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This is currently just a draft and will need to be reviewed and accepted by all parties. Changes may be forthcoming.

This article lays out the procedures for bot imports of card data from http://www.hearthpwn.com into the Hearthpwn. The roles of the Hearthpwn team, Gamepedia team, and wiki community are all documented here.

Import definitions[edit source]

For the purposes of bot imports:

This refers to all cards, Hero Powers, enchantments, heroes, and other content, which are treated as actual cards by the data system.
Data pages
This refers to any page with a title starting with Data: that uses the {{Card data}} template.
Content pages
This refers to any pages in the main namespace, meaning they do not have any valid namespace prefix such as Data:, User:, Template:, etc, that uses the {{Card infobox}} template.
Card images
This refers to both the non-animated standard and gold card images. The wiki does not use the animated gold card images.
New cards only
When "new cards only" is requested, this should be assumed to mean new cards from the perspective of the wiki. This should be assumed to be the default procedure unless specifically requested otherwise.
Specifically, new cards only means employing the following import procedure, running through all cards:
  • For data pages:
    1. Check if a page with the correct title already exists on the wiki.
      • The naming convention for data pages is Data:Cards/card name(id).
    2. If a page with that title already exists, do not create a data page for that card and do not edit the existing data page. Otherwise, do create a new data page for the card.
  • For content pages, the procedure is the same as for data pages except for the naming convention, which is simply card name.
  • For images, all card images may be uploaded without regard as to whether or not they are already on the wiki, but at a minimum, all images that do not already exist on the wiki should be uploaded. The naming convention is File:card name(id).png.

Timing of imports[edit source]

Whenever a new patch becomes available that includes new cards, a "new card only" bot import should be performed by the Hearthpwn team as soon as possible. This includes new cards not directly featuring in normal play, such as debug, Boss and Tavern Brawl cards.

Bot imports may also be requested on Hearthstone Wiki:Data import requests by the wiki community. The assigned Gamepedia wiki manager will be responsible for passing the request along to the Hearthpwn team in a timely manner. See that page for more information.

Data formatting[edit source]

  • Any instances of \n or line breaks in any field should be changed to <br/>
  • Any instances of * in any field should be changed to &#42;
  • Any instances of <i> or </i> in any field should be changed to ''
  • Any instances of "Death Rattle" in the abilities field should be changed to "Deathrattle"
  • Any instances of "Mechanical" in the subtype field should be changed to "Mech"
  • Any instances of "Ability" in the type field should be changed to "Spell"
  • Any instances of "Expert" in the set field should be changed to "Classic"
  • If cost is missing, set cost to "0"
  • If attack is missing, and type = "minion" or "weapon", set attack to "0"

Community procedures[edit source]

Leaving this area blank for the wiki community to fill in for any post-bot import steps.