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Basic decks are pre-made card lists provided for new players, composed entirely of cards from the Basic card set, including neutral cards and class cards available at level 1. There are 9 basic decks in total, one for each class.

Basic decks are the default deck lists provided whenever gaining a new deck slot, offering a quick, simple way of getting to know a class and the game itself without needing to spend time constructing a deck. Basic decks are provided automatically for new players as they unlock each class.

While they provide a reasonable starting point for a new class, once the player has gotten to grips with the basics, and added a few cards to their collection, it is generally recommended to try their hand at constructing their own decks. This not only helps players to learn about the game's deeper strategic elements, but is likely to provide a superior deck to the basic decks available. Players can use their favourite cards from that class' basic deck (or the entire deck) as a starting point for building their new deck.

For those seeking a helping hand in learning to construct effective decks, there are two main options. Online card listings on sites such as provide a constantly updated selection of popular and competitive decks, often accompanied by tips and guidance on using the deck, as well as suggestions for substitutions where the player has not yet collected certain cards.

Alternatively, Deck Recipes can provide a useful bridge into deck building, with the 'Classic <class>' recipes representing an upgraded version of the basic decks, featuring only Basic and Classic cards and mostly lower rarities, but with much stronger synergies and a better chance of victory. Other Deck Recipes are more complex, featuring specific themes and strategies, and requiring cards from various card sets and of higher rarities. Deck Recipes are more accessible than online listings due to a smaller number of options and their integration within the game.

Deck listings[edit | edit source]

Below are listings for the composition of each basic deck. Each basic deck is composed of all 5 basic class cards available to that class from level 1, plus 10 neutral basic minion cards. Each card is included x 2.

Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior
Innervate Arcane Shot Arcane Missiles Blessing of Might Elven Archer Backstab Ancestral Healing Murloc Raider Charge
Claw Stonetusk Boar Murloc Raider Goldshire Footman Holy Smite Deadly Poison Frost Shock Voidwalker Murloc Raider
Elven Archer Timber Wolf Arcane Explosion Hand of Protection Northshire Cleric Elven Archer Stonetusk Boar Voodoo Doctor Execute
River Crocolisk Tracking Bloodfen Raptor Light's Justice Power Word: Shield Goldshire Footman Frostwolf Grunt Kobold Geomancer Frostwolf Grunt
Mark of the Wild Bloodfen Raptor Novice Engineer Stonetusk Boar Voodoo Doctor Sinister Strike Rockbiter Weapon River Crocolisk Heroic Strike
Wild Growth River Crocolisk River Crocolisk Holy Light Bloodfen Raptor Bloodfen Raptor Windfury Succubus Murloc Tidehunter
Healing Touch Ironforge Rifleman Arcane Intellect Ironforge Rifleman Frostwolf Grunt Novice Engineer Raid Leader Drain Life Fiery War Axe
Silverback Patriarch Raid Leader Raid Leader Raid Leader Mind Blast Sap Wolfrider Shadow Bolt Razorfen Hunter
Chillwind Yeti Razorfen Hunter Wolfrider Gnomish Inventor Shadow Word: Pain Ironforge Rifleman Chillwind Yeti Wolfrider Warsong Commander
Oasis Snapjaw Silverback Patriarch Fireball Hammer of Wrath Shattered Sun Cleric Dragonling Mechanic Hex Chillwind Yeti Wolfrider
Darkscale Healer Houndmaster Oasis Snapjaw Stormwind Knight Silverback Patriarch Gnomish Inventor Sen'jin Shieldmasta Hellfire Dragonling Mechanic
Nightblade Multi-Shot Polymorph Nightblade Chillwind Yeti Stormwind Knight Booty Bay Bodyguard Ogre Magi Sen'jin Shieldmasta
Boulderfist Ogre Oasis Snapjaw Sen'jin Shieldmasta Stormpike Commando Sen'jin Shieldmasta Assassinate Frostwolf Warlord Darkscale Healer Gurubashi Berserker
Lord of the Arena Stormpike Commando Nightblade Lord of the Arena Gurubashi Berserker Nightblade Boulderfist Ogre Reckless Rocketeer Boulderfist Ogre
Core Hound Core Hound Boulderfist Ogre Stormwind Champion Core Hound Stormpike Commando Reckless Rocketeer War Golem Lord of the Arena

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Choosing a basic deck in Play mode, prior to Patch

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

  • The League of Explorers logo.png Patch (2016-03-14):
    • Basic decks no longer feature as separate decks, but are now default deck lists provided whenever gaining a new deck slot.
    • The basic decks section of the Play screen has been removed.
  • Unknown beta patch: Name changed from "Standard Decks" to "Basic Decks".

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