Dexter the Dendrologist

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The Boomsday Project logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
The Boomsday Project Puzzle Lab.

Dexter the Dendrologist

Dexter the Dendrologist(90113).png

Set: The Boomsday Project
Type: Hero
Artist: Matt Dixon

Clear the battlefield of minions! There are crops to grow!

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Dexter the Dendrologist is the first boss of the Board Clear lab in the Puzzle Lab.

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Gloop Sprayer(90115).png

Strategy[edit | edit source]

No. Title Description Solution Notes
1 Quick Attack Clear by attacking with Charge and Rush minions
  1. Play Rabid Worgen and Stonetusk Boar
  2. Attack Bloodfen Raptor with Rabid Worgen
  3. Attack Wisp with Stonetusk Boar
2 Holy Extermination Clear with Spirit Lash
  1. Play Elven Archer, targeting Infested Wolf
  2. Cast Holy Nova
  3. Cast Spirit Lash
3 Stomp the Snail Clear by forcing Swamp King Dred to attack Stubborn Gastropod
  1. Play both Tentacles of N'Zoth
  2. Play both Coins
  3. Play Stubborn Gastropod
4 Sticky Scarecrows Clear two Harvest Golems
  1. Cast Sap on Harvest Golem
  2. Cast Eviscerate on Harvest Golem
  3. Cast Backstab on Damaged Golem
5 The Power of Pigs Clear by buffing Frothing Berserker
  1. Attack Soggoth the Slitherer with both Stonetusk Boars
  2. Cast Bash on Frothing Berserker
  3. Attack Soggoth the Slitherer with Frothing Berserker
6 Position Perfection Clear with Explosive Shot and Steady Shot
  1. Play Wolfrider
  2. Attack Toxic Sewer Ooze with Wolfrider
  3. Cast Explosive Shot on Chillwind Yeti
  4. Use the Hero Power Steady Shot on River Crocolisk
  5. Attack Bloodfen Raptor with Steamwheedle Sniper


  1. Play Wolfrider
  2. Attack River Crocolisk with Wolfrider
  3. Cast Explosive Shot on Chillwind Yeti
  4. Use the Hero Power Steady Shot on Murloc Tinyfin
  5. Attack Toxic Sewer Ooze with Steamwheedle Sniper


  1. Use the Hero Power Steady Shot on Toxic Sewer Ooze
  2. Attack Toxic Sewer Ooze with Steamwheedle Sniper
  3. Play Wolfrider
  4. Attack River Crocolisk with Wolfrider
  5. Cast Explosive Shot on Chillwind Yeti
7 Scorched Earth Clear with Wild Pyromancers
  1. Cast Power Word: Shield on a Wild Pyromancer
  2. Cast Flash Heal on Wild Pyromancer
  3. Cast all three Holy Smites on Deathwing
8 Dragon Removal Service Clear with Blade Flurry
  1. Use the Hero Power Dagger Mastery
  2. Cast Backstab on Spiteful Smith
  3. Play Toxicologist and Deadly Poison
  4. Attack Deathwing with Valeera
  5. Cast Preparation
  6. Cast Blade Flurry
  7. Cast all four Coins
  8. Cast Eviscerates each one on Spiteful Smith and Toxicologist

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before match

Flobbidinous Floop
You there! Why are you idling about? We have crops to grow!


Dexter the Dendrologist
I've untangled the hose boss!

Emote Response

Dexter the Dendrologist
Eh, you're all bark.
Green thumb? I got two of those!
You a fruit connoisseur too? Floop's are the BEST.


Dexter the Dendrologist
Ah ah... My mouth is watering just at the thought...
Ahhh, these poor saps...
All these minions, standing on such PREMIUM soil!
Hohoho! Psychmelon, Snowplum, Bearsing, Skypeach...
Tundraberries, Golden Grapes, oh oh... and Stranglethorn Bananas!
We're running out of daylight! Oh wait, we're underground...
Westfall Apples, Gilnean Pumpkins, Zandalari Zucchini...


Dexter the Dendrologist
A tangled mess. Let's give it another go!
Ah, don't feel too droopy, I've got your back.
Don't worry, the hose ain't going anywhere.
Keep at it, think of all the delicious fruit we can grow!
Wow they're really rooted in there, huh?

Puzzle 1

Flobbidinous Floop
I need you to clear out EVERY SINGLE MINION from the field!

Puzzle 2

Flobbidinous Floop
Floopulous! Ha ha! We're on our way to a new strand of tasty Psychmelon.

Puzzle 3

Dexter the Dendrologist
Even if they're our friends, they gotta go! We'll need the whole field.

Puzzle 5

Flobbidinous Floop
Some of your minions can attack right away. Make good use of them.

Puzzle 7

Dexter the Dendrologist
Some of these minions really like to stick around. Freeloaders.

Puzzle 8

Flobbidinous Floop
Great goopily-floopily! How are we going to remove those?


Dexter the Dendrologist
Sap is great for those sticky minions.

Return after leaving

Dexter the Dendrologist
We're right where you left off!


Flobbidinous Floop
Excellent. Soon we shall see the fruits of our efforts.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Dexter the Dendrologist, full art

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