Boomnician Breena

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The Boomsday Project logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
The Boomsday Project Puzzle Lab.

Boomnician Breena

Boomnician Breena(90125).png

Set: The Boomsday Project
Type: Hero
Artist: Steve Prescott

The fuse is lit. Heal to full Health before it's too late.

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Boomnician Breena is the first boss of the Survival lab in the Puzzle Lab.

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Firework Volley(90126).png

Strategy[edit | edit source]

No. Title Description Solution Notes
1 Don't Panic Survive with healing spells
  1. Cast Holy Light on Uther
  2. Cast Forbidden Healing on Uther
2 A Gentle Touch Survive with Deranged Doctor
  1. Cast Binding Heal on Flamewreathed Faceless
  2. Attack Flamewreathed Faceless with Deranged Doctor
  3. Cast Flash Heal on Anduin
  4. Use the Hero Power Lesser Heal on Anduin
3 Cleansing Corruption Survive by attacking Corrupted Healbot
  1. Play Truesilver Champion
  2. Cast Seal of Light
  3. Attack Corrupted Healbot with Uther
  4. Cast both Holy Lights on Uther
4 A Dire Situation Survive by clearing Corrupted Healbot
  1. Cast Equality
  2. Attack Corrupted Healbot with Silver Hand Recruit
  3. Cast both Holy Lights on Uther
5 Double Dip Survive with Crystalsmith Kangor
  1. Play Crystalsmith Kangor
  2. Cast Forbidden Healing on Uther
6 A Priest's Feast Survive with Priest of the Feast
  1. Play Priest of the Feast
  2. Cast both Flash Heals on Anduin
  3. Cast Shadow Word: Pain on Priest of the Feast
  4. Use the Hero Power Lesser Heal on Anduin
7 Splash! Survive with Mistress of Mixtures
  1. Cast Reincarnate on Mistress of Mixtures
  2. Cast Lightning Bolt on Mistress of Mixtures
  3. Play Healing Wave and Jinyu Waterspeaker, both targeting Thrall
8 Visions of Vitality Survive by casting Shadow Visions with Priest of the Feast
  1. Play Radiant Elemental
  2. Play Priest of the Feast
  3. Cast Shadow Visions, picking Shadow Visions, three times
  4. Cast Shadow Visions, picking Flash Heal
  5. Cast Flash Heal on Anduin

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before match

Boommaster Flark
Come one, come all, to the spectacular Boomatorium!


Boomnician Breena
Are you the new test subject? I will light the fuse!

Emote Response

Boomnician Breena
I am having a blast. You?
Looks like you have got an explosive personality yourself! Hmmhmmhmmhmm.


Boomnician Breena
Could we strap some fireworks to that minion?
How does Flark add all those colors?
Think you could… outrun it?
This is a tough one… Glad I am not taking the hit!
What happens if I light this fuse...
What if I double the gunpowder...


Boomnician Breena
All it takes is a spark.
If at first you do not succeed...
If it went boom in your face right now... yeah... let us restart.
Let us give it another go.
That did not work? Hmmm...
Would it hurt to try again?

Puzzle 1

Boommaster Flark
We're testing out some fireworks in here. On your face. Try and survive, yeah?
Boomnician Breena
Ohooho! This is going be such fun!

Puzzle 2

Boommaster Flark
It'd be no fun if you were at full health. We need to keep things exciting!

Puzzle 3

Boommaster Flark
You never know when some of these minions might come in handy.

Puzzle 4

Boommaster Flark
Don't worry we'll try not to fire them off before you're ready.

Puzzle 7

Boomnician Breena
I always enjoy patching myself up after a long day at work!

Return after leaving

Boomnician Breena
You came back for more!


Boommaster Flark
Hey you did it! Next in line, ME.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Boomnician Breena, full art

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