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Tournament Date[edit | edit source]

Tournament Date: 31st August 16pm 2013 EST on twitch.tv/HSTournaments !

Players[edit | edit source]

Trumpsc (Rogue), Locodoco (Hunter), Reckful (Druid), Snutz (Shaman), DoaSC (Mage), Kripparrian (Paladin), Evilsourcegaming (Paladin), Kungen (Mage), Archon The Wizard (Warlock), Chu8 (Rogue), Xdega (Rogue), Starcraftsquad (Warlock), VMan7 (Rogue), TSG (Dunn) [Hunter], Xizta (Rogue), Squishei (Mage)

We have three declines from "Dredscythe", "darhoth" and "Towelliee" who are sadly not able to attend since they're already busy on that said weekend.

Donations[edit | edit source]

We have changed our donating structure. I understand that in the anonymity of the internet, theres little room for trust and even more little room when it comes to money. So we have found a water- and bulletproof way to donate money directly to safe the children via a Fundraiser linked directly to Save the children. We wanted a way that is safe and shows us the exact amount we've raised in the end with this tournament. So in my opinion we've found the best solution on the internet. But there is something more a nice little sidekick; If enough people donate through our fundraiser we will be handing out game keys on tournament day via our Twitch chat, you don't have to donate you just have to be in our chat and youre eligible to win a key. You can find the donation link on our blog at http://hsbst.blogspot.com . If there are any further questions, there are alot of ways to contact me; via Twitter: @HSTournaments via reddit: vaenror via Twitch: HSTournaments via the comment section on our blog at http://hsbst.blogspot.com (btw.: on our blog on the right hand side, you can find Links to all streamers who are already accepted)

Credits[edit | edit source]

Permission to post was given by Vaenror on Reddit and the Reddit thread for this is [1]