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This page lists possible crashes in Hearthstone, errors within the game which cause the game to stop functioning properly.

If you want to see the page which lists bugs, see Bugs.

Killing the Enemy hero and Mardojomo[edit | edit source]

If you kill the enemy hero and Majordomo Executus at the same time with a card such as Hellfire, you will be unable to play any cards and end your turn.

Discovering a card during opponent's turn[edit | edit source]

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 15.23.44.png

If you have Explosive Sheep and a Sylvanas Windrunner with one health on the board and your opponent has a Knife Juggler and plays a card with a Discover effect such as Jeweled Scarab, if the Knife Juggler's knife destroys your Sylvanas Windrunner, and if her Deathrattle takes over the Jeweled Scarab, hearthstone will crash.

Playing an enormous spell[edit | edit source]

An extremely big Timepiece of Horror.

Playing an enormous multi-random target spell such as arcane explosion with a lot of Spell Damage.