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Ivan Fomin

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Ivan Fomin is the artist for the cards listed here.


Embalming Ritual(90782).png
Gurubashi Chicken(90172).png
Magic Trick(90579).png
Spellbook Binder(90662).png
Spitting Camel(90849).png
Sweeping Strikes(90661).png
Blackwald Pixie(89366).png
History Buff(90845).png
Mischief Maker(90840).png
Primal Talismans(76923).png
Vulpera Scoundrel(90847).png
Walnut Sprite(89462).png
Fiendish Circle(89465).png
Garden Gnome(90810).png
Half-Time Scavenger(90274).png
Restless Mummy(90696).png
Sneaky Devil(77019).png
Spirit of the Shark(90148).png
Walk the Plank(90201).png
Seaforium Bomber(89887).png
Spark Drill(89928).png
Gurubashi Hypemon(90195).png
Tunnel Blaster(90660).png
Arcane Devourer(90689).png

Uncollectible cards

Gonk's Resilience(90299).png
Goblin Lackey.png
Improvised Explosive.png
Kobold Lackey.png


The following cards are seen only in boss encounters, within adventures or the tutorial.


Boommaster Flark (Dalaran boss).png
Niira the Trickster(89632).png
The Great Akazamzarak.png


Big Boomba.png
Pesky Rascal(90417).png
Vampiric Fangs(89641).png
Ironhorn Drummer(90399).png
Bryn'troll, the Bone Arbiter(63137).png

Unpublished art[edit | edit source]

Mech Chicken.png
Toxic Murloc.png

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