Shield Block

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Shield Block
Shield Block(493).png
Shield Block(493) Gold.png
Set: Basic
Type: Spell
Class: Warrior
Cost: 3 Mana icon.png
Abilities: Draw cards
Tags: Armor-related

Gain 5 Armor. Draw a card.

Shields were invented because Face Block is USELESS.

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Shield Block is a basic warrior spell card. It grants the warrior 5 armor and causes them to draw a card.

How to get[edit]

Shield Block x 2 are a reward for raising a warrior to level 8.

Golden Shield Block is a reward for raising a warrior to levels 28 and 30.

Shield Block is soulbound and cannot be crafted or disenchanted.


Shield Block is a cheap draw card when you consider the 5 armor it provides. It also synergizes well with Shield Slam, allowing for a 4 mana 5 damage removal.


Michael Komarck


Shield Block (full art)