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This article aims to function as an in-depth reference to Hearthstone's internal program design.

For an overview of Hearthstone's game design and development, see Design and development of Hearthstone.

Data types[edit]


This is a work-in-progress list of all types of objects, actions, descriptions, and tags that fall under a specific Hearthstone attribute or concept. These pages do not contain actual source code from the Hearthstone client, but rather simply represent a reverse-engineered set of values.

  • GameTag - A large set of entity attributes applied to game objects at various stages of play.
  • GameType - A set of the different game types including Ranked, Unranked, and Arena.
  • Mulligan - Different phases of the mulligan cycle.
  • Step - The different phases of gameplay including shuffle, draws, combat, and game cleanup.
  • Zone - Possible locations for a game entity.

Other resources[edit]

HearthSim team[edit]