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Removed cards are valid Hearthstone cards which have been removed from play. These cards can no longer be collected or found in-game. All of the current list of removed cards were removed during the related content's alpha or closed beta test phases.

To be included on this page, cards and heroes should have a strong basis of factual existence prior to removal. Ideally, card data from the game itself; otherwise screenshots, or at the very least a concrete reference from a reliable source stating its existence.


Adrenaline Rush(180).pngArcane Blast.pngAuto-Pecker 4000.pngDark Summoner.pngDarkspear Hunter.pngDeath Wish.pngDemoralizing Roar.pngDevouring Ooze.pngEnvenom.pngFade.pngFirebeard Herald.pngGreater Heal.pngJadefire Satyr.pngMana Spring Totem.pngMEGA-BLAST!!!.pngMental Collapse.pngOldtown Beggar.pngPenance.pngPrayer of Fortitude.pngPuddlejumper.pngSyndicate Spy.pngWorldflipper X-50.png


Avatar of the Coin(666).pngSkeleton(313).pngSkeleton(255).pngWhelp(719).pngWhelp(14641).png

Without images[edit]

Renamed cards[edit]

The following are former names of existing cards.


This section includes boss cards, hero powers, and bosses and replacement heroes that were removed from adventures during development.

Blackrock Mountain[edit]

Chromatic Dragonkin(14572).pngMutation(14556).pngChromatic Mutation(14570).pngRazorgore's Claws(14548).pngChromatic Prototype(14631).png


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