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This page lists major Hearthstone features that have been:

  1. Confirmed as currently in development, but which have not yet been added to the game
  2. Announced as planned for the future, but not currently in development
  3. Stated as possible plans for the future
  4. Stated specifically as not being planned

Revamped Ranked ladder system[edit | edit source]

In October 2016 Ben Brode explained that the developers are "not 100% happy" with the current Ranked ladder system, and mentioned a number of areas that were currently under discussion:[1]

  • Better expressing the ranking percentiles
  • Improving the "last-minute jostling for high Legend ranks" at the end of a season
  • Countering the feeling of the ladder "grind"
  • Adding win-streaks for the top 5 ranks[2]
  • Reanalysing the number of stars awarded for each rank at the end of a season
  • Developing simulation tools to explore various possible changes: "With better simulation tools, we are planning on trying a lot of crazy things."

However, Brode warned that it was still "early talks" for the discussion.[3]

In Feburary 2017 Zeriyah announced the introduction of Ranked Play floors. However, the developers state that this is not the only change planned.[4]

Wild format adventures and card packs[edit | edit source]

As of February 2017 the developers are "talking about options" for allowing players to purchase Wild format card packs and adventures.[5][6][7]

Improved Arena balance[edit | edit source]

In September 2016 the developers mentioned that they were planning changes to improve the balance of Arena play in the "medium-long term".[8] The developers later excluded 45 cards from the Arena, but a few weeks later commented that they were still "working on a more elegant system" to balance the game mode.[9]

Statistics[edit | edit source]

The developers are planning on adding detailed game statistics or player profiles in the future.[10] Since 2014 the feature has been "something that we are always talking about, something for which we are always trying to find the balance... as we move to the future."[10] In November 2015 Ben Brode stated that collection statistics were something the team would like to do "some day".[11]

In February 2017 Yong Woo stated, "We are thinking of adding a profile page that might have something like a player's favorite decks and cards, but it's not something that we'll add soon",[12] later commenting, "it's very much an idea in its infancy".[13]

Returning card backs[edit | edit source]

The developers have been exploring possible ways for players to earn card backs from previous Ranked seasons for some time. In August 2016 Ben Brode stated that the developers were "getting close to a design we like for this".[14] However, in October 2016 Brode stated that the feature "isn't a priority right now", but that the developers still want to do it "eventually".[15] This position was confirmed in February 2017.[16]

Hearthstone lore short stories[edit | edit source]

In November 2016 it was stated that the developers were looking into the possibility of exploring Hearthstone lore through short stories.[17]

Not currently in development[edit | edit source]

This section lists features which have been announced as planned for the future, but which are not yet in active development.

Spectating card pack openings[edit | edit source]

In June 2016 Yong Woo stated that the developers were interested in making it possible for players in spectator mode to spectate the opening of card packs, but commented "It's a bunch of work though so we are figuring out when to do it."[18]

Replays[edit | edit source]

In August 2014 it was stated that allowing game actions to be replayed following the match's conclusion was "something that we think is really cool, but it is not quite in the top tier list"[10] and that the developers "still need to figure out" how to implement such a feature.[10] In December 2014 it was stated that the replay feature was "not currently" in development.[19] This was again confirmed in January 2016.[20]

Importing/exporting deck lists[edit | edit source]

When asked in February 2017 about a feature to allow import and export of deck lists, Yong Woo stated that he was "trying to make it happen".[21]

Possible in the future[edit | edit source]

Improved AI[edit | edit source]

In November 2016 Dean Ayala mentioned that one of the game's engineers was interested in rebuilding the AI system, but stated that it was not something being worked on at that time.[22]

APIs[edit | edit source]

In August 2015 it was stated on the official forums that Hearthstone APIs would be arriving "Very Soon(TM)". However, in January 2016 Yong Woo explained that this was not being actively worked on.[23] In August 2016 Ben Brode stated that despite talking about a public API in the past, they "weren't currently planning on that kind of feature."[24]

2v2 mode[edit | edit source]

In January 2014 it was stated that the developers were not working on a 2v2 mode, and that 1v1 needed to be solid first.[25] This was confirmed in August 2014, stating "Currently, we do not have any plans to work on 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, and those types of systems, because frankly it is quite expensive and needs a lot of design work."[10] In December 2014 Yong Woo stated that 2v2 mode was "something we like to bounce ideas around over lunch. But it's not something we have in our immediate future."[26] In March 2015 it was confirmed that there were "still no plans for co-op".[27] However, in a similar vein, the first cooperative Tavern Brawl, Unite Against Mechazod! was released in November 2015. Having received a positive response from players, this may have served as a prototype for other co-op play in the future.

Replayable tutorial[edit | edit source]

In November 2014 it was stated that there are no plans to allow players to replay the tutorial, although it is something they may do in the future.[28]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

In January 2014 Executive Producer Hamilton Chu stated, "Achievements will eventually be added to the game."[25] Ben Brode had the following to say in February 2014:

Once upon a time, our version of achievements would be quests, and the goal was to give you a reward for every quest you complete. There's been a lot of requests for the traditional sense of achievements where they award points, and we're still looking at how that interacts with the game and if it's the right thing for Hearthstone. We don't have anything to announce regarding achievements right now though.[29]

In July 2014 Yong Woo stated that while they are "something we are interested in [for] the future", achievements are "not something we're working on right away."[30] In December 2014 Yong Woo stated that "Meaningful and fun achievements are hard to design! But we've been thinking about them."[31] As of October 2016 the developers are still "talking of adding more."[32]

Arena ranking or statistics[edit | edit source]

In August 2014 Yong Woo stated that the team were considering adding some sort of statistics or tracking system for arena performance, which could be shared with friends.[10] However, the feature is not currently being worked on.[10]

Confirmed not planned[edit | edit source]

This section lists popular or conjectured features, which have been officially confirmed to be "not planned" for Hearthstone.

New classes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Class#In development

The only World of Warcraft classes currently missing from Hearthstone are monk and more recently demon hunter. As of February 2017 the developers are not planning on adding new classes to Hearthstone.[33] In August 2014 Yong Woo stated, "the fact of the matter is that we already have 9 classes, and we feel there already is a ton of diversity and we frankly think that it has enough complexity right now for most people to sink their teeth into. So currently, we have no plans to add additional classes."[10] In December 2014 Ben Brode stated "There are pros and cons [to adding a new class] and we have to figure out when, if ever, the right time would be."[34] Brode elaborated: "A good design exercise is to think: "How many classes is too many?" My sense is that it's closer to 9 than to 20."[34]

Card trading[edit | edit source]

Main article: Crafting#History

Hearthstone's crafting system was specifically designed as an alternative to the card trading that occurs with most collectible card games. There are currently no plans to introduce card trading.

Alternate Hero Powers[edit | edit source]

In June 2015 Zeriyah stated there were no plans for baseline alternate Hero Powers for existing classes.[35] Replacement Hero Powers have however been added through cards such as Majordomo Executus, Justicar Trueheart, Lord Jaraxxus, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Baku, the Mooneater and Genn Greymane.

Console version[edit | edit source]

In April 2014 Jason Chayes stated that the developers had no current plans to produce a console version of Hearthstone, saying "The idea of getting it onto console has come up from players … It's not something we're actually looking at right now". However, if it became something players were "very passionate" about, or "something there's a huge interest in", the developers would consider the idea, he said.[36] Chayes reiterated this stance in September 2015, adding that the success of the game on mobile platforms further reduced the perceived need to expand to console.[37]

Elements from other Blizzard games[edit | edit source]

In January 2014 Hamilton Chu was translated as stating that non-Warcraft themed elements would not be added to Hearthstone.[25]

While this has largely been observed, in early 2017, as part of the Diablo franchise's 30th anniversary, the The Dark Wanderer Tavern Brawl debuted, featuring characters from the Diablo universe. The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan battlefield released in December 2016 also contains minor tributes to Overwatch, including the franchise-specific "Pachimari" doll.

Factions[edit | edit source]

As of Februrary 2014, the developers have no plans to introduce factions within Hearthstone.[38]

Cross-region play[edit | edit source]

While "Global play" allows players to select which region to play in, the developers have stated that they currently have no plans to merge regions, or allow play across regions, saying "It's not really a latency issue, it's how we interface into Battle.Net, so right now, it's just not possible for us, and there's no plans for it currently."[29]

Cross-region collections[edit | edit source]

It was stated in December 2014 that the developers had "no plans" to enable players to use their collections across regions.[39]

Fully scrollable history bar[edit | edit source]

While the developers understand the desire to be able to look through all previous actions over the course of a match, they prefer to keep the interface as minimal as possible, and do not consider this feature to be "'really really necessary'".[10]

Gifting purchases[edit | edit source]

In June 2015 it was stated that the developers had no plans to allow players to "gift" purchases such as alternate heroes to friends[40]

Alterations to turn times[edit | edit source]

The developers have stated that while more complex and dynamic rules for turn times in games can work well, they need to ensure that Hearthstone remains accessible to all levels of players, and have no plans to change the current default turn time system.[10] Turn time can still be adjusted within any given match by Nozdormu.

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