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The 100 in 10 Arena Challenge is an informal competition among Hearthstone streamers to get at least 100 wins in 10 consecutive Arena games. Many streamers were attempting to complete this challenge between January and March 2016; since then interest has waned.

Rules[edit | edit source]

The rules for completing the 100 in 10 Arena Challenge are:[1]

  • Player must draft and play all runs on stream, with the "100 in 10" logo visible on the stream.
  • At the start of each run, a player must pick a Class not previously used in the run, unless all classes offered have already been played.
  • Retiring is not allowed.
  • The goal, as implied by the name, is to achieve 100 wins in at most 10 runs.
  • If after a run it is no longer possible to achieve 100 or more wins in the run, the player must stop and the number of wins is the final score.

Example of the last rule: After 7 runs, a player has a total of 66 wins. The 3 remaining run have a theoretic maximum of 36 wins, so the player can still finish at 102 wins and can continue. If the 8th run ends as 7-3, the total wins is now 73; the remaining 2 runs can add at most 24 wins for a total of 97. Since 100 is no longer possible, the player must end the run, with 73 as the final score.

History[edit | edit source]

The first public mention of the 100 in 10 Arena Challenge was in a tweet from Amaz, dated December 22, 2015.[2] In the months that followed, several notable Hearthstone Arena players attempted to complete the challenge. The first player to actually achieve this feat was TwoBiers, who completed the challenge with 103 wins on March 22, 2016.[3]

Following that milestone, Archon and Twitch together started an attempt to make the 100 in 10 Arena Challenge an ongoing competition, offering a global twitch emote as the monthly prize.[4] Allthough TwoBiers did not officially complete the challenge when this prize was on offer, he was still retroactively granted a global emote.[5]

On May 12, 2016, Mef was the second streamer to complete the 100 in 10 Arena Challenge, with a score of exactly 100 wins.[6]

The offered prize was not enough incentive for most streamers to continue the 100 in 10 Arena Challenge. By the second half of 2016 no major streamers were still working on the challenge, except from Amaz' attempt to revive the challenge in January 2017.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the first half of 2016, Kripparian played a few runs on stream where he had over 100 wins in 10 consecutive runs, including one run where he passed the 100 mark in his 9th game already.[7] Allthough Kripp did mention these accomplishments as "100 in 10" on stream, they do not qualify for the official 100 in 10 Arena Challenge because not all rules were followed: the run was not announced as a 100 in 10 run from the start, and the rule on class selection was not followed. Since not all classes are equally strong in the Arena, not following the class selection rule arguably makes it easier to achieve 100 wins in 10 runs.

References[edit | edit source]