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AceBreakers EU
Team Information
Location: Europe
Managers: Jonathon "Jotto" Stevenson
Team Captain: James "JamesHugs" Hughes
Number of Players: 11
Created: 2014-03-04
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The EU Team of Acebreakers is a Hearthstone team created on the 2014.03.04. The current manager for the team is Jonathan 'Jotto' Stevenson with the captain of the team being James Hughes.

Roster[edit | edit source]

Active[edit | edit source]

ID Joined
England JamesHugs 15 Nov 2014
Lithuania Crawler 27 Jul 2014
England Brammerham 02 Dec 2014
Syrian Arab Republic Zoom 21 Jan 2015
Ireland RarestSolnum 12 Feb 2015
Denmark Zwaxor 18 Jan 2015
England OoMetaoO 18 Jan 2015
England dapperatchik 18 Jan 2015
Sweden Crispy 30 Feb 2015
England Falconepunch55 30 Feb 2015
England Knoedel 18 May 2015

Community Projects[edit | edit source]

Acebreakers runs the weekly casual tournaments for the MOAR hearthstone community:

In addition to this every week an Acebreakers player will take part in the show matches called 'Versus Series' against another professional hearthstone player: