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This article is about the spell card. For quests which reward gold, see Quest.

A Quest is a spell card featuring a conditional reward. When played, Quests are displayed above the controlling hero's portrait, similar to Secrets. When the condition of the Quest is met, the Quest's effect is activated. Unlike Secrets, Quests can be seen by the opponent, and Quest conditions are met by the possessing player rather than the opponent.

Only one Quest can be included when building a deck, and only one Quest can be in play on each hero at any given time.[1] In addition, Quest cards are automatically included in the player's mulligan as the left-most card, although the player can choose to replace them.[2] All Quests are legendary, and currently the only legendary spell cards in the game.

Quest is also the name of the ability that all Quest cards have.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Journey to Un'Goro

The below cards are planned for release with Journey to Un'Goro, coming early April 2017.

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
The Last Kaleidosaur None Any
Awaken the Makers Legendary Spell Priest 1 Quest: Summon 7 Deathrattle minions.
Reward: Amara, Warden of Hope. 
Lakkari Sacrifice Legendary Spell Warlock 1 Quest: Discard 6 cards.
Reward: Nether Portal. 
The Caverns Below Legendary Spell Rogue 1 Quest: Play four minions with the same name.
Reward: Crystal Core. 
Unite the Murlocs Legendary Spell Shaman 1 Quest: Summon 10 Murlocs.
Reward: Megafin. 
Showing all 5 cards
Awaken the Makers(52588).png
Lakkari Sacrifice(55447).png
The Caverns Below(55481).png
Unite the Murlocs(55470).png

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

  • Journey to Un'Goro logo.png Not yet implemented, planned April 2017: Added.

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