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The Death Knight is a special class unique to a small set of uncollectible cards. It has no associated heroes, Hero Powers, or collectible cards; instead, Death Knight cards are generated by The Lich King, Arfus, and Transfer Student on the Knights of the Frozen Throne battlefield.


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When the Lich King’s control of his death knights was broken, his former champions sought revenge for the horrors committed under his command. After their vengeance was won, the death knights found themselves without a cause and without a home. One by one they trickled into the land of the living in search of a new purpose. Frost sharpens their strikes; blood fortifies their bodies; and undeath allows them to erupt in unholy rage in the heat of battle. A thousand atrocities are etched in the eyes of every death knight, and foes who gaze into them too long will feel the warmth pulled from their bodies, replaced with cold steel.[1]

Cards that generate Death Knight cards[edit]

The Lich King(62922).png
Transfer Student(211509).png




The following spells are generated by other cards or effects, and are uncollectible.

Name / Desc Rarity Class Cost Description
Death Coil None Death Knight 2
Deal 5 damage to an enemy, or restore 5 Health to a friendly character. 
Death Grip None Death Knight 2
Steal a minion from your opponent's deck and add it to your hand. 
Obliterate None Death Knight 2
Destroy a minion. Your hero takes damage equal to its Health. 
Death and Decay None Death Knight 3
Deal 3 damage to all enemies. 
Anti-Magic Shell None Death Knight 4
Give your minions +2/+2 and "Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers." 
Doom Pact None Death Knight 5
Destroy all minions. Remove the top card from your deck for each minion destroyed. 
Army of the Dead None Death Knight 6
Remove the top 5 cards of your deck. Summon any minions removed. 
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Death Coil(63052).png
Death Grip(63051).png
Death and Decay(63056).png
Anti-Magic Shell(63054).png
Doom Pact(63050).png
Army of the Dead(63049).png



The following weapons are generated by other cards or effects, and are uncollectible.

Name / Desc Rarity Class Cost Atk HP Description
Frostmourne None Death Knight 7 5 3
Deathrattle: Summon every minion killed by this weapon. 
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