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At no point during a game of hearthstone can either player have more than 7 minions on his/her side of the board.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Minions cannot be played from hand when a player's board is full, though spells that summon minions can be played.
  • Playing Shadow Madness or Potion of Madness when you have a full board kills the targeted minion instead of possessing it. Playing either of these cards with six minions on your board, one of which summons a minion "whenever you cast a spell," such as Violet Teacher, causes the triggered friendly minion to summon a minion, after which the enemy minion targeted by your spell dies. Successfully stealing a minion with either of these spells, then causing the opponent's board to be full at the end of your turn also destroys the minion. (When the possession effect reverses, the minion dies instead of returning because the board to which it would otherwise return is full.)
  • A magnetic minion cannot be magnetized to another minion on a full board.

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