Culling of Stratholme

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Culling of Stratholme
Culling of Stratholme(89769).png
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Culling of Stratholme(89769) Gold.png
Set: Arena
Type: Spell
Class: Neutral
Cost: 4
Abilities: Casts When Drawn, Deal damage, Draw cards
Tags: Area of effect, Draw-related, On-draw effect
Artist: Tooth

Casts When Drawn
Deal 2 damage to all enemies.

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Culling of Stratholme is an uncollectible neutral spell card from the Arena unique set.

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Lore[edit | edit source]

This card depicts Prince Arthas's culling of Stratholme after the city received shipments of plagued grain from Andorhal.

From Wowpedia:

The Culling of Stratholme is the first major event of the Third War, signalling the first act in Arthas Menethil's descent into madness and evil, the suspending of the Knights of the Silver Hand from service and the destruction of the second most important city of the kingdom of Lordaeron.
In the early stages of the Third War, the Plague reached Stratholme in infected shipments of grain, most likely from Andorhal. The populace, unaware of the plague, baked and consumed the infected grain. The dreadlord Mal'Ganis was silently overseeing the operation.
When Arthas Menethil's forces arrived outside the walls of the city, the first thing they did was inspect the grain shipments in order to detect traces of the plague. As it turned out, they had arrived too late and the city had already been infected, even though its residents didn't know how dire their situation was.
Arthas, not wanting to deal with an entire army of undead, ordered Uther Lightbringer and his paladins to destroy the town. Uther was appalled by this, saying he wouldn't follow the order even if Arthas was the king. For his defiance, Arthas suspended the Knights of the Silver Hand from service and called all those still loyal to Lordaeron to come with him. Uther took his followers and left, and Jaina Proudmoore quickly followed. Abandoned by his teacher and friend, Arthas led his loyalists to Stratholme, taking it upon himself to burn down the city and kill everyone in it to prevent the citizens from becoming Scourge.

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