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The mana cost of a card or Hero Power determines how much mana is required to play that card from the hand or to use that Hero Power. The number is displayed inside a blue crystal in the upper left corner of each card, and at the top of each Hero Power. When a card is played or a Hero Power is used, its mana cost is deducted from the player's available mana for that turn.

All cards and Hero Powers have mana costs, even those not normally played from the hand (such as minions summoned by summon effects like Murloc Tidehunter's Battlecry or Unleash the Hounds). This is relevant when cards like Evolve affect minions based on their cost, or when minions are returned to the hand.

Most cards have mana costs in the 0-10 range, while all playable Hero Powers cost 2 mana. However, some effects can modify mana costs (even though not below 0).

Mana cost might be considered an attribute or statistic of a card, but does not affect the card in combat. The mana cost of a card determines how early or late in the game it may be played and is usually an indicator of the card's overall power. The distribution of mana costs in a deck is the mana curve, an important strategic consideration.

Modifying costs[edit | edit source]

Effects may reduce or increase the cost of cards and Hero Powers, or set them to a specific value. These effects either are ongoing effects or act by creating cost-modification enchantments (for a complete list see Cards below).

  • Cards that modify their own mana cost (such as Dread Corsair) only work while in the player's hand: they have no effect while the card is anywhere else, such as in the player's deck or in the battlefield (see in-hand effects for details). Most of them are ongoing effects, while a few (Nerubian Prophet, Knight of the Wild) are triggered effects.
  • Ongoing effects that modify the mana cost of other cards or Hero Powers (such as Mana Wraith and Maiden of the Lake) apply a modifier to all eligible cards currently in hand (but not to cards in play) and to eligible Hero Powers: removing or neutralising (for example by using Silence effects) the source of the effect will therefore immediately remove the modifier from any affected card or Hero Power.
Example: A Mechwarper would allow a Clockwork Gnome to be played for 0 mana, returned to the hand, and played for 0 mana again, but even with the Mechwarper in play a Recombobulator would cause the Clockwork Gnome to be transformed into a 1-Cost minion, not a 0-Cost one.
  • Cost-modification enchantments that are attached to a card in a player's deck (such as due to Renounce Darkness) are not removed when the modified card is drawn.
  • Cost-modification enchantments that are attached to a card in hand are removed once the modified card is played: effects which depend on mana cost will then use the original mana cost of the card and, if it is returned to the hand, re-playing it will cost the original amount.
Example: A Bloodfen Raptor drawn with Call Pet costs 0 mana when first played, but would cost 2 mana to re-play if returned to the hand by Youthful Brewmaster, and would be transformed into a 2-Cost minion if targeted by Recombobulator.
  • Some cost-modification enchantments (such as Preparation and Saboteur) are attached to a player instead of a card. Usually these enchantments have a limited duration and expire by themselves "the next time something happens" (which can be many turns later, such as for Dragon Consort and Fencing Coach) or "at the end of the turn". The only exception is Raza the Chained, whose effect lasts for the rest of the game.

When there are multiple cost-modification effects, they are applied in the order in which they have been generated (from oldest to newest; notice that cards that were in a player's deck at the beginning of the game still have that timestamp when drawn); the only exception is Summoning Portal, which is always applied first even if played last. Unlike Health/Attack enchantments and auras, cost-modification enchantments and auras have no special priority over one another.[1]

Example: If Millhouse Manastorm is played followed by Loatheb, spell costs are first set to 0, then increased by 5 for a final cost of 5. In the opposite order, spell costs would first increase by 5, then be set to 0, for a final cost of 0.
Example: If Emperor Thaurissan's effect triggers, reducing the mana cost of an in-hand Wolfrider to 2, and Naga Sea Witch then comes into play, her effect immediately increases the Wolfrider card's cost to 5; at the end of that turn, Emperor Thaurissan triggers again, reducing the Wolfrider's mana cost to 4.
Example: If Emperor Thaurissan's effect triggers, reducing the mana cost of an in-hand War Golem to 6, and Aviana then comes into play, her effect immediately reduces the War Golem card's cost to 1; at the end of that turn, Emperor Thaurissan triggers again, reducing the War Golem's mana cost to 0.
Example: If you have a Naga Sea Witch in play and a Fiery War Axe equipped and draw a Dread Corsair from your deck, the Dread Corsair's final mana cost will be 5: the Dread Corsair card, being in your deck since the beginning of the game, is older than the Naga Sea Witch minion in play, and thus its effect is applied first, and then overwritten by the newer one by Naga Sea Witch. However, if you later return the Dread Corsair minion from the battlefield to your hand, it becomes a new Dread Corsair card, which is then newer than the Naga Sea Witch minion: thus, the Dread Corsair card's cost is first set to 5 by Naga Sea Witch and then, if you are still equipping the Fiery War Axe, it is reduced by 3, to a final mana cost of 2.
Example: If Knight of the Wild triggered twice before Aviana enters play, early cost-modification effects are overridden by the "newer" Aviana effect, for a final mana cost of 1; if you later summon another Beast, Knight of the Wild triggers again, reducing its mana cost to 0.
Example: If you play Naga Sea Witch and then Aviana, minion cards in your hand will cost 1; if you play Aviana and then Naga Sea Witch, minion cards in your hand will cost 5.[2]
Example: Suppose you have Wilfred Fizzlebang on the battlefield. If you play Aviana and then use Life Tap, the minion card you draw will cost 0; if you use Life Tap and then play Aviana, the minion card you draw will cost 1.[3]
Example: If Bright-Eyed Scout's Battlecry draws Mountain Giant, its cost will be set to 5 regardless of the number of cards in hand, and the cost will not change as the hand gains or loses cards: since the Mountain Giant card was created at the beginning of the game, its effect is always considered older than the Bright-Eyed Scout's Battlecry.[4]
Example: If Bright-Eyed Scout's Battlecry draws Nerubian Prophet, its cost will be set to 5, and at the start of each subsequent turn its cost will drop to 4, 3, 2, and so on.

If a card's or Hero Power's modified cost would be negative, 0 is displayed and used instead (players can never gain mana from paying the cost of a card or Hero Power).

  • This minimum of 0 is only enforced after all other cost modifications have been taken into account: this allows reductions like Far Sight to counteract subsequent increases such as Loatheb's.
  • One may think of cards and Hero Powers as having two mana costs, an "actual" cost and a "hidden" cost. The hidden cost is simply the original mana cost with all subsequent modifications, and has no lower limit. The actual cost, which is displayed on the card or Hero Power and charged when the card is played or the Hero Power is used, is the greater of the hidden cost and 0.
Example: If Far Sight draws an Earth Shock, the Earth Shock has a hidden cost of -2 and an actual cost of 0; if the opponent then plays Loatheb the hidden cost increases by 5 and becomes -2 + 5 = 3, and the actual cost rises to 3 too. Thus, since only actual costs are displayed, apparently Far Sight reduced the cost of Earth Shock only by 1 (instead of 3) and Loatheb increased it only by 3 (instead of 5): however, even though Far Sight's reduction of -3 was temporarily, partially nullified by the lower limit of 0, it still remained in effect for later recalculation of the mana cost.

If a card's modified cost is different from its base cost, its mana cost will be displayed in a different colour:

  • if the modified cost is lower than the base cost, it will be displayed in green;
  • if the modified cost is higher than the base cost, it will be displayed in red;
  • if a card's modified cost is equal to its base cost (for example because multiple cost modifying effects cancel each other out), the colour of its mana cost will not be altered.

Cho'gall's and Seadevil Stinger's Battlecry causes the next spell or Murloc the player plays that turn to deal to their hero an amount of damage equal to the card's mana cost, instead of expending mana.

  • The mana costs of those cards are affected as usual by cost-modification effects, and thus their "Health cost" is modified accordingly.[5]
  • Despite the card's ambiguous wording, Cho'gall's and Seadevil Stinger's effect deal damage to the controlling hero, thus affecting Armor (if any) before reducing the hero's Health.
  • Playing an affected card will cost no mana. However, card text effects which consume mana (such as Forbidden Ritual) are not altered.
  • The player must be Immune or have a combined Health and Armor total greater than the final mana cost of an affected card in order to be allowed to play it (regardless of their currently available mana).[6][7] Trying to play an affected card will otherwise result in an error message.[8]
  • Cards in hand that can be played using Cho'gall's or Seadevil Stinger's effect will have their mana cost highlighted by red bubbles.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mana curve

The mana cost of a card determines which round it will become available to play, as well as which cards it can be used in combination with. The mana curve of a deck describes how many cards are present at each mana cost, and is an important factor determining options available to a player based on the amount of mana available on each turn. When building a deck, it is wise to consider whether mana costs of cards and combinations follow the desired curve.

Expert players can also use this knowledge to predict which cards may be played on certain rounds. Mind Control, for instance, generally only becomes playable from round 10 onwards, while a Leeroy Jenkins + Power Overwhelming combo is available once the warlock has 6 mana.

Cards that modify mana cost[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Mana cost/Wild format
Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Ascendant Scroll None Hero Power Mage 2
Hero Power
Add a random Mage spell to your hand. It costs (2) less. 
Tome of Origination None Hero Power Warlock 2
Hero Power
Draw a card.
It costs (0). 
Wondrous Wand None Spell Any 3
Draw 3 cards. Reduce their Costs to (0). 
Elemental Evocation Common Spell Mage 0
The next Elemental you play this turn costs (2) less. It's just lighter fluid.
Shadowstep Common Spell Rogue 0
Return a friendly minion to your hand. It costs (2) less. Rogue dance troops will sometimes Shadowstep away at the end of a performance. Crowds love it.
Helpless Hatchling Common Minion Beast Any 1 1 1
Deathrattle: Reduce the Cost of a Beast in your hand by (1). It can’t be all that helpful. Not wif dose widdle wings!
Ancient Mysteries Common Spell Mage 2
Draw a Secret from your deck. It costs (0). I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was TOTALLY aliens!
Freezing Trap Common Spell Hunter 2
Secret: When an enemy minion attacks, return it to its owner's hand and it costs (2) more. "Dang, that's cold." - appropriate response to Freezing Trap, or a mean joke.
Rebuke Common Spell Paladin 2
Enemy spells cost (5) more next turn. When one buke just isn’t enough.
Sorcerer's Apprentice Common Minion General Mage 2 3 2
Your spells cost (1) less. Apprentices are great for bossing around. "Conjure me some mana buns! And a coffee! Make that a mana coffee!"
Dread Corsair Common Minion Pirate Any 4 3 3
Taunt. Costs (1) less per Attack of your weapon. "Yarrrr" is a pirate word that means "Greetings, milord."
Summoning Portal Common Minion General Warlock 4 0 4
Your minions cost (2) less, but not less than (1). NOT LESS THAN 1! Don't get any ideas!
Venture Co. Mercenary Common Minion General Any 5 7 6
Your minions cost (3) more. No Job is too big. No fee is too big.
Candle Breath Common Spell Rogue 6
Draw 3 cards. Costs (3) less while you're holding a Dragon. "And Waxadred shall light their fires, with roaring breath hotter than pyres! Come before him, scamp and vandal, pledge your faith and lift your candle!"
Rabble Bouncer Common Minion General Any 7 2 7
Costs (1) less for each enemy minion. "Shirt? Shoes!? No service!"
Spirit of the Dead Rare Minion General Priest 1 0 3
Stealth for 1 turn.
After a friendly minion dies, shuffle a 1-Cost copy of it into your deck. Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you’re off the team.
Galvanizer Rare Minion Mech Any 2 1 2
Battlecry: Reduce the Cost of Mechs in your hand by (1). Also known as a power zinc.
Mana Wraith Rare Minion General Any 2 2 2
ALL minions cost (1) more. They come out at night to eat leftover mana crystals. "Mmmmmm," they say.
Pint-Sized Summoner Rare Minion General Any 2 2 2
The first minion you play each turn costs (1) less. She's quite jealous of the Gallon-Sized Summoner.
Waterboy Rare Minion General Any 2 2 1
Battlecry: Your next Hero Power this turn costs (0). 100% organic troll sweat.
Generous Mummy Rare Minion General Any 3 5 4
Your opponent's cards cost (1) less. Yeah, she's mummified, but her money hasn’t dried up!
Kirin Tor Mage Rare Minion General Mage 3 4 3
Battlecry: The next Secret you play this turn costs (0). The Kirin Tor reside in the floating city of Dalaran. How do you make a Dalaran float? Two scoops of ice cream, one scoop of Dalaran.
Kirin Tor Tricaster Rare Minion General Mage 4 3 3
Spell Damage +3
Your spells cost (1) more. The math checks out!
Scorch Rare Spell Mage 4
Deal 4 damage to a minion. If you played an Elemental last turn, this costs (1). The hoof.
The hoof.
The hoof is on fire.
Vendetta Rare Spell Rogue 4
Deal 4 damage to a minion. Costs (0) if you're holding a card from another class. A vengeful and vicarious vanguard against violent villains or vexed victims.
Wing Blast Rare Spell Hunter 4
Deal 4 damage to a minion. If a minion died this turn, this costs (1). Emeriss uses Wing Blast. It's super effective!
Aeroponics Rare Spell Druid 5
Draw 2 cards. Costs (2) less for each Treant you control. Good seeds can go far.
Naga Sand Witch Rare Minion General Mage 5 5 5
Battlecry: Change the Cost of spells in your hand to (5). 5 mana footlong, anyone?
Dragoncaster Rare Minion General Mage 6 4 4
Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, your next spell this turn costs (0). It’s challenging to perform magic on dragonback. It’s so easy to drop the rabbit.
Mogu Fleshshaper Rare Minion General Shaman 9 3 4
Rush. Costs (1) less for each minion on the battlefield. He's here to shape *clap* you up!
Mulchmuncher Rare Minion Mech Druid 9 8 8
Rush. Costs (1) less for each friendly Treant that died this game. The latest advancement in hippo-botany.
Grave Horror Rare Minion General Priest 12 7 8
Costs (1) less for each spell you've cast this game. Trolls can regenerate lost limbs, but this is what they do with the leftovers.
Embiggen Epic Spell Druid 0
Give all minions in your deck +2/+2. They cost (1) more (up to 10)Did you set it to "wumbo?"
Preparation Epic Spell Rogue 0
The next spell you cast this turn costs (2) less. "Be Prepared" - Rogue Motto
Dwarven Archaeologist Epic Minion General Any 2 2 3
After you Discover a card, reduce its cost by (1). She's making great progress on paying off that advanced degree.
Blowtorch Saboteur Epic Minion General Any 3 3 4
Battlecry: Your opponent's next Hero Power costs (3). Before he came along, we went through a lot of duct tape.
Far Sight Epic Spell Shaman 3
Draw a card. That card costs (3) less. Drek'thar can't see, but he can see. You know what I mean? It's ok if you don't.
Haunting Visions Epic Spell Shaman 3
The next spell you cast this turn costs 3 less. Discover a spell. When you're awake at 3 AM and can't stop thinking about that time you called your teacher "mom."
Academic Espionage Epic Spell Rogue 4
Shuffle 10 cards from your opponent's class into your deck. They cost (1). The tenth Pyroblast really felt like overkill.
Fate Weaver Epic Minion Dragon Priest 4 3 6
Battlecry: If you've Invoked twice, reduce the Cost of cards in your hand by (1). Do not draw the attention of a Fate Weaver, for it will always loom over your destiny.
Prismatic Lens Epic Spell Paladin 4
Draw a minion and a spell from your deck. Swap their Costs. Mined exclusively from the dark side of the moon.
Waggle Pick Epic Weapon Rogue 4 4 2
Deathrattle: Return a random friendly minion to your hand. It costs (2) less. Kobolds informally refer to its effect as a deathwaggle.
Anubisath Defender Epic Minion General Druid 5 3 5
Taunt. Costs (0) if you've cast a spell that costs (5) or more this turn. Also comes running when he hears a can opener.
Reckless Experimenter Epic Minion General Priest 5 4 6
Deathrattle minions you play cost (3) less, but die at the end of the turn. (Cost can't be reduced below 1.) It's hard to call her reckless when it's clear she knows what she's doing.
Tentacled Menace Epic Minion General Any 5 6 5
Battlecry: Each player draws a card. Swap their Costs. He calls this one the "Calamari Special."
Scarlet Webweaver Epic Minion Beast Hunter 6 5 5
Battlecry: Reduce the Cost of a random Beast in your hand by (5). Isn't that nice? The spider made the explorer a sleeping bag!
Dreampetal Florist Epic Minion General Druid 7 4 4
At the end of your turn, reduce the Cost of a random minion in your hand by (7). Unlike gnomes, dreampetals grow more than 3 feet tall.
Gurubashi Hypemon Epic Minion General Rogue 7 5 7
Battlecry: Discover a 1/1 copy of a Battlecry minion. It costs (1). Throw your hands in the air! They cost (1).
Mana Giant Epic Minion Elemental Mage 8 8 8
Costs (1) less for each card you've played this game that didn't start in your deck. Spell more and save more with a GIANT discount!
Jumbo Imp Epic Minion Demon Warlock 10 8 8
Costs (1) less whenever a friendly Demon dies while this is in your hand. Jumbo in size! Huge in E.V.I.L.!
Sea Giant Epic Minion General Any 10 8 8
Costs (1) less for each other minion on the battlefield. See? Giant.
Mountain Giant Epic Minion Elemental Any 12 8 8
Costs (1) less for each other card in your hand. His mother said that he was just big boned.
Millhouse Manastorm Legendary Minion General Any 2 4 4
Battlecry: Enemy spells cost (0) next turn. "I'm gonna light you up, sweetcheeks!"
Flobbidinous Floop Legendary Minion General Druid 4 3 4
While in your hand, this is a 3/4 copy of the last minion you played. Of all the scientists, he has the most knowledge (when measured in volume).
Frizz Kindleroost Legendary Minion General Any 4 5 4
Battlecry: Reduce the Cost of Dragons in your deck by (2). Frizz knows that baby dragons need warmth, care, and the highest possible level of goblin engineering.
Scargil Legendary Minion Murloc Shaman 4 4 4
Your Murlocs cost (1). Wanna know how he got those scars? So does he.
Anka, the Buried Legendary Minion General Rogue 5 5 5
Battlecry: Change each Deathrattle minion in your hand into a 1/1 that costs (1). "You look familiar. Were you at my first funeral?"
Bandersmosh Legendary Minion General Shaman 5 5 5
Each turn this is in your hand, transform it into a 5/5 copy of a random Legendary minion. The Shudderwock finds him particularly frumious.
Duskfallen Aviana Legendary Minion General Druid 5 3 7
The first card each player plays each turn costs (0). Someone called her "Tweety". She didn't take it well.
Galakrond, Azeroth's End Legendary Hero card Rogue 7
Battlecry: Draw 4 cards. They cost (0). Equip a 5/2 Claw. 
Galakrond, the Apocalypse Legendary Hero card Rogue 7
Battlecry: Draw 2 card. They costs (0).
(Invoke twice to upgrade.) 
Galakrond, the Nightmare Legendary Hero card Rogue 7
Battlecry: Draw 1 card. It costs (0).
(Invoke twice to upgrade.) The enormous creature unfurled terrifying claws dripping with poisonous ichor. King Togwaggle was pleased, but inwardly disappointed the great Nightmare refused to wear the candle.
Luna's Pocket Galaxy Legendary Spell Mage 7
Change the Cost of minions in your deck to (1). Luna became head of the astronomy department when her boss invented the Pocket Black Hole.
Jepetto Joybuzz Legendary Minion General Any 8 6 6
Battlecry: Draw 2 minions from your deck. Set their Attack, Health, and Cost to 1. "I'm a real toy now!"
Splintergraft Legendary Minion General Druid 8 8 8
Battlecry: Choose a friendly minion. Add a 10/10 copy to your hand that costs (10). We're going to need some bigger tweezers.
Dragonqueen Alexstrasza Legendary Minion Dragon Any 9 8 8
Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, add 2 random Dragons to your hand. They cost (0). Givin' lives and takin' names.
Kalecgos Legendary Minion Dragon Mage 10 4 12
Your first spell each turn costs (0).
Battlecry: Discover a spell. He was once the Aspect of Magic but gave it up to focus on cheap tricks.
Shirvallah, the Tiger Legendary Minion Beast Paladin 25 7 5
Divine Shield, Rush, Lifesteal
Costs (1) less for each Mana you've spent on spells. On bended knee Thekal placed his weapon upon Shirvallah’s altar, whereupon she slowly knocked it off with her paw.
Showing all 68 cards

Cost-modifying effects can be categorized by which entities they affect.

Hero Powers[edit | edit source]

Blowtorch Saboteur(151378).png

Cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards have effects that modify the cost of other cards.

Elemental Evocation(90232).png
Helpless Hatchling(90273).png
Spirit of the Dead(90168).png
Ascendant Scroll(90706).png
Dwarven Archaeologist(90828).png
Freezing Trap(99).png
Mana Wraith(197).png
Millhouse Manastorm(339).png
Pint-Sized Summoner(54).png
Sorcerer's Apprentice(4).png
Tome of Origination(90699).png
Far Sight(107).png
Generous Mummy(90761).png
Haunting Visions(90208).png
Kirin Tor Mage(411).png
Wondrous Wand(73347).png
Academic Espionage(89859).png
Fate Weaver(127297).png
Kirin Tor Tricaster(90641).png
Prismatic Lens(89893).png
Summoning Portal(566).png
Waggle Pick(90631).png
Anka, the Buried(90741).png
Duskfallen Aviana(89385).png
Naga Sand Witch(90820).png
Tentacled Menace(151366).png
Venture Co. Mercenary(509).png
Scarlet Webweaver(90732).png
Dreampetal Florist(89880).png
Galakrond, Azeroth's End(151535).png
Galakrond, the Apocalypse(151534).png
Galakrond, the Nightmare(127266).png
Gurubashi Hypemon(90195).png
Luna's Pocket Galaxy(89888).png
Dragonqueen Alexstrasza(151349).png

Self[edit | edit source]

The following cards modify their own mana cost while in hand. Most act on an ongoing basis based on current game conditions or history, but Nerubian Prophet and Knight of the Wild accumulate enchantments on themselves in response to game events that occur while in hand.

Dread Corsair(261).png
Wing Blast(89387).png
Anubisath Defender(90771).png
Candle Breath(127290).png
Rabble Bouncer(90203).png
Mana Giant(151419).png
Mogu Fleshshaper(90836).png
Jumbo Imp(90640).png
Sea Giant(614).png
Grave Horror(90186).png
Mountain Giant(264).png
Shirvallah, the Tiger(90145).png

Descent of Dragons

The below cards are planned for release with Descent of Dragons, coming December 10, 2019.

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Waxmancy Common Spell Rogue 2
Discover a Battlecry minion. Reduce its Cost by (2). The waxmancer works with flame and form, giving shape to figures warm. Some think he's a crazy creeper, but crafting minions is simply cheaper.
Boompistol Bully Epic Minion General Any 5 5 5
Battlecry: Enemy Battlecry cards cost (5) more next turn. Preventing insults with injuries.
Showing all 2 cards
Boompistol Bully(184983).png

Related cards[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Mana cost/Wild format
Cost-affected cards

The following cards consider the mana cost of other existing cards to determine their effects.

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Witchy Lackey None Minion General Any 1 1 1
Battlecry: Transform a friendly minion into one that costs (1) more. 
Mutate Common Spell Shaman 0
Transform a friendly minion into a random one that costs (1) more. You'll get the transformation you want when murlocs fly.
Spirit of the Tiger Rare Minion General Paladin 4 0 3
Stealth for 1 turn.
Whenever you cast a spell, summon a Tiger with stats equal to its Cost. Less of a cantrip and more of a cat-nip.
Holy Wrath Rare Spell Paladin 5
Draw a card and deal damage equal to its cost. C'mon Molten Giant!!
Showing all 4 cards
Witchy Lackey(91023).png
Spirit of the Tiger(90188).png
Holy Wrath(355).png
Cost-specifying cards

The following cards only affect those existing cards which meet a specified cost-based criteria.

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Juicy Psychmelon Epic Spell Druid 4
Draw a 7, 8, 9, and 10-Cost minion from your deck. It's not juicy at all. IT'S JUST MESSING WITH YOUR HEAD.
Showing the only card
Juicy Psychmelon(89867).png
Cost-listing cards

The following cards generate their random outcomes by considering all collectible cards that meet a specified cost-based criteria.

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Golden Scarab Common Minion Beast Any 3 2 2
Battlecry: Discover a 4-Cost card. Who actually puts all the gold plating on these things, and why?
Ravencaller Common Minion General Any 3 2 1
Battlecry: Add two random 1-Cost minions to your hand. That Friends and Familiars Plan is really paying off!
Vex Crow Common Minion Beast Mage 4 3 3
Whenever you cast a spell, summon a random 2-Cost minion. As birds of ill omen, these crows often summon Doomsayers.
Dark Prophecy Rare Spell Priest 3
Discover a 2-Cost minion. Summon it and give it +3 Health. It's always a dark prophecy with Madame Lazul. Where's my happy, fluffy prophecy?!
Cobalt Spellkin Rare Minion Dragon Any 5 3 5
Battlecry: Add two 1-Cost spells from your class to your hand. Spews more spells than a sleep-talking wizard.
Exotic Mountseller Rare Minion General Any 7 5 8
Whenever you cast a spell, summon a random 3-Cost Beast. *Taps roof of mammoth* "You can fit so many squirrels in this thing!"
A New Challenger... Epic Spell Paladin 7
Discover a 6-Cost minion. Summon it with Taunt and Divine Shield… Arrives? Approaches? TELL US ALREADY!
Showing all 7 cards
Dark Prophecy.png
Golden Scarab(90811).png
Vex Crow(89365).png
Cobalt Spellkin(151371).png
A New Challenger...(90173).png
Exotic Mountseller(90623).png

See also[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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