Gladiator's Longbow

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Gladiator's Longbow
Gladiator's Longbow(278).png
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Gladiator's Longbow(278) Gold.png
Set: Classic
Type: Weapon
Class: Hunter
Rarity: Epic
Cost: 7
Attack: 5 Weapon-attack.png
Durability: 2 Weapon-durability.png
Tags: Immune-granting, Triggered effect
Artist: Peter C. Lee

Your hero is Immune while attacking.

The longbow allows shots to be fired from farther away and is useful for firing on particularly odorous targets.

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Gladiator's Longbow is an epic hunter weapon card, from the Classic set.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Gladiator's Longbow can be obtained through Classic card packs, through crafting, or as an Arena reward. Regular Gladiator's Longbow can also be obtained through the Highest Rank Bonus chest at the end of a Ranked season, or as a first-time reward for first time reaching Platinum 10 or Diamond 10 in Ranked mode.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Gladiator's Longbow 400 100
Golden Gladiator's Longbow 1600 400

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This card's Immune effect means that it can be used to tackle minions without taking damage, clearing a path for your heavy hitters to strike at the enemy hero, or to take out opposing minions that greatly threaten you, such as the Core Hound. It can also provide a useful form of direct damage for finishing the enemy hero. However, the card's high cost should be considered.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • When charging your hero into a suicide attempt with the Bow, the "skull" symbol will show up despite the fact that your hero is Immune.[1]

Lore[edit | edit source]

In World of Warcraft, the Gladiator's Longbow is the top PvP reward bow available to competitors each season. Each season, there is a different adjective before it, such as the Wrathful Gladiator's Longbow or the Cataclysmic Gladiator's Longbow.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gladiator's Longbow, full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

  • One Night in Karazhan logo full2.png Patch (2016-10-20): Gladiator's Longbow now properly prevents damage caused by Explosive Trap. Prior to Patch (2016-04-24) this weapon's Immune effect would not prevent damage from triggered effects or Secrets such as Explosive Trap.[2][3] This was attempted to be fixed in Patch by making Gladiator's Longbow have a Proposed Attack Event trigger that makes the attacking hero Immune; however, Explosive Trap is also a Proposed Attack Event trigger, meaning the Dominant Player Bug determined which one triggers first - so you had about a 50% chance of blocking the Explosive Trap damage.[4]

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