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These cards apply enchantments that raise or lower the Attack, Health, or Cost of something.

An enchantment, or buff or debuff, is a special effect gained by a minion. Enchantments may be generated by spells, minion texts or abilities such as Battlecries, or other sources, may be temporary or permanent, and can have a range of effects. Each enchantment has its own name, icon and text. Beneficial enchantments are often referred to as buffs, and detrimental ones as debuffs.

Most enchantments belong to minions while on the battlefield. However, some enchantments affect cards of other types, and some are active while in the player's hand. Enchantments may be granted permanently, or temporarily by an aura.

Active enchantments are usually shown on the battlefield by visual effects, such as golden sparkles for buffs or red for debuffs, over the enchanted minion. When moused over, a minion will list any active enchantments just below the body of the minion's own card, along with the names, icons and text of each. Enchantments are usually displayed in the order in which they were granted. Enchantments on cards in the hand are not listed visually, but are usually reflected in highlighted changes to the card's stats.

For a list of all enchantments in the game, see Enchantment list.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Most enchantments belong to the affected minion and can be removed by silencing it. However, enchantments granted by other minions' ongoing auras can only be removed by neutralizing the minions generating them.
  • Returning a minion to the hand will remove all enchantments and other modifications from the card, even if the enchantment was present when the card was originally in the hand.[1] This rule applies whenever any enchanted minion leaves the battlefield zone, such as in the case of Entomb.
  • Enchantments are mostly seen on minions. However, the game itself uses enchantments to track many other adjustments, including effects like those of Deadly Poison, Loatheb and Alexstrasza. These enchantments are not usually displayed for players.
In-hand enchantments

Health[edit | edit source]

These rules govern changes to the maximum health of a minion:

  • When an effect "increases Health" or gives "+h Health", it usually means an increase to maximum health. "Restore Health" or "heal" is the wording for current health gains that don't affect maximum health.
  • When a statistics change to a minion is given in the form of +a/+h (e.g. +2/+4), the +h part is a change to maximum health.
  • When maximum health is directly increased by an enchantment, the minion's current health increases by the same amount. For example, if a 2/2 Frostwolf Grunt, damaged to 2/1, gets +2 Health, its maximum health becomes 4 AND its current health becomes 3.
  • When maximum health is decreased by an enchantment or the removal of enchantments, the actual health of the minion will only decrease as far as the new maximum. For example, if the Grunt from above is silenced, it will lose its 2 maximum health from its enchantment, but its current health will only drop by 1: from 3 to its new maximum health of 2. If the minion's current health is already no greater than the new maximum, it is unaffected.

Multiple enchantments[edit | edit source]

The interactions of multiple enchantments can be complex and unpredictable. Generally:

  • Non-aura enchantments are applied first, in the order they were granted to the minion, followed by any auras.
  • When temporary enchantments expire, the effects of remaining enchantments are recalculated.

For further details, see Advanced rulebook#Enchantments, or individual card pages.

Cards[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Increment attribute/Wild format

The following are examples of cards which add or subtract to something's Attack, Health, or Cost

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Anti-Magic Shell None Spell Death Knight 4 Give your minions +2/+2 and "Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers." 
Dinomancy None Hero Power Hunter 2 Hero Power
Give a Beast +2/+2. 
Dire Shapeshift None Hero Power Druid 2 Hero Power
Gain 2 Armor and +2 Attack this turn. 
Nightmare None Spell Any 0 Give a minion +5/+5. At the start of your next turn, destroy it. 
Plague Lord None Hero Power Druid 2 Hero Power
Choose One - +3 Attack this turn; or Gain 3 Armor. 
Shapeshift None Hero Power Druid 2 Hero Power
+1 Attack this turn. +1 Armor. 
Blessing of Kings Free Spell Paladin 4 Give a minion +4/+4. (+4 Attack/+4 Health) Given the number of kings who have been assassinated, are you sure you want their blessing?
Blessing of Might Free Spell Paladin 1 Give a minion +3 Attack. "As in, you MIGHT want to get out of my way." - Toad Mackle, recently buffed.
Bloodlust Free Spell Shaman 5 Give your minions +3 Attack this turn. blaarghghLLGHRHARAAHAHHH!!
Claw Free Spell Druid 1 Give your hero +2 Attack this turn and 2 Armor. The claw decides who will stay and who will go.
Deadly Poison Free Spell Rogue 1 Give your weapon +2 Attack. Rogues guard the secrets to poison-making carefully, lest magi start incorporating poison into their spells. Poisonbolt? Rain of Poison? Poison Elemental? Nobody wants that.
Flametongue Totem Free Minion Totem Shaman 2 0 3 Adjacent minions have +2 Attack. Totemsmiths like to use the rarest woods for their totems. There are even rumors of totems made of Ironbark Protectors.
Frostwolf Warlord Free Minion General Any 5 4 4 Battlecry: Gain +1/+1 for each other friendly minion on the battlefield. The Frostwolves are locked in combat with the Stormpike Expedition over control of Alterac Valley. Every attempt at peace-talks has ended with Captain Galvangar killing the mediator.
Grimscale Oracle Free Minion Murloc Any 1 1 1 Your other Murlocs have +1 Attack. These are the brainy murlocs. It turns out that doesn’t mean much.
Gurubashi Berserker Free Minion General Any 5 2 7 Whenever this minion takes damage, gain +3 Attack. No Pain, No Gain.
Heroic Strike Free Spell Warrior 2 Give your hero +4 Attack this turn. Really, if you're a hero, this is every strike.
Houndmaster Free Minion General Hunter 4 4 3 Battlecry: Give a friendly Beast +2/+2 and Taunt"Who let the dogs out?" he asks. It's rhetorical.
Mark of the Wild Free Spell Druid 2 Give a minion Taunt and +2/+2. (+2 Attack/+2 Health) Not to be confused with Jim of the Wild.
Power Word: Shield Free Spell Priest 1 Give a minion +2 Health.
Draw a card. Sure the extra protection is nice, but the shield really reduces visibility.
Raid Leader Free Minion General Any 3 2 2 Your other minions have +1 Attack. "That's a 50 DKP minus!"
Rockbiter Weapon Free Spell Shaman 2 Give a friendly character +3 Attack this turn. This would be real handy if your enemy is made of rock.
Savage Roar Free Spell Druid 3 Give your characters +2 Attack this turn. What do they roar? Nobody can quite tell, but it sounds like "Elephant Macho Breeze". It's probably not that, though.
Shattered Sun Cleric Free Minion General Any 3 3 2 Battlecry: Give a friendly minion +1/+1. They always have a spare flask of Sunwell Energy Drink™!
Stormwind Champion Free Minion General Any 7 6 6 Your other minions have +1/+1. When Deathwing assaulted the capital, this soldier was the only member of his squad to survive. Now he's all bitter and stuff.
Timber Wolf Free Minion Beast Hunter 1 1 1 Your other Beasts have +1 Attack. Other beasts totally dig hanging out with timber wolves.
Totemic Might Free Spell Shaman 0 Give your Totems +2 Health. Totem-stomping is no longer recommended.
Warsong Commander Free Minion General Warrior 3 2 3 Your Charge minions have +1 Attack. The Warsong clan is such drama. It's really not worth it to become a commander.
Abusive Sergeant Common Minion General Any 1 1 1 Battlecry: Give a minion +2 Attack this turn. ADD ME TO YOUR DECK, MAGGOT!
Acherus Veteran Common Minion General Any 1 2 1 Battlecry: Give a friendly minion +1 Attack. This is my Runeblade. There are many like it but this one is mine.
Amani Berserker Common Minion General Any 2 2 3 Has +3 Attack while damaged. If an Amani berserker asks "Joo lookin' at me?!", the correct response is "Nah, mon".
Bananas Common Spell Any 1 Give a minion +1/+1. 
Barkskin Common Spell Druid 1 Give a minion +3 Health. Gain 3 Armor. Make like a tree... and gain armor.
Blood Imp Common Minion Demon Warlock 1 0 1 Stealth. At the end of your turn, give another random friendly minion +1 Health. Imps are content to hide and viciously taunt everyone nearby.
Bloodsail Raider Common Minion Pirate Any 2 2 3 Battlecry: Gain Attack equal to the Attack of your weapon. "I only plunder on days that end in 'y'."
Boisterous Bard Common Minion General Any 3 3 2 Battlecry: Give your other minions +1 Health. As a kid, she fought with rocks. Now she fights with ROCK!
Bonemare Common Minion General Any 8 5 5 Battlecry: Give a friendly minion +4/+4 and TauntAttacks her job with unbridled enthusiasm.
Cauldron Elemental Common Minion Elemental Any 8 7 7 Your other Elementals have +2 Attack. Decorating tip: Unused cauldrons can make a lovely elemental display.
Cheat Death Common Spell Rogue 2 Secret: When a friendly minion dies, return it to your hand. It costs (2) less. Reported.
Cobalt Scalebane Common Minion Dragon Any 5 5 5 At the end of your turn, give another random friendly minion +3 Attack. You get a sword! And you get a sword! Everybody gets a sword!
Cold Blood Common Spell Rogue 1 Give a minion +2 Attack. Combo: +4 Attack instead. "I'm cold blooded, check it and see!"
Cruel Taskmaster Common Minion General Warrior 2 2 2 Battlecry: Deal 1 damage to a minion and give it +2 Attack. "I'm going to need you to come in on Sunday." - Cruel Taskmaster
Crypt Lord Common Minion General Druid 3 1 6 Taunt
After you summon a minion, gain +1 Health. The original fifth beetle!
Cutthroat Buccaneer Common Minion Pirate Rogue 3 2 4 Combo: Give your weapon +1 Attack. In life he worked as a sword swallower.
Dark Iron Dwarf Common Minion General Any 4 4 4 Battlecry: Give a minion +2 Attack this turn. Guardians of Dark Iron Ore. Perhaps the most annoying ore, given where you have to forge it.
Demonfire Common Spell Warlock 2 Deal 2 damage to a minion. If it's a friendly Demon, give it +2/+2 instead. Demonfire is like regular fire except for IT NEVER STOPS BURNING HELLLPPP
Dire Frenzy Common Spell Hunter 4 Give a Beast +3/+3. Shuffle 3 copies into your deck with +3/+3. It's always Huffer. And Huffer. And Huffer. And Huffer.
Dire Wolf Alpha Common Minion Beast Any 2 2 2 Adjacent minions have +1 Attack. We are pretty excited about the upcoming release of Dire Wolf Beta, just repost this sign for a chance at a key.
Dread Corsair Common Minion Pirate Any 4 3 3 Taunt. Costs (1) less per Attack of your weapon. "Yarrrr" is a pirate word that means "Greetings, milord."
Elixir of Hope Common Spell Priest 3 Give a minion +2/+2 and "Deathrattle: Return this minion to your hand." 
Elixir of Life Common Spell Priest 3 Give a minion +2/+2 and Lifesteal
Elixir of Purity Common Spell Priest 3 Give a minion +2/+2 and Divine Shield
Elixir of Shadows Common Spell Priest 3 Give a minion +2/+2. Summon a 1/1 copy of it. 
Fallen Sun Cleric Common Minion General Any 2 2 1 Battlecry: Give a friendly minion +1/+1. It's hard to keep a Shattered Sun Cleric down.
Flesheating Ghoul Common Minion General Any 3 2 3 Whenever a minion dies, gain +1 Attack. 'Flesheating' is an unfair name. It's just that there's not really much else for him to eat.
Freezing Trap Common Spell Hunter 2 Secret: When an enemy minion attacks, return it to its owner's hand and it costs (2) more. "Dang, that's cold." - appropriate response to Freezing Trap, or a mean joke.
Fungalmancer Common Minion General Any 5 2 2 Battlecry: Give adjacent minions +2/+2. Fungalmancy is the easy major for those who can't cut it at Waxmancy.
Gnash Common Spell Druid 3 Give your hero +3 Attack this turn. Gain 3 Armor. It's rude to gnash with your mouth open.
Grave Shambler Common Minion Elemental Any 4 4 4 Whenever your weapon is destroyed, gain +1/+1. I think one of the necromancers got a little carried away.
Hench-Clan Thug Common Minion General Any 3 3 3 After your hero attacks, give this minion +1/+1. Hard time making ends meet? Hate the League of Explorers? Get a job henching!
Inner Rage Common Spell Warrior 0 Deal 1 damage to a minion and give it +2 Attack. They're only smiling on the outside.
Leokk Common Minion Beast Hunter 3 2 4 Your other minions have +1 Attack. 
Lost Spirit Common Minion General Any 1 1 1 Deathrattle: Give your minions +1 Attack She simply refuses to ask for directions.
Mana Wyrm Common Minion General Mage 1 1 3 Whenever you cast a spell, gain +1 Attack. These wyrms feed on arcane energies, and while they are generally considered a nuisance rather than a real threat, you really shouldn't leave them alone with a bucket of mana.
Mark of Nature Common Spell Druid 3 Choose One - Give a minion +4 Attack; or +4 Health and TauntDruids call it the "Mark of Nature." Everyone else calls it "needing a bath."
Night Howler Common Minion General Any 4 3 4 Whenever this minion takes damage, gain +2 Attack. Honestly, he howls during the day, too.
Power of the Wild Common Spell Druid 2 Choose One - Give your minions +1/+1; or Summon a 3/2 Panther. Never look a panther in the eye. Or is it 'Always look a panther in the eye'? Well, it's one of those.
Radiant Elemental Common Minion Elemental Priest 2 2 3 Your spells cost (1) less. It's a literal lava lamp!
Raging Worgen Common Minion General Any 3 3 3 Has +1 Attack and Windfury while damaged. If he's raging now, just wait until he gets nerfed.
Rampage Common Spell Warrior 2 Give a damaged minion +3/+3. Minion get ANGRY. Minion SMASH!
Rebuke Common Spell Paladin 2 Enemy spells cost (5) more next turn. When one buke just isn’t enough.
Rockpool Hunter Common Minion Murloc Any 2 2 3 Battlecry: Give a friendly Murloc +1/+1. Loves crab meat. Fears crabs.
Scavenging Hyena Common Minion Beast Hunter 2 2 2 Whenever a friendly Beast dies, gain +2/+1. Hyenas prefer the bones of kodos or windserpents, but they'll eat pretty much anything. Even Brussels sprouts.
Shadow Ascendant Common Minion General Priest 2 2 2 At the end of your turn, give another random friendly minion +1/+1. When you're at the bottom, there's nowhere to ascend, but up.
Shadowstep Common Spell Rogue 0 Return a friendly minion to your hand. It costs (2) less. Rogue dance troops will sometimes Shadowstep away at the end of a performance. Crowds love it.
Sneaky Devil Common Minion Demon Any 4 2 2 Stealth
Your other minions have +1 Attack. The result of a tragic accident involving a Defias Thug, a Wand of Polymorph, and a bundle of Fel Lotus.
Sorcerer's Apprentice Common Minion General Mage 2 3 2 Your spells cost (1) less. Apprentices are great for bossing around. "Conjure me some mana buns! And a coffee! Make that a mana coffee!"
Sound the Bells! Common Spell Paladin 2 Echo
Give a minion +1/+2. Weirdly, the bells stop ringing after 5.
Spiteful Smith Common Minion General Any 5 4 6 Your weapon has +2 Attack while this is damaged. She'll craft you a sword, but you'll need to bring her 5 Steel Ingots, 3 Motes of Earth, and the scalp of her last customer.
Summoning Portal Common Minion General Warlock 4 0 4 Your minions cost (2) less, but not less than (1). NOT LESS THAN 1! Don't get any ideas!
Sunborne Val'kyr Common Minion General Any 5 5 4 Battlecry: Give adjacent minions +2 Health. Bring valor to Odyn's halls, Champion!
Tar Creeper Common Minion Elemental Any 3 1 5 Taunt
Has +2 Attack during your opponent's turn. If you won't come to the tar pits, we'll bring them to you!
Tar Lord Common Minion Elemental Warrior 7 1 11 Taunt
Has +4 Attack during your opponent's turn. Tar Lord, man... legendary monster? Aw, forget it.
Tar Lurker Common Minion Elemental Warlock 5 1 7 Taunt
Has +3 Attack during your opponent's turn. Hi, Tar here. Long time lurking, first time taunting…
Tauren Warrior Common Minion General Any 3 2 3 Taunt.
Has +3 Attack while damaged. Tauren Warrior: Champion of Mulgore, Slayer of Quilboar, Rider of Thunderbluff Elevators.
Temple Enforcer Common Minion General Priest 6 6 6 Battlecry: Give a friendly minion +3 Health. He also moonlights Thursday nights as a bouncer at the Pig and Whistle Tavern.
Tortollan Shellraiser Common Minion General Priest 4 2 6 Taunt
Deathrattle: Give a random friendly minion +1/+1. A hero... In a half-shell.
Unbound Elemental Common Minion Elemental Shaman 3 2 4 Whenever you play a card with Overload, gain +1/+1. Unlike bound elementals, Unbound ones really enjoy a night on the town.
Unidentified Elixir Common Spell Priest 3 Give a minion +2/+2.
Gains a bonus effect in your hand. "Here, taste this." (Slurp) "What is it?" "I don't know, I found it in one of the labs."
Venture Co. Mercenary Common Minion General Any 5 7 6 Your minions cost (3) more. No Job is too big. No fee is too big.
Wicked Skeleton Common Minion General Any 4 1 1 Battlecry: Gain +1/+1 for each minion that died this turn. It's minions like these that give normal, law-abiding skeletons a bad rap.
Witchwood Imp Common Minion Demon Warlock 1 1 1 Stealth
Deathrattle: Give a random friendly minion +2 Health. This wood imp. Stop asking!
Woodcutter's Axe Common Weapon Warrior 2 2 2 Deathrattle: Give a random friendly minion with Rush +2/+1. It's a lumberjack's axe and that's ok.
Wyrmguard Common Minion General Any 7 3 11 Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, gain +1 Attack and TauntThey think they're trusted guardians. Dragons think they're convenient snacks.
Angry Chicken Rare Minion Beast Any 1 1 1 Has +5 Attack while damaged. There is no beast more frightening (or ridiculous) than a fully enraged chicken.
Bewitched Guardian Rare Minion General Druid 5 4 1 Taunt
Battlecry: Gain +1 Health for each card in your hand. Amwitched. Beingwitched. Beenwitched.
Bite Rare Spell Druid 4 Give your hero +4 Attack this turn. Gain 4 Armor. Chew your food!
Blessed Maul Rare Weapon Paladin 3 2 2 Battlecry: Give your minions +1 Attack. 
Bloodfury Potion Rare Spell Warlock 3 Give a minion +3 Attack. If it's a Demon, also give it +3 Health. You know what really makes my blood boil? The skyrocketing price of Bloodfury potions!
Coldlight Seer Rare Minion Murloc Any 3 2 3 Battlecry: Give your other Murlocs +2 Health. The Coldlight murlocs reside in the darkest pits of the Abyssal Depths. So no, there's no getting away from murlocs.
Corpse Widow Rare Minion Beast Hunter 5 4 6 Your Deathrattle cards cost (2) less. Her marriage survived death, but it decayed pretty quickly after that.
Crystal Lion Rare Minion General Paladin 6 5 5 Divine Shield
Costs (1) less for each Silver Hand Recruit you control. Standard issue recruit gear: 1 silver sword, 1 Lordaeron insignia, 2 bags of crystal kibble.
Curio Collector Rare Minion General Mage 5 4 4 Whenever you draw a card, gain +1/+1. Experts worry that curios are a gateway to face-collecting.
Curse of Weakness Rare Spell Warlock 2 Echo
Give all enemy minions -2 Attack until your next turn. Warlocks refer to this as a "balance change."
Death Revenant Rare Minion General Warrior 5 3 3 Battlecry: Gain +1/+1 for each damaged minion. How's everyone doing? Hurt? Bleeding? Wounded? ... Excellent.
Defender of Argus Rare Minion General Any 4 2 3 Battlecry: Give adjacent minions +1/+1 and TauntYou wouldn’t think that Argus would need this much defending. But it does.
Doomed Apprentice Rare Minion General Mage 3 3 2 Your opponent's spells cost (1) more. Jaina was never good at keeping up apprentices.
Eaglehorn Bow Rare Weapon Hunter 3 3 2 Whenever a friendly Secret is revealed, gain +1 Durability. First Lesson: Put the pointy end in the other guy.
Earthen Might Rare Spell Shaman 2 Give a minion +2/+2. If it's an Elemental, add a random Elemental to your hand. Or it might not.
Earthen Scales Rare Spell Druid 1 Give a friendly minion +1/+1, then gain Armor equal to its Attack. You can make your own Earthen Scales at home. Step 1: Roll around in the dirt. Step 2: Magic.
Ebon Dragonsmith Rare Minion Dragon Any 4 3 4 Battlecry: Reduce the Cost of a random weapon in your hand by (2). Having a furnace-mouth is really handy for a blacksmith.
Ethereal Arcanist Rare Minion General Mage 4 3 3 If you control a Secret at the end of your turn, gain +2/+2. The ethereals are wrapped in cloth to give form to their non-corporeal bodies. Also because it's nice and soft.
Festeroot Hulk Rare Minion General Warrior 5 2 7 After a friendly minion attacks, gain +1 Attack. Tree puns arboring.
Fire Plume Harbinger Rare Minion Elemental Shaman 2 1 1 Battlecry: Reduce the Cost of Elementals in your hand by (1). Good for summoning elementals. Great for making s'mores.
Frothing Berserker Rare Minion General Warrior 3 2 4 Whenever a minion takes damage, gain +1 Attack. He used to work as an accountant before he tried his hand at Berserkering.
Golakka Crawler Rare Minion Beast Any 2 2 3 Battlecry: Destroy a Pirate and gain +1/+1. Universally adored by both control decks and ninjas.
Happy Ghoul Rare Minion General Any 3 3 3 Costs (0) if your hero was healed this turn. When life gives you snow…
Hooked Reaver Rare Minion Demon Warlock 4 4 4 Battlecry: If you have 15 or less Health, gain +3/+3 and Taunt. The hook is just an accessory. He can reave just fine without it.
Leyline Manipulator Rare Minion Elemental Mage 4 4 5 Battlecry: If you're holding any cards that didn't start in your deck, reduce their Cost by (2). The shortest distance between two points is a leyline.
Lightwarden Rare Minion General Any 1 1 2 Whenever a character is healed, gain +2 Attack. She’s smaller than her sisters Mediumwarden and Heavywarden.
Mad Hatter Rare Minion General Any 4 3 2 Battlecry: Randomly toss 3 hats to other minions. Each hat gives +1/+1. He's entirely bonkers. All the best goblins are.
Mana Addict Rare Minion General Any 2 1 3 Whenever you cast a spell, gain +2 Attack this turn. She’s trying to kick the habit, but still takes some mana whenever she has a stressful day.
Mana Wraith Rare Minion General Any 2 2 2 ALL minions cost (1) more. They come out at night to eat leftover mana crystals. "Mmmmmm," they say.
Master Swordsmith Rare Minion General Any 2 1 3 At the end of your turn, give another random friendly minion +1 Attack. He's currently trying to craft a "flail-axe", but all the other swordsmiths say it can't be done.
Militia Commander Rare Minion General Warrior 4 2 5 Rush
Battlecry: Gain +3 Attack this turn. She only needs two commands: "Heel" and "Sic 'em!"
Mistwraith Rare Minion General Rogue 4 3 5 Whenever you play an Echo card, gain +1/+1. One little Mistwraith sitting in a tree. M-I-S-T-I-N-G.
Murloc Tidecaller Rare Minion Murloc Any 1 1 2 Whenever you summon a Murloc, gain +1 Attack. This guy gets crazy strong at family reunions.
Night Prowler Rare Minion Beast Any 4 3 3 Battlecry: If this is the only minion in the battlefield, gain +3/+3. Listen to the mew-sic of the night.
Obsidian Shard Rare Weapon Rogue 4 3 3 Costs (1) less for each card you've played from another class. You know you’re a Rogue when a sharp rock makes you go “Ooh! Dagger!”
Phantom Freebooter Rare Minion Pirate Any 4 3 3 Battlecry: Gain stats equal to your weapon's. There's no such thing as a free boot.
Pint-Sized Summoner Rare Minion General Any 2 2 2 The first minion you play each turn costs (1) less. She's quite jealous of the Gallon-Sized Summoner.
Questing Adventurer Rare Minion General Any 3 2 2 Whenever you play a card, gain +1/+1. "Does anyone have some extra Boar Pelts?"
Redband Wasp Rare Minion Beast Warrior 2 1 3 Rush
Has +3 Attack while damaged. Also comes in other colors, but red's in fashion this season.
Scaleworm Rare Minion Beast Any 4 4 4 Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, gain +1 Attack and RushA popular local alternative to bananas.
Secretkeeper Rare Minion General Any 1 1 2 Whenever a Secret is played, gain +1/+1. She promises not to tell anyone about that thing you did last night with that one person.
Silver Sword Rare Weapon Paladin 8 3 4 After your hero attacks, give your minions +1/+1. Silver’s malleability limits its utility as an edged weapon. On the other hand... SHINY!
Spikeridged Steed Rare Spell Paladin 6 Give a minion +2/+6 and Taunt. When it dies, summon a Stegodon. What beats cavalry? Dinosaur cavalry.
Twilight Drake Rare Minion Dragon Any 4 4 1 Battlecry: Gain +1 Health for each card in your hand. Twilight drakes feed on Mystical Energy. And Tacos.
Upgrade! Rare Spell Warrior 1 If you have a weapon, give it +1/+1. Otherwise equip a 1/3 weapon. Easily worth 50 DKP.
Void Terror Rare Minion Demon Warlock 3 3 3 Battlecry: Destroy the minions on either side of this minion and gain their Attack and Health. If you put this into your deck, you WILL lose the trust of your other minions.
Young Priestess Rare Minion General Any 1 2 1 At the end of your turn, give another random friendly minion +1 Health. She can't wait to learn Power Word: Fortitude Rank 2.
Ancient of War Epic Minion General Druid 7 5 5 Choose One - +5 Attack; or +5 Health and TauntYoung Night Elves love to play "Who can get the Ancient of War to Uproot?" You lose if you get crushed to death.
Arcane Tyrant Epic Minion Elemental Any 5 4 4 Costs (0) if you've cast a spell that costs (5) or more this turn. Tyrant is such a strong word.
Bestial Wrath Epic Spell Hunter 1 Give a friendly Beast +2 Attack and Immune this turn. The seething wrath is just beneath the surface. Beneath that is wild abandon, followed by slight annoyance.
Biteweed Epic Minion General Rogue 2 1 1 Combo: Gain +1/+1 for each other card you've played this turn. AKA Edwin VanLeaf.
Blood Knight Epic Minion General Any 3 3 3 Battlecry: All minions lose Divine Shield. Gain +3/+3 for each Shield lost. The Blood Knights get their holy powers from the Sunwell, which you should NOT bathe in.
Branching Paths Epic Spell Druid 4 Choose Twice - Draw a card; Give your minions +1 Attack; Gain 6 armor. Three paths diverged in a darkened hall, and I -
I took the one less traveled by.
And got eaten by a slime.
Corridor Creeper Epic Minion Beast Any 7 2 5 Costs (1) less whenever a minion dies while this is in your hand. It likes the smell of dead things, which is curious, as it has no visible nose.
Cryostasis Epic Spell Shaman 2 Give a minion +3/+3 and Freeze it. We'll thaw you out when we find a cure!
Deathaxe Punisher Epic Minion General Any 4 3 3 Battlecry: Give a random Lifesteal minion in your hand +2/+2. Don't fear the Arcanite Reaper.
Emerald Hive Queen Epic Minion Beast Any 1 2 3 Your minions cost (2) more. She rules the emerald hive at the end of the yellow brick trail.
Far Sight Epic Spell Shaman 3 Draw a card. That card costs (3) less. Drek'thar can't see, but he can see. You know what I mean? It's ok if you don't.
Fatespinner Epic Minion General Druid 5 5 3 Choose a Deathrattle (Secretly) - Deal 3 damage to all minions; or Give them +2/+2. Her clothing? Pure silk, of course.
Furnacefire Colossus Epic Minion General Any 6 6 6 Battlecry: Discard all weapons from your hand and gain their stats. Smelts in his mouth, not in your hand.
Gloom Stag Epic Minion Beast Druid 5 2 6 Taunt
Battlecry: If your deck has only odd-Cost cards, gain +2/+2. Majestic. Ethereal. Still pretty down in the dumps, though.
Gorehowl Epic Weapon Warrior 7 7 1 Attacking a minion costs 1 Attack instead of 1 Durability. Grommash Hellscream's famous axe. Somehow this ended up in Prince Malchezaar's possession. Quite the mystery!
Hungry Crab Epic Minion Beast Any 1 1 2 Battlecry: Destroy a Murloc and gain +2/+2. Murloc. It's what's for dinner.
Level Up! Epic Spell Paladin 5 Give your Silver Hand Recruits +2/+2 and Taunt. Ding!
Light's Sorrow Epic Weapon Paladin 4 1 4 After a friendly minion loses Divine Shield, gain +1 Attack. These sorrows cut deep.
Mountain Giant Epic Minion General Any 12 8 8 Costs (1) less for each other card in your hand. His mother said that he was just big boned.
Murloc Warleader Epic Minion Murloc Any 3 3 3 Your other Murlocs have +2 Attack. Do Murlocs ever get tired of making the same old sound? Nope! Mrglglrglglglglglglgl!
Nerubian Unraveler Epic Minion General Any 6 5 5 Spells cost (2) more. He loves a good yarn.
Preparation Epic Spell Rogue 0 The next spell you cast this turn costs (3) less. "Be Prepared" - Rogue Motto
Primordial Glyph Epic Spell Mage 2 Discover a spell.
Reduce its Cost by (2). It's the Ancient Tol'vir symbol for "Whoops!"
Ratcatcher Epic Minion General Warlock 3 2 2 Rush
Battlecry: Destroy a friendly minion and gain its Attack and Health. He's on the hunt for Togwaggle's missing rat.
Sea Giant Epic Minion General Any 10 8 8 Costs (1) less for each other minion on the battlefield. See? Giant.
Snowfury Giant Epic Minion Elemental Shaman 11 8 8 Costs (1) less for each mana crystal you've Overloaded this game. This minion goes all the way to 11!
Southsea Captain Epic Minion Pirate Any 3 3 3 Your other Pirates have +1/+1. When he saves enough plunder, he's going to commission an enormous captain's hat. He has hat envy.
Spectral Cutlass Epic Weapon Rogue 4 2 2 Lifesteal
Whenever you play a card from another class, gain +1 Durability. So sharp it can cut through a spectral tomato!
Sword of Justice Epic Weapon Paladin 3 1 5 After you summon a minion, give it +1/+1 and this loses 1 Durability. I dub you Sir Loin of Beef!
Totem Cruncher Epic Minion Beast Shaman 4 2 3 Taunt
Battlecry: Destroy your Totems. Gain +2/+2 for each destroyed. When regular totem hours won't cut it.
Toxic Arrow Epic Spell Hunter 2 Deal 2 damage to a minion. If it survives, give it PoisonousWhat doesn't kill you makes you toxic.
Blood-Queen Lana'thel Legendary Minion General Warlock 5 1 6 Lifesteal
Has +1 Attack for each card you've discarded this game. As a young blood-princess she learned the proper way for a lady to curtsy, how to address fellow members of royalty, and how to bite them.
Bolvar, Fireblood Legendary Minion General Paladin 5 1 7 Divine Shield
After a friendly minion loses Divine Shield, gain +2 Attack. He's so hot right now.
Captain Greenskin Legendary Minion Pirate Any 5 5 4 Battlecry: Give your weapon +1/+1. He was this close to piloting a massive juggernaut into Stormwind Harbor. If it weren't for those pesky kids!
Cenarius Legendary Minion General Druid 9 5 8 Choose One - Give your other minions +2/+2; or Summon two 2/2 Treants with TauntYes, he's a demigod. No, he doesn't need to wear a shirt.
Clutchmother Zavas Legendary Minion Beast Warlock 2 2 2 Whenever you discard this, give it +2/+2 and return it to your hand. A bit of a snob: still refuses to drive anything with automatic transmission.
Darius Crowley Legendary Minion General Warrior 5 4 4 Rush
Whenever this attacks and kills a minion, gain +2/+2. You either die a villain, or live long enough to see yourself become the hero.
Edwin VanCleef Legendary Minion General Rogue 3 2 2 Combo: Gain +2/+2 for each other card you've played this turn. He led the Stonemasons in the reconstruction of Stormwind, and when the nobles refused to pay, he founded the Defias Brotherhood to, well, deconstruct Stormwind.
Grommash Hellscream Legendary Minion General Warrior 8 4 9 Charge
Has +6 Attack while damaged. Grommash drank the tainted blood of Mannoroth, dooming the orcs to green skin and red eyes! Maybe not his best decision.
Gruul Legendary Minion General Any 8 7 7 At the end of each turn, gain +1/+1 . He's Gruul "the Dragonkiller". He just wanted to cuddle them… he never meant to…
Ozruk Legendary Minion Elemental Any 9 5 5 Taunt
Battlecry: Gain +5 Health for each Elemental you played last turn. Between you and me, Ozruk is a bit obsessed with his body.
Prince Keleseth Legendary Minion General Any 2 2 2 Battlecry: If your deck has no 2-cost cards, give all minions in your deck +1/+1. Three Princes stand before you. This one wants to buff his brothers.
Val'anyr Legendary Weapon Paladin 6 4 2 Deathrattle: Give a minion in your hand +4/+2. When it dies, reequip this. Recently unearthed in one of the deepest kobold caves. Traded for a large candle.
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