Fiery War Axe

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Fiery War Axe
Fiery War Axe(632).png
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Fiery War Axe(632) Gold.png
Set: Basic
Type: Weapon
Class: Warrior
Cost: 3
Attack: 3 Weapon-attack.png
Durability: 2 Weapon-durability.png
Artist: Lucas Graciano

During times of tranquility and harmony, this weapon was called by its less popular name, Chilly Peace Axe.

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Fiery War Axe is a warrior weapon card, from the Basic set.

How to get[edit]

Two copies of Fiery War Axe are automatically included in all players' collections upon unlocking the warrior class.

Two Golden copies of Fiery War Axe are a reward for raising a warrior to levels 49 and 50.

Fiery War Axe is uncraftable and cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Generated by[edit]

As well as being collected in decks, this card can also be generated by the following card.

Imprisoned Gan'arg(210849).png


Fiery War Axe is a decent source of early damage for warrior decks; for 3 Mana it can be used against heroes as 6 damage over 2 turns, or it can be used to clear early minions. Killing minions is almost always the superior tactic with Fiery War Axe, especially in the early game.

While the Warrior class has plenty of weapon choices that either have additional effects (such as Blood Razor or Brass Knuckles) or have higher damage output (such as Gorehowl or Arcanite Reaper), at 3 Mana Fiery War Axe is one of Warrior's cheapest weapon option (of the Classic set), making it useful for decks with cards that utilize and upgrade weapons such as Phantom Freebooter, Forge of Souls and Hobart Grapplehammer.

For cheap early-game removal, Warrior has plenty of options, such as Slam and Cleave, so when including Fiery War Axe it's ideal to have a deck that will benefit more from its Weapon status or in extremely aggressive decks.


Fiery War Axe is a Bind on Equip epic level 35 two-handed axe from World of Warcraft. A rare world drop, it is one of the lowest-level epic items in the game.



Fiery War Axe, full art

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