Jon Neimeister

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Jon Neimeister is the artist for the cards listed here.


Undercity Huckster(33135).png
Shadow Rager(49752).png
Unlicensed Apothecary(49747).png
Kabal Trafficker(49742).png
Kun the Forgotten King(49628).png

Uncollectible cards

Forgotten Armor(49769).png
Forgotten Mana(49770).png

Removed cards

Kun the Forgotten King(92962).png


The following cards are seen only in boss encounters, within adventures or the tutorial.

Hero Powers

Nether Rage(42142).png
Nether Rage(42139).png


Barrel Forward(27373).png

Tavern Brawls

The following cards are seen only in Tavern Brawls.


Explosive Rune(35378).png
Explosive Runes(35381).png

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