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Fire Mage Jaina.png
For other appearances of Jaina Proudmoore, see Jaina Proudmoore (disambiguation).

Fire Mage Jaina is an alternate hero for the Mage icon.png Mage class. It is obtained by winning 1,000 Ranked or Arena games as mage.


Fire Mage Jaina is based on Jaina Proudmoore's appearance in Battle for Azeroth, albeit a version of her focused on fire magic rather than her usual frost- and water-based magic.

Flavor text[edit]

When viewed in the collection, Fire Mage Jaina has the following flavor text:

After many years of careful study, Jaina realized that switching to fire spec would save on her heating bill. Obtained from winning 1,000 Ranked or Arena games as a mage.


All 1,000 Win heroes use the same emotes as the basic hero. For a list, see Jaina Proudmoore#Emotes.


Fire Mage Jaina, full art by James Ryman

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