Cards better than Silverback Patriarch

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Silly.jpg    This is a silly article.
While related to a real Hearthstone topic, it should not be taken too seriously.

Silverback Patriarch is a staple among the many terrible Basic cards, up there with the infamous Magma Rager in just how bad its stats are. While the card is not as memetically horrible as the rager, its inclusion in a deck is still a marked symbol of a new player. Silverback Patriarch is about as low on the power chain as you could make a 3 mana Taunt. As such, the game quite frequently receives new Taunt minions with similar but better stats and effects.

Within the Basic card set, Silverback Patriarch competes with Ironfur Grizzly in the 3 mana slot, which is superior when stats are compared (2 more Attack at the expense of 1 Health). Various class cards from other sets are strictly better/cheaper when compared stat-wise:

Even when compared to other Neutral minions, it's outclassed by multiple cards:

Regardless of this, Silverback Patriarch is not an example of power creep because the card has never been a powerful minion. Printing a stronger version is ultimately harmless since no competitive deck has ever even thought of running such a bad card. If a card is already so bad it might as well not exist, a stronger alternative changes nothing.