Gravekeeper Damph

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The Witchwood logo.png The subject of this article is part of
The Witchwood Monster Hunt.

Gravekeeper Damph

Gravekeeper Damph(89658).png

Set: The Witchwood
Type: Hero
Class: Priest
Health: 35
Artist: Tyler West Studios

The rattle of bones remain a comfort to him.

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Gravekeeper Damph is a boss that can be encountered during the Monster Hunt.

Hero powers[edit | edit source]

Grave Mistake(89659).png

Special card[edit | edit source]


Deck[edit | edit source]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Class Card Quantity
Hunter Corpse Widow 1
Priest Resurrect 1
Twilight's Call 2
Coffin Crasher 1
Entomb 1
Lesser Diamond Spellstone 1
Rogue Roll the Bones 1
Neutral Undertaker 2
Loot Hoarder 1
Unstable Ghoul 1
Flesheating Ghoul 1
Shallow Gravedigger 2
Piloted Shredder 1
Feugen 1
Stalagg 1
Sneed's Old Shredder 1
N'Zoth, the Corruptor 1

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Encounter[edit | edit source]


Gravekeeper Damph
You shouldn't be out so late.

Emote Response

Gravekeeper Damph
Just leave.

Playing a deathrattle minion

Gravekeeper Damph
The rattle of bones.
The dead have tales to tell.
We're not so different.
Climb in. Find rest.
A shallow grave for that one.

Play Stroke of Midnight

Gravekeeper Damph
How I've missed the ringing of bells.


Gravekeeper Damph
(ghostly moans)


Gravekeeper Damph
Time to dig.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Gravekeeper Damph is orginal to hearthstone.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Darius Crowley[edit | edit source]

Don't let him fill the board. Use your minions and cannons to defeat them.

Houndmaster Shaw[edit | edit source]

Create a beast synergy to empty the board. One deathrattle is what you should always aim for.

Toki, Time-Tinker[edit | edit source]

Meet his minions with his own. Trade whenever you can.

Tess Greymane[edit | edit source]

Make sure you can keep up by dealing with his minions first and him secondary.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Damph is likely named after Dampé, a gravedigger who appears as a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda video game franchise.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gravekeeper Damph, full art

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