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This page lists cards with card art depicting Cenarius' children.

Lore[edit | edit source]

From Wowpedia:

Cenarius' children are the descendant races of the demigod Cenarius. They all have quadruped bodies with humanoid torsos.
The enchanted keepers of the grove are offspring of the demigod Cenarius who protect the woodlands of Azeroth. Like their dryad sisters, the keepers appear to be half night elf and half stag. They have enormous antlers and manes of leaves that flow down their backs. One of their hands is disfigured and twisted — as if it had become like the gnarled root-claw of a treant. Keepers possess many strange powers over nature and can be counted among Azeroth's best healers. Though they typically remain within the sacred groves of Ashenvale, the keepers always heed the call to arms when the greater lands of Kalimdor are threatened.
Dryads are the daughters of Cenarius. They have the torso of a female night elf and the lower body of a fawn. Like the keepers of the grove, dryads prefer peace but use violence when needed. They are curious, but only a few leave the forests.
Centaurs are a half-humanoid, half-horse, war-like tribal race. They abound in central and southern Kalimdor, primarily in Desolace and the Barrens, where they engage in constant war against other centaur and tauren tribes. They are savagery and brutality incarnate. Though legend held that they were the bastard offspring of Cenarius, the barbaric centaur race were begotten by Zaetar, son of Cenarius, and the earth elemental Princess Theradras.
Magnataur are massive creatures that live in Northrend. They have the torso of a giant attached to the body of a mammoth; like the centaur and Keepers of the Grove, they are relatives of the demigod Cenarius. They are notoriously long-lived, though lacking in patience, and are rumored to engage in cannibalism when food is scarce. They are vicious, brutal, and uncaring; only the strongest and meanest survive. Despite their hostility towards all other races, they have become strangely tolerant of the arctic kobolds, who follow the magnataurs for safety and mutual benefit during hunts.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Cenarius' children[edit | edit source]

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Crystal Dryad None Minion General Druid 1 1 2
Laughing Sister None Minion General Any 3 3 5
Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers. 
Redeemed Pariah Common Minion General Demon Hunter 2 2 3
After you play an Outcast card, gain +1/+1. "Look at this stick. Look at it!"
Grove Tender Rare Minion General Druid 3 2 4
Choose One - Give each player a Mana Crystal; or Each player draws a card. Likes: Hiking and the great outdoors. Dislikes: Goblin shredders and sandals. (Can’t find any that fit!).
Groundskeeper Rare Minion General 4 4 5
Battlecry: If you're holding a spell that costs (5) or more, restore 5 Health. It’s tricky for dryads to tend the garden without trampling the flowers.
Keeper of the Grove Rare Minion General Druid 4 2 2
Choose One - Deal 2 damage; or Silence a minion. These guys just show up and start Keeping your Groves without even asking.
Mire Keeper Rare Minion General Druid 4 3 3
Choose One - Summon a 2/2 Slime; or Gain an empty Mana Crystal. "Hey.... Is that Mire for sale?" "No. I'm keeping it."
Knight of the Wild Rare Minion General Druid 7 6 6
Whenever you summon a Beast, reduce the Cost of this card by (1). He gets a discount on the tournament entry fee because he is his own horse.
Magnataur Alpha Epic Minion General Warrior 4 5 3
Also damages the minions next to whomever he attacks. Playing him also gets you into the Magnataur Beta.
Keeper Stalladris Legendary Minion General Druid 2 2 3
After you cast a Choose One spell, add copies of both choices to your hand. Keeps your choices handy.
Gormok the Impaler Legendary Minion General Any 4 4 4
Battlecry: If you have at least 4 other minions, deal 4 damage. Gormok has been giving impaling lessons in a small tent near the tournament grounds. For only 25g you too could learn the fine art of impaling!
Cenarius Legendary Minion General Druid 9 5 8
Choose One - Give your other minions +2/+2; or Summon two 2/2 Treants with TauntYes, he's a demigod. No, he doesn't need to wear a shirt.
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Keeper Stalladris(90585).png
Redeemed Pariah(389009).png
Grove Tender(12273).png
Laughing Sister(116).png
Gormok the Impaler(22323).png
Keeper of the Grove(459).png
Magnataur Alpha(22376).png
Mire Keeper(33162).png
Knight of the Wild(22360).png

Cenarius' children art[edit | edit source]

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Gift of Cards None Spell Druid
Each player draws a card. 
Gift of Mana None Spell Druid
Give each player a Mana Crystal. 
Wild Growth Free Spell Druid 3
Gain an empty Mana Crystal. Grow your own mana crystals with this Mana Crystal Growth Kit, only 39.99!
Y'Shaarj's Strength Rare Spell Druid 0
Summon a 2/2 Slime. 
Yogg-Saron's Magic Rare Spell Druid 0
Gain an empty Mana Crystal. 
Dreamway Guardians Rare Spell Druid 2
Summon two 1/2 Dryads with LifestealThey're a nightmare to deal with.
Cenarion Ward Epic Spell Druid 8
Gain 8 Armor. Summon a random 8-Cost minion. Don't ask about his right hand. He's still growing into it.
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Gift of Cards(12333).png
Gift of Mana(12332).png
Y'Shaarj's Strength(35318).png
Yogg-Saron's Magic(35320).png
Dreamway Guardians(90563).png
Wild Growth(282).png
Cenarion Ward(388961).png