Corrosive Sludge

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Corrosive Sludge
Corrosive Sludge(77002).png
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Corrosive Sludge(77002) Gold.png
Set: Kobolds and Catacombs
Type: Minion
Rarity: Common
Cost: 5
Attack: 5
Health: 5
Abilities: Battlecry, Destroy
Tags: Weapon-related
Artist: Luca Zontini

Battlecry: Destroy your opponent's weapon.

The result of centuries of terrible sanitation.

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Corrosive Sludge is a common neutral minion card, from the Kobolds & Catacombs set.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Corrosive Sludge can be obtained through Kobolds & Catacombs card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Corrosive Sludge 40 5
Golden Corrosive Sludge 400 50

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Corrosive Sludge is basically a bigger and a more expensive Acidic Swamp Ooze. The mana cost is far more restrictive and the body is slightly understatted for the cost. It also compares unfavourably to Harrison Jones, who provides a similar body and a powerful effect for the same cost, as well as Gluttonous Ooze, which is cheaper and has an extra effect. As such, Corrosive Sludge is the weakest form of hard weapon removal should only be considered if the meta is extremely weapon-reliant.

Players with smaller collections can use Corrosive Sludge as a viable replacement for Harrison Jones, since, as a Common, it costs far less to craft than Harrison or Gluttonous Ooze.

Having decent stats for its mana cost of 5, Corrosive Sludge is a good pick for Arena.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Corrosive Sludge, full art

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