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Raymond Swanland

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Raymond Swanland is the artist for the cards listed here. As well as Hearthstone, Swanland has created art for Magic: The Gathering and the Oddworld video games.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Al'Akir the Windlord(335).pngAlexstrasza(303).pngBane of Doom(670).pngChillmaw(22353).pngCult Master(140).pngDemonwrath(14463).pngDemolisher(212).pngDragon Consort(14452).pngDust Devil(129).pngExcavated Evil(27242).pngFaceless Manipulator(450).pngGahz'rilla(12232).pngIron Juggernaut(12295).pngLay on Hands(506).pngNightblade(184).pngShadow Word- Death(547).pngShadow Word- Pain(315).pngShield Slam(50).pngShielded Minibot(12257).pngSoulfire(529).pngTiny Knight of Evil(22386).pngVaporize(160).pngVol'jin(12296).pngWorgen Infiltrator(112).pngWrath(633).png

Uncollectible cards[edit | edit source]

Dispel(524).pngWrath of Air Totem(22493).pngWrath of Air Totem(365).pngWrath(234).pngWrath(501).png

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Anub'Rekhan.pngKel'Thuzad (boss).pngMedivh(14695).png

Hero Powers[edit | edit source]

Chains(7815).pngChains(7817).pngUnbalancing Strike(7861).pngUnbalancing Strike(7862).png

Boss cards[edit | edit source]

Drakkisath's Command(14519).pngPure Cold(7806).png

Tavern Brawl cards[edit | edit source]

Kel'Thuzad(31158).pngRelease Coolant(22524).png

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