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Chenvaala (boss)

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Descent of Dragons Galakrond's Awakening logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Galakrond's Awakening adventure.



Set: Galakrond's Awakening
Type: Hero
Class: Mage
Health: 30
Armor: 30 Armor.png (Heroic)
Artist: James Ryman

Meanwhile, Lazul is unearthing ancient horrors to thwart her foes
Madame Lazul tamed this elemental. Can you?

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Chenvaala (encounter) redirects here.
For the minion card in Descent of Dragons, see Chenvaala.

Chenvaala is a boss encounter in Galakrond's Awakening adventure. It is the second encounter of Chapter 1 of E.V.I.L. campaign: Battle for the Frozen Coast.

The boss for this encounter is Chenvaala, while the hero the player controls in Story mode is Puppetmaster Lazul.

Boss Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Story Heroic

Boss special cards[edit | edit source]

From Hero Power
Snow Elemental(184840).png
Dragonslayer Skruk(184841).png

Boss decks[edit | edit source]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Story Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Mage Icicle 2 Mage Ray of Frost 2
Snap Freeze 2 Snap Freeze 2
Snowchugger 2 Snowchugger 2
Coldwraith 2 Coldwraith 2
Frost Nova 1 Frost Nova 2
Frozen Clone 1 Cone of Cold 2
Cone of Cold 1 Water Elemental 2
Water Elemental 2 Cryomancer 1
Animated Avalanche 1 Blizzard 2
Shaman Ancestral Knowledge 2 Animated Avalanche 2
Ice Breaker 2 Shaman Avalanche 1
Avalanche 1 Moorabi 1
Moorabi 1 Neutral Glacial Shard 1
Snowfury Giant 2 Living Dragonbreath 2
Neutral Glacial Shard 1 Ice Cream Peddler 2
Living Dragonbreath 1 Hailbringer 2
Hailbringer 2 Frozen Crusher 2
Frost Elemental 1
Frozen Crusher 2
Frost Giant 1

Story mode[edit | edit source]

Player's hero[edit | edit source]

Puppetmaster Lazul(184757).png

Player's special cards[edit | edit source]


Player's decks[edit | edit source]

Class Card Quantity
Boss Puppeteer 2
Priest Forbidden Words 2
Whispers of EVIL 2
Envoy of Lazul 2
Grandmummy 2
Shadow Ascendant 2
Shadow Visions 2
Shadow Word: Pain 2
Dark Cultist 2
Dark Prophecy 2
Mindflayer Kaahrj 1
Mirage Caller 2
Shadow Word: Death 2
Shifting Shade 1
Convincing Infiltrator 2
Vol'jin 1
Herald Volazj 1

Special rules and triggers[edit | edit source]

For general rules, see Galakrond's Awakening#Rules.
  • The boss starts with a Dragonslayer Skruk in dormant state.
  • After Chenvaala gets lethal, Skruk is no longer frozen and dormant. Then, Chenvaala dies and the player wins their battle.
  • Player's Coldwraith's Battlecry condition counts Dragonslayer Skruk.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There is no special rule of this encounter in Heroic mode.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Please add any available information to this section.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Eye of the Storm(184664).png

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Story mode[edit | edit source]

Before encounter

Lazul. There are monstrosities hidden in the snow. Unleash them!


Puppetmaster Lazul
Rise up from de ice… unleash your power!
Chenvaala will not obey…

Turn 1

Puppetmaster Lazul
You can try to resist… your power will be mine…

Turn 2

Puppetmaster Lazul
And this dragonslayer… he shall be useful as well!
The Dragonslayer cannot be stopped… do not awaken him!

Turn 4

Puppetmaster Lazul
I tire of this snowball fight… let us finish this quickly.

Player's Puppeteer

Our power is not yours to wield.


Dragonslayer Skruk
Skruk is awake! Time… to slay… dragons!!!
Puppetmaster Lazul
Rafaam will be pleased. Now let us raise something else…

Chenvaala[edit | edit source]

Chenvaala, full art

Introduction in Heroic mode

The frost… will take you….

Hero Power

From frost, we rise!
We are all around you.
This will be your grave…

Emote Response

Freeze your tongue...


Our power shall not be harnessed... by anyone.
Terrible evil lurks here... leave...
The power of Northrend... cannot be corrupted.
We will not melt away.
What... do you plan?
Your heart... is as cold as ours...

Boss cards

Freezing a player / player's minions
Your destruction will come...
This troll... a worthy champion.
Snowfury Giant
We rise against you!

Player's cards

Freezing a boss' minion
You delay the inevitable.
Frost Lich Jaina
A master of frost… corrupted by evil…
Pyroblast (going face)
I'm meltiiiing!!!



Puppetmaster Lazul[edit | edit source]

Puppetmaster Lazul, full art

All of the emotes are the same as Madame Lazul's.

Type Emote
Thanks Thank you.
Well played Yes, yes. Well played!
Greetings Welcome! Care to hear ya fortune?
Wow By de Old Gods!
Oops Oops, dat will be a story to tell.
Threaten Your fate is sealed!
Sorry I am sorry.
Attack For Rafaam!
Concede You win. It was your destiny.
Thinking [1] ... what must I do...?
Thinking [2] What do de cards say?
Thinking [3] Hmmm....
Running out of time De end is near.
Almost out of cards I am low on cards.
Out of cards I am out of cards!
Error: Too many minions My board is already full!
Error: Generic Dat is impossible.
Error: Hand already full My hand is full!
Error: Hero already attacked I already attacked.
Error: Minion not ready Dat one needs time ta get ready.
Error: Minion exhausted Dat minion already attacked.
Error: Not enough mana I need mana!
Error: Need a weapon I need a weapon.
Error: Can't play that card I cannot play dat.
Error: Can't target stealthed minions Ahhh, dat one is stealthy.
Error: Not a valid target I need a target.
Error: Must attack taunt minion I must deal with dat minion who has Taunt.

Patch changes[edit | edit source]