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Rise of Shadows's The Dalaran Heist.

Bartendotron is a rare friendly encounter in The Dalaran Heist that only shows mech or mech synergy cards.

The Dalaran Heist[edit | edit source]

On rare occasions, players find themselves encountering Bartendotron instead of Bartender Bob when they normally would.[1] The encounter functions the exact same way as the usual ones, but Bartendotron only offers Mech minions.[1] Bartendotron is able to offer Mechs outside of the player's class.[2] Filling the Tavern with new minions will remove the tribe limitation. Players may encounter Bartendotron twice in the same run.

Bartendotron owns his own unique taverns:

  • The Cog and Gear
  • The Rusty Bucket

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]


My favorite customer! No roughhousing now, y'hear?

There's a snake in my saloon! What can I get 'ya? (with Vessina)

Emote Response[edit | edit source]

I normally serve mechanical types here, but I always welcome new business.

Idle[edit | edit source]

The oil's tasty. But, try not to get any on your cards
Big decisions can be tough, go ahead and sit for a spell!
Hey, partner! Have you heard about this invasion business?

Dismiss[edit | edit source]

Go on now, Get!

Kindle[edit | edit source]

DELETED ya'll.

Brood[edit | edit source]

Aww, buck up partner!

Round of Drinks[edit | edit source]

Round of motor oil, coming right up

Take a Chance[edit | edit source]

Didn't take you for the kind to roll the bones

Ending Encounter[edit | edit source]

If you ever need a bite, come on back!

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

Rise of Shadows logo.png Patch (2019-04-04): Added.

References[edit | edit source]