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This page lists all cards with or related to Charge available in Wild format.

For information on the Charge ability itself, and card lists for Standard format, see Charge.

Cards with Charge[edit | edit source]

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Reffuh None Minion Demon 1 2 1
Boar None Minion Beast Mage 3 4 2
V-07-TR-0N None Minion Mech Any 8 4 8
Stonetusk Boar Free Minion Beast Any 1 1 1
Charge This card is boaring.
Bluegill Warrior Free Minion Murloc Any 2 2 1
Charge He just wants a hug. A sloppy... slimy... hug.
Wolfrider Free Minion General Any 3 3 1
Charge Orcish raiders ride wolves because they are well adapted to harsh environments, and because they are soft and cuddly.
Kor'kron Elite Free Minion General Warrior 4 4 3
Charge The Kor'kron are the elite forces of Garrosh Hellscream. Let's just say you don't want to run into these guys while wearing a blue tabard.
Stormwind Knight Free Minion General Any 4 2 5
Charge They're still embarrassed about "The Deathwing Incident".
Reckless Rocketeer Free Minion General Any 6 5 2
Charge One Insane Rocketeer. One Rocket full of Explosives. Infinite Fun.
Hound Common Minion Beast Hunter 1 1 1
Sabertooth Lion Common Minion Beast Druid 2 2 1
Tiger Form Common Minion Beast Druid 2 3 2
Charge, Stealth 
Argent Horserider Common Minion General Any 3 2 1
Divine Shield His horse's name is Betsy.
Gnomeregan Infantry Common Minion General Any 3 1 4
Charge Taunt The gnomes are valiant and ready to return to their irradiated, poorly ventilated homeland!
Huffer Common Minion Beast Hunter 3 4 2
Chillblade Champion Common Minion General Paladin 4 3 2
Lifesteal It slices, it dices, it vaporizes! The Chillblade will make a Champion out of even the lowliest gnome.
Druid of the Claw Common Minion Beast Druid 5 4 4
Druid of the Claw Common Minion Beast Druid 5 4 6
Charge, Taunt 
Doomguard Rare Minion Demon Warlock 5 5 7
Charge. Battlecry: Discard two random cards. Summoning a doomguard is risky. Someone is going to die.
Argent Commander Rare Minion General Any 6 4 2
Divine Shield The Argent Dawn stands vigilant against the Scourge, as well as people who cut in line at coffee shops.
Charged Devilsaur Epic Minion Beast Any 8 7 7
Battlecry: Can't attack heroes this turn. What happens when a dinosaur mixes soda and pop rocks.
Kayn Sunfury Legendary Minion General Demon Hunter 4 3 4
All friendly attacks ignore Taunt"Armor and heals may slow my zeal, but fel and glaives excite me!"
Old Murk-Eye Legendary Minion Murloc Any 4 2 4
Charge. Has +1 Attack for each other Murloc on the battlefield. He's a legend among murlocs. "Mrghllghghllghg!", they say.
Leeroy Jenkins Legendary Minion General Any 5 6 2
Charge. Battlecry: Summon two 1/1 Whelps for your opponent. At least he has Angry Chicken.
Skycap'n Kragg Legendary Minion Pirate Any 7 4 6
Costs (1) less for each friendly Pirate. What's more boss than riding a parrot with a jawbone for a shoulderpad while wielding a giant hook-lance-thing and wearing a pirate hat? NOTHING.
Al'Akir the Windlord Legendary Minion Elemental Shaman 8 3 5
Windfury, Charge, Divine Shield, Taunt He is the weakest of the four Elemental Lords. And the other three don't let him forget it.
Grommash Hellscream Legendary Minion General Warrior 8 4 9
Has +6 Attack while damaged. Grommash drank the tainted blood of Mannoroth, dooming the orcs to green skin and red eyes! Maybe not his best decision.
Icehowl Legendary Minion General Any 9 10 10
Can't attack heroes. This massive yeti just closes his eyes and charges at the nearest target. The nearest Target is a couple blocks away and has sick deals on skateboards.
King Krush Legendary Minion Beast Hunter 9 8 8
Charge The best defense against King Krush is to have someone you don’t like standing in front of you.
King Krush Legendary Minion Beast Hunter 9 8 8
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Related cards[edit | edit source]

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Warsong Commander Free Minion General Warrior 3 2 3
Your Charge minions have +1 Attack. The Warsong clan is such drama. It's really not worth it to become a commander.
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