow Poisonous
Fatespinner Growth +2/+2.
Prince Keleseth Keleseth's Blessing +1/+1
Sanguine Reveler Bloodthirst Increased Stats.
Frostmourne Frostmourne Enchantment
Frostmourne Trapped Soul {Name of killed minion}

Adventure-specific[edit | edit source]

Related card Enchantment Text
Necrotic Plague Plagued 1/1.
Growing Ooze Grow The ooze is growing.
Vampiric Bite Bitten! +2/+2. Can't be bitten again.
Fallen Champions Join the Ranks When this dies, resummon it for your oponent.
Fallen Champions Join the Ranks Player Enchantment