Demonologist Draan

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The Boomsday Project logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
The Boomsday Project Puzzle Lab.

Demonologist Draan

Demonologist Draan(90116).png

Set: The Boomsday Project
Type: Hero
Artist: Arthur Bozonnet

This lab runs on soul-power. And, to a lesser extend, funk.

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Demonologist Draan is the third boss of the Board Clear lab in the Puzzle Lab.

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Soul Battery(90118).png

Strategy[edit | edit source]

No. Title Description Solution Notes
1 Tiny Terrors Clear with Shadow Word: Horror
  1. Attack Hungry Ettin with Chillwind Yeti
  2. Cast Pint-Size Potion
  3. Cast Confuse
  4. Attack Hungry Ettin with Sleepy Dragon
  5. Cast Shadow Word: Horror
  6. Cast Shadow Word: Death on Molten Giant


  1. Cast Topsy Turvy on Sleepy Dragon / play Crazed Alchemist, targeting Sleepy Dragon
  2. Attack Hungry Ettin with Sleepy Dragon
  3. Attack Molten Giant with Chillwind Yeti
  4. Cast Confuse
  5. Cast Pint-Size Potion
  6. Cast Shadow Word: Horror
2 Defiling Demons Clear with Defile
  1. Attack any Voidwalker with Imp once
  2. Attack Voidlord with Doomguard and Imp once
  3. Cast Defile


  1. Attack Voidlord with Doomguard
  2. Attack any Voidwalker with Imp once
  3. Cast Mortal Coil on Boulderfist Ogre
  4. Cast Defile
3 A Warrior's Weapons Clear with Whirlwind effects
  1. Equip Blood Razor and attack Pit Fighter
  2. Equip Woodcutter's Axe or Fiery War Axe
  3. Cast Whirlwind
  4. Cast Revenge


  1. Summon Rabid Worgen and attack Harvest Golem
  2. Equip Blood Razor and attack other Harvest Golem
  3. Cast Whirlwind
  4. Cast Execute on Pit Fighter
4 Poultry Provoked Clear with Abomination
  1. Cast Mark of the Wild on Angry Chicken
  2. Use the Hero Power Shapeshift and attack Angry Chicken with Malfurion
  3. Cast Contamination on Abomination
  4. Attack Angry Chicken with Abomination
5 Bot Battle Clear with Explosive Sheep
  1. Play Brann Bronzebeard
  2. Play Galvanizer
  3. Play Explosive Sheep
  4. Play Faithful Lumi, targeting Explosive Sheep
  5. Play Fireworks Tech, targeting Explosive Sheep
  6. Magnetize Skaterbot to Explosive Sheep
  7. Attack any Force-Tank MAX with Explosive Sheep
  8. Play Mechwarper
  9. Magnetize Skaterbot to Mechwarper
  10. Attack Force-Tank MAX with Mechwarper

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before match

Dr. Morrigan
New blood? Visit my assistant. She'll get you started.


Demonologist Draan
Time to get these batteries charged up.

Emote Response

Demonologist Draan
Certainly you don't intend to TALK these minions into giving up their souls, do you?
Soulmates? I don't think so.
You spend your life around tormented souls and you start to hear things...


Demonologist Draan
Could we- no no... That'd be far too dangerous.
Do they even have weight? How strange...
Don't worry, this is for the greater good. Surely.
How did you think Boom kept the lights on here?
If we can filter and process these souls...
So much untapped power just floating about.
Sorting these souls might prove difficult...
There is so much knowledge hidden away from us...
To think we've only stored these in soulstones for years.


Demonologist Draan
Don't give up! Although, if you do, perhaps we'll use your soul instead...
Hmmm, not quite enough souls.
I'll return their souls so we can restart. We need them all at once.
Keep trying! Harvesting souls is hard work but the screams are SO gratifying.
We'll need to gather enough souls in a single batch. Try again.

Puzzle 1

Demonologist Draan
Clear this board of minions, but save the souls for me. I've got... plans.

Puzzle 2

Demonologist Draan
Floop harvests crops, we harvest souls. Remarkably similar.

Puzzle 4

Demonologist Draan
Minions inside of minions, is that double soul value?

Shadow Word: Horror

Demonologist Draan
Oh the Horror! I think I chipped my hoof.

Curse of Weakness (unplayable; a sound there is in game files only)

Demonologist Draan
Their bodies may be weak, but their souls remain strong!

Anima Golem (unplayable; a sound there is in game files only)

Demonologist Draan
The soul inside is set to auto eject if no "threats" are found.

Return after leaving

Demonologist Draan
Had to recharge yourself?


Demonologist Draan
An impressive sight! Perhaps Morrigan could use your mind...

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Demonologist Draan, full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]