Earthen Might

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Earthen Might
Earthen Might(89447).png
Earthen Might(89447) Gold.png

Give a minion +2/+2. If it's an Elemental, add a random Elemental to your hand.

Or it might not.

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Earthen Might is a rare shaman spell card, from the The Witchwood set.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Earthen Might can be obtained through The Witchwood card packs, through crafting, or as an Arena reward. Golden Earthen Might can also be obtained through the Highest Rank Bonus chest at the end of each Ranked season.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Earthen Might 100 20
Golden Earthen Might 800 100

Strategy[edit | edit source]

A cheap and efficient buff spell, Earthen Might is useful for gaining an early board advantage, and remains useful into the late game for making favorable trades and maintaining card advantage. Naturally, it is best used on an Elemental like Fire Fly, as the additional Elemental generated by the card's effect can potentially give you a powerful minion like Kalimos, Primal Lord, Al'Akir the Windlord, or even minions from other classes like Lyra the Sunshard and Pyros. At the very least, the generated minion can be used as another body to put into play or as a Battlecry activator.

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Earthen Might, full art

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