Dust refunds

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Dust refunds, or full dust refunds, are given to players when cards in Hearthstone are changed or nerfed. Players are able to capitalize on gaining extra dust into their collection when such card changes occur.

There are two ways in which dust refunds are handed out in Hearthstone:

1) Card nerfs, or the rare ability nerf
Whenever a card is substantially nerfed and it is not a simple technical adjustment, a player is given a 2-week adjustment period in which they can disenchant the card for its full dust value.
See Card changes#Disenchanting for more information.
2) Card moved to Hall of Fame
Whenever a card is moved to the Hall of Fame, the full dust value of the card — if it exists in the player's collection — is automatically given to the player when they next log into the Hearthstone client.
See Hall of Fame#Dust refunds for more information.
Here is a simple flowchart on how to maximize dust refunds: Simple flowchart guide.