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This article is about the 2017 mini-series. For the card selection stage at the start of a match, see mulligan.
"An ordinary guy completes the quests that everyday life throws his way with the help of some unusual friends. Join him, Uther, Jaina, and Gul’dan on their not-so-heroic adventures."[1]

Hearthstone: Mulligans is a Hearthstone comedy mini-series[1] chronicling the adventures of several Hearthstone heroes in the real world. The series consists of 4 episodes released on the official Hearthstone YouTube channel in May and June of 2017.

According to Ben Brode, the series will likely not be continued,[2] and it was "just something fun we [at Blizzard] wanted to do".[3] When Dan "Frodan" Chou asked Blizzard about the series at the 2017 Hearthstone World Championship, they described it as a web series made for players who were already fans of Hearthstone, rather than an advertisement for the game.[4]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode 1 — Error 14
Uther proves he is as adept with office peripherals as he is with JUSTICE.
Episode 2 — Shotgun
Uther and Gul'dan experience the power of a modern day ritual.
Episode 3 — Gul'dan Selects a Queen
Jaina and Gul'dan help with social media.
Episode 4 — Art Gallery
Gul'dan is “that guy”. Again. In an art gallery.

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