Hellfire Warder

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Hellfire Warder
Hellfire Warder(211140).png
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Hellfire Warder(211140) Gold.png
Set: Ashes of Outland
Type: Minion
Cost: 1
Attack: 1
Health: 3
Artist: Zoltan & Gabor

(Magtheridon will destroy all minions and awaken after 3 Warders die.)

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Hellfire Warder is an uncollectible neutral minion card, summoned by Magtheridon, from the Ashes of Outland set.

For more information, see Magtheridon.

Summoned by[edit | edit source]


Quotes[edit | edit source]

Oh, no! Is he free?
Keep him banished!

Lore[edit | edit source]

Hellfire Warders are orc warlock mobs found in the Magtheridon's Lair raid. However, this card's artwork and effect are more reminiscent of the Hellfire Channelers, a group of five orcs keeping Magtheridon incapacitated at the bottom of the lair using magical Manticron Cubes. Once all five Channelers have been slain, Magtheridon will break free of his bonds and engage players in combat.

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Hellfire Warder, full art

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