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Jakub Kasper

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Jakub Kasper is the artist for the cards listed here.


Bluegill Warrior(289).png
Mana Reservoir(90636).png
Primalfin Totem(55596).png
Witch's Brew(90654).png
Arcane Watcher(90628).png
Conjurer's Calling(90625).png
Toothy Chest(77016).png
Crowd Favorite(22308).png
Kezan Mystic(12252).png
Steam Surger(55585).png
Unexpected Results(89826).png
Carnivorous Cube(73325).png
Djinni of Zephyrs(27234).png
Kara Kazham!(42033).png
Luna's Pocket Galaxy(89888).png
Madam Goya(49684).png
The Runespear(76869).png
Living Monument(90838).png

Uncollectible cards

Liquid Membrane(52587).png


The following cards are seen only in boss encounters, within adventures or the tutorial.

Hero Powers

Blessings of the Sun(27300).png
Blessings of the Sun(27299).png
True Perfection(90135).png


Blessing of the Sun(27451).png
Portable Forge(77126).png
Mutating Injection(7782).png
Royal Gift(89577).png

Tavern Brawls

The following cards are seen only in Tavern Brawls.



Credits and debug cards

Brian Birmingham(14662).png

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