Captain Eudora

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Captain Eudora
Captain Eudora.png
Set: Rise of Shadows
Type: Hero
Class: Rogue
Health: 30
Artist: Unknown artist

This fleet-footed vulpera pirate captain has gone freelance.

Captain Eudora is a hero one can pick in The Dalaran Heist. She represents the Rogue class.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Type Emote
Selected Ready for target practice!
Thanks I'd be lost at sea without ya.
Well Played Now, that's a nice shot!
Greetings Aren't you a salty one?
Wow Crazy like a fox, you are.
Oops Must be a bit seasick.
Threaten You can scatter, but you can't hide!
Attack Eat grapeshot, mongrel!
Opening Remark Things are about to get messy!
Thinking (1) You've got to think, Eudora...
Thinking (2) Hmmm...
Thinking (3) Huh, what do I do here...
Concede Ya really sunk my ship.
Almost out of cards My hoard's running low.
Out of cards Outta cards. Better get pillaging.
Hand already full My hand's fully loaded, like my sidearm.
When playing Vanish Everyone - scatter!
When playing Cannon Barrage Fire! Fire everything!!
When playing Kingsbane Now this one’s a beauty!
When playing Assassinate What's that in your back?