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This page lists all choice cards available in Wild format.

For more information on choice cards, and card lists for Standard format, see Choice card.

Choice cards[edit | edit source]

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Ancient Secrets None Spell Druid
Restore 5 Health. 
Ancient Teachings None Spell Druid
Draw 2 cards. 
Attack Mode None Spell Druid
+1 Attack. 
Demigod's Favor None Spell Druid
Give your other minions +2/+2. 
Dispel None Spell Druid
Silence a minion. 
Forgotten Armor None Spell Druid
Gain 10 Armor. 
Gift of Cards None Spell Druid
Each player draws a card. 
Gift of Mana None Spell Druid
Give each player a Mana Crystal. 
Moonfire None Spell Druid
Deal 2 damage. 
Rooted None Spell Druid
+5 Health and Taunt
Tank Mode None Spell Druid
+1 Health. 
Uproot None Spell Druid
+5 Attack. 
Crackling Shield None Spell Any 0
Divine Shield 
Defensive Posture None Spell Druid 0
+2 Armor. 
Dire Panther Form None Spell Druid 0
+2 Attack and Rush 
Dire Wolf Form None Spell Druid 0
+2 Health and Taunt 
Eat the Mushroom None Spell Any 0
Draw a card. 
Explore the Darkness None Spell Any 0
Give your minions +1 Attack. 
Flaming Claws None Spell Any 0
+3 Attack 
Focused Burst None Spell Druid 0
Gain +2/+2. 
Forgotten Mana None Spell Druid 0
Refresh your Mana Crystals. 
Gonk's Resilience None Spell Druid 0
Give a minion +2/+4 and Taunt. 
Healing Totem None Minion General Shaman 0 2
At the end of your turn, restore 1 Health to all friendly minions. 
Invocation of Air None Spell Shaman 0
Deal 3 damage to all enemy minions. 
Invocation of Earth None Spell Shaman 0
Fill your board with 1/1 Elementals. 
Invocation of Fire None Spell Shaman 0
Deal 6 damage to the enemy hero. 
Invocation of Water None Spell Shaman 0
Restore 12 Health to your hero. 
Lightning Speed None Spell Any 0
Liquid Membrane None Spell Any 0
Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers. 
Living Spores None Spell Any 0
Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants. 
Loot the Chest None Spell Any 0
Gain 6 Armor. 
Massive None Spell Any 0
New Growth None Spell Druid 0
Summon two 2/2 Treants. 
Offensive Posture None Spell Druid 0
+2 Attack. 
Old Growth None Spell Druid 0
Give your other minions +1/+1. 
Poison Spit None Spell Any 0
Raptor Pack None Spell Druid 0
Summon two 3/2 Raptors. 
Rocky Carapace None Spell Any 0
+3 Health 
Scarab Form None Spell Druid 0
+3 Health and Taunt
Scarab Plague None Spell Druid 0
Summon two 1/5 Scarabs with Taunt
Scarab Shell None Spell Druid 0
+3 Armor. 
Searing Totem None Minion General Shaman 0 1 1
Shrouding Mist None Spell Any 0
Stealth until your next turn 
Spider Fangs None Spell Druid 0
+3 Attack. 
Spider Form None Spell Druid 0
Spider Plague None Spell Druid 0
Summon two 1/2 Spiders with Poisonous
Stoneclaw Totem None Minion General Shaman 0 2
Volcanic Might None Spell Any 0
Wrath of Air Totem None Minion General Shaman 0 2
Spell Damage +1 
Awakened None Spell Druid 1
Discover a spell. 
Break Free None Spell Druid 1
Discover a minion. 
Cut from Jade None Spell Druid 1
Summon a Jade Golem. 
Felbloom None Spell 1
Goldthorn None Spell 1
Grasping Roots None Spell Any 1
Deal 2 damage. 
Heart of Fire None Spell 1
Icecap None Spell 1
Ichor of Undeath None Spell 1
Jade Stash None Spell Druid 1
Shuffle 3 Jade Idols into your deck. 
Kingsblood None Spell 1
Lesser Potion None Spell 1
Create a 1-Cost spell. 
Netherbloom None Spell 1
One, Two, Trees! None Spell Any 1
Summon two 1/1 Saplings. 
Shadow Oil None Spell 1
Stonescale Oil None Spell 1
Leader of the Pack None Spell Druid 2
Give your minions +1/+1. 
Nature's Wrath None Spell Druid 2
Deal 1 damage to a minion. Draw a card. 
Solar Wrath None Spell Druid 2
Deal 3 damage to a minion. 
Summon a Panther None Spell Druid 2
Summon a 3/2 Panther. 
Thick Hide None Spell Druid 3
+4 Health and Taunt
Tiger's Fury None Spell Druid 3
+4 Attack. 
Felbloom None Spell 5
Goldthorn None Spell 5
Greater Potion None Spell 5
Create a 5-Cost spell. 
Heart of Fire None Spell 5
Icecap None Spell 5
Ichor of Undeath None Spell 5
Kingsblood None Spell 5
Mystic Wool None Spell 5
Netherbloom None Spell 5
Shadow Oil None Spell 5
Starlord None Spell Druid 5
Deal 5 damage to a minion. 
Stellar Drift None Spell Druid 5
Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions. 
Stonescale Oil None Spell 5
Befriend the Ancient None Spell Druid 6
Summon a 6/6 Ancient with Taunt
Call the Guardians None Spell Druid 6
+5/+5 and Taunt
Drink the Water None Spell Druid 6
Restore 12 Health. 
Enrich None Spell Druid 6
Draw 3 cards. 
Nature's Defense None Spell Druid 6
Summon 5 Wisps. 
Rampant Growth None Spell Druid 6
Gain 2 Mana Crystals. 
Felbloom None Spell 10
Goldthorn None Spell 10
Heart of Fire None Spell 10
Icecap None Spell 10
Ichor of Undeath None Spell 10
Kingsblood None Spell 10
Mystic Wool None Spell 10
Netherbloom None Spell 10
Shadow Oil None Spell 10
Stonescale Oil None Spell 10
Superior Potion None Spell 10
Create a 10-Cost spell. 
Mystery Choice! Uncollectable Spell Any
Add a random spell to your hand. 
Siamat's Heart Uncollectable Spell Any
Give Siamat Taunt. 
Siamat's Shield Uncollectable Spell Any
Give Siamat Divine Shield. 
Siamat's Speed Uncollectable Spell Any
Give Siamat Rush. 
Siamat's Wind Uncollectable Spell Any
Give Siamat Windfury. 
Divide and Conquer Uncollectable Spell Druid 0
Summon a copy of this minion. 
Bear Form Common Spell Druid
+2 Health and Taunt
Cat Form Common Spell Druid
Direhorn Form Common Spell Druid
+2 Health and Taunt 
Fire Hawk Form Common Spell Druid
Transform into a 2/5 minion. 
Firecat Form Common Spell Druid
Transform into a 5/2 minion. 
Raptor Form Common Spell Druid
+2 Attack and Stealth 
Shan'do's Lesson Common Spell Druid
Summon two 2/2 Treants with Taunt
Evolve Scales Common Spell Druid 0
Gain 8 Armor. 
Evolve Spines Common Spell Druid 0
Give your hero +4 Attack this turn. 
Lion Form Common Spell Druid 0
Panther Form Common Spell Druid 0
+1/+1 and Stealth 
Y'Shaarj's Strength Rare Spell Druid 0
Summon a 2/2 Slime. 
Yogg-Saron's Magic Rare Spell Druid 0
Gain an empty Mana Crystal. 
Big Wisps Epic Spell Druid 0
Give your minions +2/+2. 
Many Wisps Epic Spell Druid 0
Summon seven 1/1 Wisps. 
Ankylodon Legendary Minion Beast Druid 3 1 6
Pterrordax Legendary Minion Beast Druid 3 1 4
Spell Damage +1 
Ravasaur Legendary Minion Beast Druid 3 1 2
Poisonous, Stealth 
Sabertusk Legendary Minion Beast Druid 3 4 2
Showing all 126 cards
Ancient Secrets(243).png
Ancient Teachings(517).png
Attack Mode(12328).png
Bear Form(662).png
Cat Form(287).png
Demigod's Favor(358).png
Direhorn Form(55675).png
Fire Hawk Form(14644).png
Firecat Form(14643).png
Forgotten Armor(49769).png
Gift of Cards(12333).png
Gift of Mana(12332).png
Mystery Choice!(92251).png
Raptor Form(55674).png
Shan'do's Lesson(159).png
Siamat's Heart(92243).png
Siamat's Shield(92242).png
Siamat's Speed(92244).png
Siamat's Wind(92241).png
Tank Mode(12330).png
Big Wisps(35314).png
Crackling Shield(52590).png
Defensive Posture(92814).png
Dire Panther Form(89482).png
Dire Wolf Form(89483).png
Divide and Conquer(92267).png
Eat the Mushroom(76875).png
Evolve Scales(35281).png
Evolve Spines(35280).png
Explore the Darkness(76876).png
Flaming Claws(52589).png
Focused Burst(92265).png
Forgotten Mana(49770).png
Gonk's Resilience(90299).png
Healing Totem(22490).png
Invocation of Air(55477).png
Invocation of Earth(55476).png
Invocation of Fire(55475).png
Invocation of Water(55474).png
Lightning Speed(52593).png
Lion Form(22443).png
Liquid Membrane(52587).png
Living Spores(52591).png
Loot the Chest(76877).png
Many Wisps(35313).png
New Growth(89955).png
Offensive Posture(92815).png
Old Growth(89954).png
Panther Form(22444).png
Poison Spit(52596).png
Raptor Pack(90300).png
Rocky Carapace(52597).png
Scarab Form(62915).png
Scarab Plague(62910).png
Scarab Shell(62912).png
Searing Totem(22491).png
Shrouding Mist(52598).png
Spider Fangs(62911).png
Spider Form(62914).png
Spider Plague(62909).png
Stoneclaw Totem(22492).png
Volcanic Might(52599).png
Wrath of Air Totem(22493).png
Y'Shaarj's Strength(35318).png
Yogg-Saron's Magic(35320).png
Break Free(27505).png
Cut from Jade(49782).png
Grasping Roots(22437).png
Heart of Fire(49809).png
Ichor of Undeath(49825).png
Jade Stash(49783).png
Lesser Potion(49800).png
One, Two, Trees!(22438).png
Shadow Oil(49832).png
Stonescale Oil(49820).png
Leader of the Pack(204).png
Nature's Wrath(501).png
Solar Wrath(234).png
Summon a Panther(219).png
Thick Hide(133).png
Tiger's Fury(430).png
Greater Potion(49801).png
Heart of Fire(49805).png
Ichor of Undeath(49826).png
Mystic Wool(49811).png
Shadow Oil(49813).png
Stellar Drift(653).png
Stonescale Oil(49806).png
Befriend the Ancient(90730).png
Call the Guardians(12335).png
Drink the Water(90729).png
Nature's Defense(12336).png
Rampant Growth(58).png
Heart of Fire(49815).png
Ichor of Undeath(49827).png
Mystic Wool(49819).png
Shadow Oil(49822).png
Stonescale Oil(49816).png
Superior Potion(49802).png

Descent of Dragons

The below cards are planned for release with Descent of Dragons, coming December 10, 2019.

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Malygos's Frostbolt None Spell Mage 0
Deal 3 damage to a character and Freeze it. 
Draconic Lackey None Minion General Any 1 1 1
Battlecry: Discover a Dragon. 
Malygos's Missiles None Spell Mage 1
Deal 6 damage randomly split among all enemies. 
Malygos's Nova None Spell Mage 1
Freeze all enemy minions. 
Malygos's Polymorph None Spell Mage 1
Transform a minion into a 1/1 Sheep. 
Malygos's Sheep None Minion Beast Mage 1 1 1
Malygos's Tome None Spell Mage 1
Add 3 random Mage spells to your hand. 
Galakrond's Guile None Hero Power Rogue 2
Hero Power
Add a Lackey to your hand. 
Galakrond's Malice None Hero Power Warlock 2
Hero Power
Summon two 1/1 Imps. 
Galakrond's Wit None Hero Power Priest 2
Hero Power
Add a random Priest minion to your hand. 
Malygos's Explosion None Spell Mage 2
Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions. 
Malygos's Intellect None Spell Mage 3
Draw 4 cards. 
Malygos's Fireball None Spell Mage 4
Deal 8 damage. 
Waxadred's Candle None Spell Rogue 5
Casts When Drawn
Summon Waxadred. 
Draconic Emissary None Minion Dragon Mage 6 6 6
Malygos's Flamestrike None Spell Mage 7
Deal 8 damage to all enemy minions. 
Dream Portal None Spell Druid 9
Casts When Drawn
Summon a random Dragon. 
Dwarven Sharpshooter Common Minion General Hunter 1 1 3
Your Hero Power can target minions. Scissors, knives, needles, you name it! He'll shoot it.
Learn Draconic Common Spell Mage 1
Sidequest: Spend 8 Mana on spells. Reward: Summon a 6/6 Dragon. Upon taking up the spellbook, Reno realized with a start: "I can't read."
Praise Galakrond! Common Spell Rogue 1
Give a minion +1 Attack. Invoke Galakrond. "Turn to Galakrond, Chapter 3 Verse 12. 'SNARL! ROAR! GRAAAAGH!' Let us reflect on this wisdom."
Sand Breath Common Spell Paladin 1
Give a minion +1/+2. Give it Divine Shield if you're holding a Dragon. After Uldum, EVERYONE had sand breath.
Corrosive Breath Common Spell Hunter 2
Deal 3 damage to a minion. If you're holding a Dragon, it also hits the enemy hero. It's a breath of fresh terror!
Fiendish Rites Common Spell Warlock 3
Invoke Galakrond. Give your minions +1 Attack. "You have the right to sacrifice an ally. If you do not have an ally, then one will be sacrificed for you."
Primordial Explorer Common Minion Dragon Hunter 3 2 3
Poisonous Battlecry: Discover a Dragon. "We're letting the poisonous dude carry the bags?"
Azure Explorer Common Minion Dragon Mage 4 2 3
Spell Damage +2 Battlecry: Discover a Dragon. Has an appetite for knowledge!
Devoted Maniac Common Minion General Any 4 2 2
Rush Battlecry: Invoke Galakrond. There are plenty of apathetic maniacs, but they couldn't be bothered.
Shield of Galakrond Common Minion General Any 5 4 5
Battlecry: Invoke Galakrond. Realistically, she's the shield for Galakrond's big toe.
Candle Breath Common Spell Rogue 6
Draw 3 cards. Costs (3) less while you're holding a Dragon. "And Waxadred shall light their fires, with roaring breath hotter than pyres! Come before him, scamp and vandal, pledge your faith and lift your candle!"
Emerald Explorer Common Minion Dragon Druid 6 4 8
Taunt Battlecry: Discover a Dragon. Make it a double dragon!
Evasive Drakonid Common Minion Dragon Any 7 7 7
Taunt. Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers. Doesn't respond to spells, hero powers, calls, or text messages.
Twin Tyrant Common Minion Dragon Any 8 4 10
Battlecry: Deal 4 damage to two random enemy minions. They can never agree on whether it's too hot or too cold.
Dragon's Hoard Rare Spell Rogue 1
Discover a Legendary minion from another class. 
Breath of Dreams Rare Spell Druid 2
Draw a card. If you're holding a Dragon, gain an empty Mana Crystal. Ysera has the worst morning breath.
Phase Stalker Rare Minion Beast Hunter 2 2 3
After you use your Hero Power, cast a Secret from your deck. It's not just a phase! I don't have to tell you anything! GAWSH!
Dragonblight Cultist Rare Minion General Warlock 3 1 1
Battlecry: Invoke Galakrond. Gain +1 Attack for each other friendly minion. Galakrond would be extra mad if he was resurrected with gnaw marks on his bones.
Lightning Breath Rare Spell Shaman 3
Deal 4 damage to a minion. If you're holding a Dragon, also damage its neighbors. Recipe: One dragon, four wool socks, thick shag carpet.
Seal Fate Rare Spell Rogue 3
Deal 3 damage to an undamaged character. Invoke Galakrond. Firmly press the seal of your fates instead of leaving the flap open.
Molten Breath Rare Spell Warrior 4
Deal 5 damage to a minion. If you're holding a Dragon, gain 5 Armor. 
Time Rip Rare Spell Priest 5
Destroy a minion. Invoke Galakrond. "It's time. R.I.P."
Toxic Reinforcements Epic Spell Hunter 1
Sidequest: Use your Hero Power three times. Reward: Summon three 1/1 Leper Gnomes. In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, a slingshot will be deployed for convenient evacuation.
Fate Weaver Epic Minion Dragon Priest 4 3 6
Battlecry: If you've Invoked twice, reduce the Cost of cards in your hand by (1). Do not draw the attention of a Fate Weaver, for it will always loom over your destiny.
Umbral Skulker Epic Minion General Rogue 4 3 3
Battlecry: If you've Invoked twice, add 3 Coins to your hand. "Three gold?! Do you have any idea how long this quest chain was?"
Veiled Worshipper Epic Minion General Warlock 4 5 4
Battlecry: If you've Invoke twice, draw 3 cards. If you're not wearing your regulation cultist clothing, how will Galakrond know to devour you last?
Dragonbane Legendary Minion Mech Hunter 4 3 5
After you use your Hero Power, deal 5 damage to a random enemy. *Thunk* "That wasn’t a dragon!" *Thunk* "THAT wasn’t a dragon!"
Nozdormu the Timeless Legendary Minion Dragon Paladin 4 8 8
Battlecry: Set each player to 10 Mana Crystals. Time is mana!
Malygos, Aspect of Magic Legendary Minion Dragon Mage 5 2 8
Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, Discover an upgraded Mage spell. It's official. We can say Malygeese.
Waxadred Legendary Minion Dragon Rogue 5 7 5
Deathrattle: Shuffle a Candle into your deck that resummons Waxadred when drawn. Waxadred the dragon fought for his king, frolicking through the fields melting everything!
Galakrond, Azeroth's End Legendary Hero card Priest 7
Battlecry: Destroy 4 random enemy minions. Equip a 5/2 Claw. 
Galakrond, Azeroth's End Legendary Hero card Warlock 7
Battlecry: Summon 4 random Demons. Equip a 5/2 Claw. 
Galakrond, Azeroth's End Legendary Hero card Rogue 7
Battlecry: Draw 4 cards. They cost (0). Equip a 5/2 Claw. 
Galakrond, the Apocalypse Legendary Hero card Rogue 7
Battlecry: Draw 2 card. They costs (0).
(Invoke twice to upgrade.) 
Galakrond, the Nightmare Legendary Hero card Rogue 7
Battlecry: Draw 1 card. It costs (0).
(Invoke twice to upgrade.) The enormous creature unfurled terrifying claws dripping with poisonous ichor. King Togwaggle was pleased, but inwardly disappointed the great Nightmare refused to wear the candle.
Galakrond, the Unspeakable Legendary Hero card Priest 7
Battlecry: Destroy 1 random enemy minion. (Invoke twice to upgrade.) Lazul called Galakrond's name, her voice echoed by whispers from the deep. Both of Galakrond's eyes opened... and then other eyes opened, as well.
Galakrond, the Wretched Legendary Hero card Warlock 7
Battlecry: Summon 1 random demon. It costs (0). (Invoke twice to upgrade.) Fel-flames slowly writhed around the skeleton, until the great bones knit themselves together into a demonic monstrosity. Rafaam shielded his face from the heat but could not hide his grin.
Deathwing, Mad Aspect Legendary Minion Dragon Warrior 8 12
Battlecry: Attack ALL other minions. Bite that one, bite that other one, claw this one, swallow that one whole....
Ysera, Unleashed Legendary Minion Dragon Druid 9 4 12
Battlecry: Shuffle 7 Dream Portals into your deck. When drawn, summon a random Dragon. Releash the Dragon!
Showing all 56 cards
Malygos's Frostbolt(127307).png
Draconic Lackey(127270).png
Dragon's Hoard(127303).png
Dwarven Sharpshooter(127274).png
Learn Draconic(127286).png
Malygos's Missiles(127309).png
Malygos's Nova(127310).png
Malygos's Polymorph(127311).png
Malygos's Sheep.png
Malygos's Tome(127312).png
Praise Galakrond!(127280).png
Sand Breath(127291).png
Toxic Reinforcements(127298).png
Breath of Dreams(127269).png
Corrosive Breath(127289).png
Galakrond's Guile(127285).png
Galakrond's Malice(127284).png
Galakrond's Wit(127304).png
Malygos's Explosion(127265).png
Phase Stalker(127273).png
Dragonblight Cultist(127281).png
Fiendish Rites(127279).png
Lightning Breath(127263).png
Malygos's Intellect(127308).png
Primordial Explorer(127295).png
Seal Fate(127267).png
Azure Explorer(127296).png
Devoted Maniac(127300).png
Fate Weaver(127297).png
Malygos's Fireball(127305).png
Molten Breath(127302).png
Nozdormu the Timeless(127301).png
Umbral Skulker(127277).png
Veiled Worshipper(127276).png
Malygos, Aspect of Magic(127294).png
Shield of Galakrond(127268).png
Time Rip(127299).png
Waxadred's Candle(135315).png
Candle Breath(127290).png
Draconic Emissary.png
Emerald Explorer(127272).png
Evasive Drakonid(127278).png
Galakrond, Azeroth's End (Rogue).png
Unknown Card.png
Unknown Card.png
Galakrond, the Apocalypse (Rogue).png
Galakrond, the Nightmare(127266).png
Galakrond, the Unspeakable(127288).png
Galakrond, the Wretched(127283).png
Malygos's Flamestrike(127306).png
Deathwing, Mad Aspect(127293).png
Twin Tyrant(127275).png
Dream Portal(127282).png
Ysera, Unleashed(127264).png