Gormok the Impaler

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Gormok the Impaler
Gormok the Impaler(22323).png
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Gormok the Impaler(22323) Gold.png
Set: The Grand Tournament
Type: Minion
Rarity: Legendary
Cost: 4
Attack: 4
Health: 4
Abilities: Battlecry, Deal damage
Tags: Battlefield-related, Targeted
Artist: Nutthapon Petchthai

Battlecry: If you have at least 4 other minions, deal 4 damage.

Gormok has been giving impaling lessons in a small tent near the tournament grounds. For only 25g you too could learn the fine art of impaling!

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Gormok the Impaler is a legendary neutral minion card, from the Grand Tournament set.

How to get[edit]

Gormok the Impaler can be obtained through The Grand Tournament card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Gormok the Impaler 1600 400
Golden Gormok the Impaler 3200 1600


  • This minion's Battlecry requires 4 other minions already on the battlefield to activate.


With slightly below-average stats for its cost, Gormok the Impaler should only be put in your deck if you plan to make use of its powerful but tricky to activate Battlecry. Best used with decks/classes that like to flood the board such as Warlock, Shaman, and Paladin. 'Sticky' Deathrattle minions can also help keep the board full. Gormok can be used with Brann Bronzebeard in a control deck as a strong finisher to deal 8 damage for 7 mana.

For Warlock, using Fiendish Circle or Rafaam's Scheme (assuming you held it for 3 turns) to easily activate its conditional Battlecry.


Gormok the Impaler is a Magnataur, held captive for battle in the Trial of the Crusader.

From Wowpedia:

Magnataur are massive creatures that live in Northrend. They have the torso of a giant attached to the body of a mammoth; like the centaur and Keepers of the Grove, they are relatives of the demigod Cenarius. They are notoriously long-lived and rumored to engage in cannibalism when food is scarce. They are vicious, brutal, and uncaring; only the strongest and meanest survive. Despite their hostility towards all other races, they have become strangely tolerant of the arctic kobolds, who follow the magnataurs for safety and mutual benefit during hunts.
Magnataur live in prides, much like lions: one or two dominant males and several females along with their offspring.


  • Gormok has a very strong relationship with the number 4, representing his mana cost, Health and Attack, as well as both the number of minions required to trigger his Battlecry and the damage dealt by it. No special reason is known for the repetition of the number.


Gormok the Impaler, full art
Gormok the Impaler in World of Warcraft

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