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Dwarves are stout, down to earth humanoids found in the Eastern Kingdoms. Hearty folk, the dwarves can be relied upon for both their humour and their grim determination in the face of formidable challenges. Staunch allies of the humans, and core members of the Alliance, dwarves are also known for their ready laughter and almost incomparable fondness for ale, as well as their aptitude for blacksmithing and guns. In Hearthstone, dwarves are known for bringing damage-dealing and destroy effects, taking the fight to the enemy one way or another.

Lore[edit | edit source]

From Wowpedia:

Dwarves are short and stout creatures mostly inhabiting Khaz Modan in the Eastern Kingdoms. They are shorter than humans but taller than gnomes, taking advantage of their size when possible and relying on their robustness and strength when not. The average dwarf is steady, observant and composed both during work and combat, yet able to rage with fierce zeal and persistence when the situation calls for it. While a dwarf prefers to plan forward to overcome challenges, many of them easily lose their temperament and self-restraint when exposed to conditions stirring their feelings and concerns.
In past ages, the dwarves rarely left the safety of their mountain fortresses, spending their time on refining metal and stone into powerful weapons and beautiful jewelry. However, when the call to battle sounded, they rose up to defend their friends and allies with unmatched courage and valor.

The dwarves make their home in Ironforge in the Eastern Kingdoms. Carved into the snowy mountainside of Khaz Modan, the great city is a wonder of engineering, centred around the Great Forge itself, within which the Ashbringer was forged. A bustling, intricate and awe-inspiring city, the dwarves share Ironforge with the gnomes, whom they took in following their exodus from the trogg invasion of Gnomeregan many years ago.

Dwarves are natural innkeepers, fans of cosy nooks and roaring fires, and always ready to encourage a friend to another (and another) pint. It is therefore little wonder that the Innkeeper himself is a dwarf.

In Hearthstone[edit | edit source]

Players that enter the adventure will immediately be greeted by the Dark Iron Dwarves that dwell deep within the depths Blackrock Mountain. They’re a bit hot-headed, but can you blame them; there’s no air conditioning in Blackrock Depths! If you’re thinking about grabbing a refreshment at the Grim Guzzler Bar while you're there, keep your cards ready – a good ol’ fashioned Hearthstone brawl could break out at any time![1]
Strong, stubborn, and stalwart, the heat of Blackrock Depths has forged the Dark Iron Dwarves into singe-proof juggernauts. Able to take an immense amount of punishment, many of the minions that inhabit Blackrock Depths can both dish out their fair share of pain, or turn inflicted damage into impressive beneficial effects.[2]

Cards[edit | edit source]

Dwarves[edit | edit source]

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Ironforge Rifleman Free Minion General Any 3 2 2
Battlecry: Deal 1 damage. "Ready! Aim! Drink!"
Stormpike Commando Free Minion General Any 5 4 2
Battlecry: Deal 2 damage. The Stormpike Commandos are demolition experts. They also bake a mean cupcake.
Buccaneer Common Minion Pirate Rogue 1 2 1
Whenever you equip a weapon, give it +1 Attack. The best part of buccaneering is the pants.
Dwarven Sharpshooter Common Minion General Hunter 1 1 3
Your Hero Power can target minions. Scissors, knives, needles, you name it! He'll shoot it.
Bloodsail Raider Common Minion Pirate Any 2 2 3
Battlecry: Gain Attack equal to the Attack of your weapon. "I only plunder on days that end in 'y'."
Museum Curator Common Minion General Priest 2 1 2
Battlecry: Discover a Deathrattle card. He is forever cursing the kids who climb on the rails and the evil archeologists who animate the exhibits.
Dragonslayer Common Minion General Any 3 4 3
Battlecry: Deal 6 damage to a Dragon. A pair of stout dwarves nearly averted the Cataclysm.
Silent Knight Common Minion General Any 3 2 2
Stealth Divine Shield He used to be a librarian. Old habits die hard.
Axe Flinger Common Minion General Warrior 4 2 5
Whenever this minion takes damage, deal 2 damage to the enemy hero. Once a lowly "Stick Flinger", he's been relentless on the path to his ultimate dream: "Tauren Flinger".
Dark Iron Dwarf Common Minion General Any 4 4 4
Battlecry: Give a minion +2 Attack this turn. Guardians of Dark Iron Ore. Perhaps the most annoying ore, given where you have to forge it.
Priest of the Feast Common Minion General Priest 4 3 6
Whenever you cast a spell, restore 3 Health to your hero. Now that's a world champion cheesecake!
Howling Commander Rare Minion General Paladin 3 2 2
Battlecry: Draw a Divine Shield minion from your deck. Enlistment in her battalion comes with several pairs of earplugs.
Arena Patron Rare Minion General Any 5 3 3
Overkill: Summon another Arena Patron. Everybody with a ticket get in here!
Dark Iron Skulker Rare Minion General Rogue 5 4 3
Battlecry: Deal 2 damage to all undamaged enemy minions. He loves skulking. He skulks after hours just for the joy of it, but his friends are pretty worried he'll get burnt out.
Doppelgangster Rare Minion General Any 5 2 2
Battlecry: Summon 2 copies of this minion. "Every me, get in here!"
Grim Patron Rare Minion General Any 5 3 3
Whenever this minion survives damage, summon another Grim Patron. If you love getting your face punched, come to the Grim Guzzler!
Grimestreet Enforcer Rare Minion General Paladin 5 4 4
At the end of your turn, give all minions in your hand +1/+1. "Sir, you don't have a permit to park your mount here."
Ram Wrangler Rare Minion General Hunter 5 3 3
Battlecry: If you have a Beast, summon a random Beast. Not getting trampled is really the trick here.
Ancient Shieldbearer Rare Minion General Warrior 7 6 6
Battlecry: If your C'Thun has at least 10 Attack, gain 10 Armor. Back in her day, each shield weighed two tons and she had to carry four of them on each arm!
Dwarven Archaeologist Epic Minion General Any 2 2 3
After you Discover a card, reduce its cost by (1). She's making great progress on paying off that advanced degree.
History Buff Epic Minion General Any 3 3 4
Whenever you play a minion, give a random minion in your hand +1/+1. Actually... what happened was...
Stablemaster Epic Minion General Hunter 3 4 2
Battlecry: Give a friendly Beast Immune this turn. Takes way better care of her pets than her brother, Unstablemaster.
Untamed Beastmaster Epic Minion General Any 3 3 4
Whenever you draw a Beast, give it +2/+2. All it takes is a tummy rub.
Bright-Eyed Scout Epic Minion General Any 4 3 4
Battlecry: Draw a card. Change its Cost to (5). Also inordinately excited for cupcakes.
Big Game Hunter Epic Minion General Any 5 4 2
Battlecry: Destroy a minion with an Attack of 7 or more. Mere devilsaurs no longer excite him. Soon he'll be trying to catch Onyxia with only a dull Krol Blade.
Crazed Worshipper Epic Minion General Any 5 3 6
Taunt. Whenever this minion takes damage, give your C'Thun +1/+1 (wherever it is)Every month they share a pancake breakfast with the Perfectly Rational Worshippers.
Brann Bronzebeard Legendary Minion General Any 3 2 4
Your Battlecries trigger twice. Contains 75% more fiber than his brother Magni!
Wickerflame Burnbristle Legendary Minion General Paladin 3 2 2
Divine Shield, Taunt, Lifesteal Wickerflame spent years as a recruit for the Goons, never making the big-time because he always fired his chest-cannon too slowly. "Hey," he thought, "maybe if I keep my beard lit on fire, I can do this faster." BOOM, promoted.
Hemet Nesingwary Legendary Minion General Any 5 6 3
Battlecry: Destroy a Beast. It's hard to make a living as a hunter in a world where beasts instantly reappear minutes after you kill them.
Bolf Ramshield Legendary Minion General Any 6 3 9
Whenever your hero takes damage, this minion takes it instead. Bolf keeps coming in 2nd at the Grand Tournament. It might be his year this year, if Lebron doesn't enter.
Emperor Thaurissan Legendary Minion General Any 6 5 5
At the end of your turn, reduce the Cost of cards in your hand by (1). His second greatest regret is summoning an evil Firelord who enslaved his entire people.
Hemet, Jungle Hunter Legendary Minion General Any 6 6 6
Battlecry: Destroy all cards in your deck that cost (3) or less. The goblin travel agency lost his luggage, but he's still having a great vacation!
Dinotamer Brann Legendary Minion General Hunter 7 2 4
Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, summon King Krush. Brann's new dino-taming hobby is going well—his pet can already make him sit, stand, and roll over!
Master Oakheart Legendary Minion General Any 9 5 5
Battlecry: Recruit a 1, 2, and 3-Attack minion. His adventuring party consists of Goldshire Footman, Frostwolf Grunt and Hadronox.
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Dwarven Sharpshooter(127274).png
Bloodsail Raider(637).png
Dwarven Archaeologist(90828).png
Museum Curator(27250).png
Brann Bronzebeard(27214).png
History Buff(90845).png
Howling Commander(62836).png
Ironforge Rifleman(41).png
Silent Knight(22297).png
Untamed Beastmaster(90187).png
Wickerflame Burnbristle(49633).png
Axe Flinger(14439).png
Bright-Eyed Scout(55590).png
Dark Iron Dwarf(128).png
Priest of the Feast(42056).png
Arena Patron(90288).png
Big Game Hunter(73).png
Crazed Worshipper(35212).png
Dark Iron Skulker(14434).png
Grim Patron(14435).png
Grimestreet Enforcer(49667).png
Hemet Nesingwary(12268).png
Ram Wrangler(22344).png
Stormpike Commando(325).png
Bolf Ramshield(22346).png
Emperor Thaurissan(14454).png
Hemet, Jungle Hunter(55508).png
Ancient Shieldbearer(33122).png
Dinotamer Brann(90720).png
Master Oakheart(76983).png

Dwarf art[edit | edit source]

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Good Food None Spell Any 1
Increase your starting Health by 5. 
Cursed! None Spell Warlock 2
While this is in your hand, take 2 damage at the start of your turn. 
Doom Pact None Spell Death Knight 5
Destroy all minions. Remove the top card from your deck for each minion destroyed. 
Holy Smite Free Spell Priest 1
Deal 2 damage. It doesn't matter how pious you are. Everyone needs a good smiting now and again.
Humility Free Spell Paladin 1
Change a minion's Attack to 1. This card makes something really damp. Oh wait. That's "Humidity."
Light's Justice Free Weapon Paladin 1 1 4
Prince Malchezaar was a collector of rare weapons. He'd animate them and have them dance for him.
Divine Spirit Free Spell Priest 2
Double a minion's Health. Double the trouble. Double the fun!
Generous Spirit Free Spell Priest 2
Choose a friendly minion. Give it to your opponent and draw 3 cards. 
Flametongue Totem Free Minion Totem Shaman 3 0 3
Adjacent minions have +2 Attack. Totemsmiths like to use the rarest woods for their totems. There are even rumors of totems made of Ironbark Protectors.
Shield Block Free Spell Warrior 3
Gain 5 Armor. Draw a card. Shields were invented because Face Block is USELESS.
War Golem Free Minion General Any 7 7 7
Golems are not afraid, but for some reason they still run when you cast Fear on them. Instinct, maybe? A desire to blend in?
Circle of Healing Common Spell Priest 0
Restore 4 Health to ALL minions. It isn't really a circle.
Autodefense Matrix Common Spell Paladin 1
Secret: When one of your minions is attacked, give it Divine ShieldWe call it the bubble machine.
Inner Fire Common Spell Priest 1
Change a minion's Attack to be equal to its Health. Good idea: Buffing your minions. Bad idea: Starting a conversation in the Barrens.
Never Surrender! Common Spell Paladin 1
Secret: When your opponent casts a spell, give your minions +2 Health. But sometimes concede.
Slam Common Spell Warrior 2
Deal 2 damage to a minion. If it survives, draw a card. "Dun da dun, dun da dun": if you've heard an ogre sing this, it's too late.
Hunter's Pack Common Spell Hunter 3
Add a random Hunter Beast, Secret, and weapon to your hand. Oh look! It's a trap!
Astral Rift Rare Spell Mage 2
Add 2 random minions to your hand. Let's see what's behind rift number one!
Belligerent Gnome Rare Minion General Any 2 1 4
Battlecry: If your opponent has 2 or more minions, gain +1 Attack. Maybe don't put this one in your garden.
Cybertech Chip Rare Spell Hunter 2
Give your minions "Deathrattle: Add a random Mech to your hand." Goes great with Cyber-Salsa.
Holy Ripple Rare Spell Priest 2
Deal 1 damage to all enemies. Restore 1 Health to all friendly characters. I still prefer the taste of banana fudge ripple.
Lava Shock Rare Spell Shaman 2
Deal 2 damage.
Unlock your Overloaded Mana Crystals. Chocolate lava cake is shockingly delicious.
Muster for Battle Rare Spell Paladin 3
Summon three 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits. Equip a 1/4 Weapon. "I'm bringing the guacamole!" – One of the most successful (yet rare) Silver Hand rallying cries
Blessed Champion Rare Spell Paladin 5
Double a minion's Attack. This card causes double the trouble AND double the fun.
Holy Fire Rare Spell Priest 6
Deal 5 damage. Restore 5 Health to your hero. Often followed by Holy Smokes!
Shadow Essence Rare Spell Priest 6
Summon a 5/5 copy of a random minion in your deck. Difficult to bottle up and sell. But it packs a punch.
Earthquake Rare Spell Shaman 7
Deal 5 damage to all minions, then deal 2 damage to all minions. Shake it, sh-sh-sh-shake it like a Kalimdor fissure.
Stormhammer Epic Weapon Hunter 3 3 2
Doesn't lose Durability while you control a Dragon. It brings the storm before the calm.
Treachery Epic Spell Warlock 3
Choose a friendly minion. Your opponent gains control of it. Never look a gift minion in the mouth.
Awaken the Makers Legendary Spell Priest 1
Quest: Summon 7 Deathrattle minions.
Reward: Amara, Warden of Hope. They keep hitting the Snooze button.
Unseal the Vault Legendary Spell Hunter 1
Quest: Summon 20 minions.
Reward: Ramkahen Roar. "Huh... That's a nice card back."
Showing all 31 cards
Circle of Healing(38).png
Autodefense Matrix(89817).png
Awaken the Makers(52588).png
Good Food.png
Holy Smite(409).png
Inner Fire(207).png
Light's Justice(250).png
Never Surrender!(90590).png
Unseal the Vault(90813).png
Astral Rift(89915).png
Belligerent Gnome(90167).png
Cybertech Chip(89843).png
Divine Spirit(554).png
Generous Spirit(77490).png
Holy Ripple(90803).png
Lava Shock(14440).png
Flametongue Totem(390).png
Hunter's Pack(90737).png
Muster for Battle(12223).png
Shield Block(493).png
Blessed Champion(7).png
Doom Pact(63050).png
Holy Fire(457).png
Shadow Essence(62896).png
War Golem(323).png

References[edit | edit source]