Experiment 3C

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The Witchwood logo.png The subject of this article is part of
The Witchwood Monster Hunt.

Experiment 3C
Experiment 3C(89621).png
Set: The Witchwood
Type: Hero
Class: Shaman
Health: 60
Artist: Andrew Hou

It's a Murloc! It's a Dragon! It's... everything?

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Experiment 3C is a boss that can be encountered during the Monster Hunt.

Hero powers[edit | edit source]


Special cards[edit | edit source]


Deck[edit | edit source]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Class Card Quantity
Boss Witchwood's Touch 2
Amalgamate 3
Druid Wild Growth 2
Addled Grizzly 1
Nourish 2
Hunter Alleycat 1
Crackling Razormaw 1
Scavenging Hyena 1
Metaltooth Leaper 1
Unleash the Hounds 1
Savannah Highmane 1
Paladin Murloc Knight 1
Rogue Iron Sensei 1
Shaman Flametongue Totem 1
Primalfin Totem 1
Primal Talismans 1
Everyfin is Awesome 1
Warlock Bane of Doom 1
Voidlord 1
Warrior Fierce Monkey 1
Neutral Murloc Tidecaller 1
Patches the Pirate 1
Faerie Dragon 1
Mechwarper 1
Rockpool Hunter 1
Coldlight Seer 1
Murloc Warleader 1
Southsea Captain 1
Zoobot 3
Azure Drake 1
Cobalt Scalebane 1
Finja, the Flying Star 1
Bone Drake 1
The Curator 2
Primordial Drake 1
Ysera 1
Deathwing 1

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Encounter[edit | edit source]

Before match

Hagatha the Witch
Hmmm... That isn't one of mine.


Experiment 3C
Nice to bleat you.

Emote Response

Experiment 3C
(burps) Excuse me, I do that sometimes.

Hero Power

Experiment 3C
...more fish...
...a beast within me...
...such a magnificent creature...
...a clockwork heart!
...such darkness...

Play a Spare Part

Experiment 3C
There were many such parts... in the lab...

Play Unstable Portal

Experiment 3C
The lab... In Netherstorm...

Play Dr. Boom

Experiment 3C
Dr. Boom?! Don't take me back to the lab!


Experiment 3C
We... finally escaped!


Experiment 3C
You were... not my target.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Experiment 3C is original to Hearthstone.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Darius Crowley[edit | edit source]

The more you rely on your cannons, the more you increase your chances of winning.

Houndmaster Shaw[edit | edit source]

While building a board is great, make sure you don't leave too many minions when he uses Amalgamate.

Toki, Time-Tinker[edit | edit source]

For Toki, you have choice between rushing him down before he uses Amalgamate or play slowly.

One strategy can be using Scepter of Summoning to play big minions such as The Lich King on turn 5, so that you can rush the enemy before turn 8 when he will play Amalgamate. In the earlier game, it can help getting Double Time treasure, so that you can get and play strong minions through double time Unstable Portal.

Tess Greymane[edit | edit source]

As long as you have a removal, Amalgamate will be a piece of cake. Otherwise, rush the boss down.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is implied that Dr. Boom created the Experiment given that it states "Dr. Boom? Don't take me back to the lab." when Dr. Boom is played against it.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Experiment 3C, full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]