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The Hunter icon.png Hunter is one of the nine classes in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, represented by Rexxar and Alleria Windrunner.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Rexxar is the standard hero for hunters. Players who have unlocked the Alleria Windrunner alternate hero may choose to play as her instead when using any hunter deck. Both heroes use the same gameplay mechanics; the difference is purely cosmetic.

Rexxar(484).png Alleria Windrunner(14694).png

Background[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hunter

From an early age the call of the wild draws some adventurers from the comfort of their homes into the unforgiving primal world outside. Those who endure become hunters. As masters of their environment, hunters are able to slip like ghosts through the trees and lay traps in the paths of their enemies. These expert marksmen drop foes dead in their tracks with flawless shots from a bow, crossbow or rifle. With the ability to wield two weapons simultaneously, hunters can unleash a flurry of blows against anyone unfortunate enough to stumble into close combat with them.

The art of survival is central to the isolated life of a hunter. Hunters track beasts with ease and enhance their own abilities by attuning themselves to the feral aspects of various creatures. Hunters are known for the lifelong bonds they form with animals of the wild, training great hawks, cats, bears, and many other beasts to fight alongside them.[1]

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Steady Shot(481).png

Hero powers are unique abilities, specific to each class. Hero powers cost 2 mana, and can be used once per turn.

Steady Shot is the hunter's Hero Power, dealing 2 damage direct to the enemy hero. Steady Shot is a very direct and straight-forward Hero Power - unlike many other Hero Powers, it does not offer special synergies or boast a range of possible uses, but what it lacks in strategic complexity it makes up for in sheer effectiveness. Without Health or Armor granting effects, Steady Shot can single-handedly destroy the opponent and win the game in just 15 turns. This allows the hunter to rely upon Steady Shot's damage to make steady progress toward victory, regardless of the state of the board. Steady Shot works well with an aggressive approach to build pressure on the opponent.

While it is very effective for bypassing enemy minions, note that the hunter cannot use Steady Shot on any other target, but can only deal damage to the enemy hero. Alternatively, Steamwheedle Sniper can be used to expand its functionality, granting it the ability to target any character, and opening up a range of strategic possibilities.

Strategy and gameplay[edit | edit source]

NB: This video's depiction of Starving Buzzard and Flare are now out of date.

Many hunter decks revolve around the use of Beast minions while maintaining board control. Many hunter-only cards benefit from having other Beasts in play or in your hand, such as Timber Wolf, Tundra Rhino or Ram Wrangler. Certain cards with strong beast synergy tend to become high priority targets for your enemies; Starving Buzzard for example lets you draw a card every time another Beast is summoned, while Scavenging Hyena gains +2/+1 for every friendly beast that dies while it is in play. These minions can provide for a win condition if the enemy does not deal with them in due time, but are very fragile in the early stages of the game so it's advisable to not play them by themselves without any means of protection on the board.

One of the most popular and powerful hunter decks is the so called "Face Hunter". Face Hunter is an aggro deck focusing on consistently dealing damage directly to the enemy hero (the "face") throughout the early game, and using burst damage to finish the opponent off in the early or mid-game. Face Hunter has a very low mana curve, relying on cheap sources of unpreventable damage such as Leper Gnome, Wolfrider and Arcane Golem to inflict damage quickly as possible, so that a double Kill Command or a few turns of Steady Shot can finish the game off. Face Hunter sacrifices longevity for immediate damage, aiming to defeat the opponent before they are able to mount a defence.

Hunter decks can also be strong mid range, tempo decks which involve strong board control while playing and buffing Beasts, with cards like Houndmaster, Savannah Highmane and Freezing Trap.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Early removal of Scavenging Hyena is essential when playing against a hunter. Hunters are very synergistic in that they require beasts on the board to make full use of their cards such as Kill Command and Houndmaster, so maintaining board control and killing beasts as soon as possible will cripple a hunter. Hunters can have surprising burst damage with Unleash the Hounds, King Krush, or hidden Kill Command cards in their hand so try to keep your health high or keep strong taunt minions on the board for as long as possible. Against a deck that you suspect revolves around Unleash the Hounds, try to play strong taunt minions on turn 5 or 6 to deter their one hit kill by forcing them to waste mana on removal thereby pushing back the combo turn.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

Hunters have moderately strong secrets that can wreak havoc if not properly accounted for.

  • Play a weak minion or a minion where taking 4 damage is acceptable in case of Snipe.
  • Attack the hero directly with a low cost or unimportant minion in case of Freezing Trap.
  • Attack the hero directly before summoning any more minions to avoid unecessary damage from Explosive Trap. Buffing your minions to increase their health to 3 or above is also useful to prevent their deaths.
  • Attack with a weak minion first to minimize damage done by Misdirection. Buff the health of the minion that you are not attacking with beforehand if it will prevent its death if the weak minion attacks it.
  • Make sure to use removal on cards that have synergy with beasts such as Starving Buzzard before attacking a minion in case of Snake Trap. Removal of the snakes with Area of Effect spells may become a priority if the hunter has synergistic cards in their hand like Scavenging Hyena.

Spells[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Hunter/Wild format

See Spell. For a list of hunter Secrets, see Secret#Hunter.

Name / Desc Rarity Class Cost Description
Arcane Shot Free Hunter 1 Deal 2 damage. Magi conjured arcane arrows to sell to hunters, until hunters learned just enough magic to do it themselves. The resulting loss of jobs sent Stormwind into a minor recession.
Multi-Shot Free Hunter 4 Deal 3 damage to two random enemy minions. You see, it's all about throughput.
Tracking Free Hunter 1 Look at the top three cards of your deck. Draw one and discard the others. For the person who just cannot decide what card to put in their deck!
Animal Companion Common Hunter 3 Summon a random Beast Companion. You could summon Misha, Leokk, or Huffer! Huffer is more trouble than he's worth.
Bear Trap Common Hunter 2 Secret: After your hero is attacked, summon a 3/3 Bear with TauntYou'll never guess what's in that conveniently bear-sized, bear-smelling box.
Dart Trap Common Hunter 2 Secret: When an opposing Hero Power is used, deal 5 damage to a random enemy. Five years of tap-dancing lessons are FINALLY going to pay off!
Deadly Shot Common Hunter 3 Destroy a random enemy minion. Accuracy is not a highly valued trait among the mok'nathal. Deadliness is near the top, though.
Explosive Trap Common Hunter 2 Secret: When your hero is attacked, deal 2 damage to all enemies. It traps your food AND cooks it for you!
Freezing Trap Common Hunter 2 Secret: When an enemy minion attacks, return it to its owner's hand and it costs (2) more. "Dang, that's cold." - appropriate response to Freezing Trap, or a mean joke.
Hunter's Mark Common Hunter 1 Change a minion's Health to 1. Never play 'Hide and Go Seek' with a Hunter.
Kill Command Common Hunter 3 Deal 3 damage. If you have a Beast, deal 5 damage instead. "Kill!", he commanded.
On the Hunt Common Hunter 1 Deal 1 damage. Summon a 1/1 Mastiff. The mastiff giggles if you don't hit any ducks.
Quick Shot Common Hunter 2 Deal 3 damage.
If your hand is empty, draw a card. Han shot first.
Snipe Common Hunter 2 Secret: After your opponent plays a minion, deal 4 damage to it. A great sniper hits the spot. Just like a delicious flank of boar. Mmmmm.
Unleash the Hounds Common Hunter 3 For each enemy minion, summon a 1/1 Hound with ChargeYou must read the name of this card out loud each time you play it.
Ball of Spiders Rare Hunter 6 Summon three 1/1 Webspinners. "THEY'RE EVERYWHERE GET THEM OFF!!!" - Everyone
Explorer's Hat Rare Hunter 2 Give a minion +1/+1 and "Deathrattle: Add an Explorer's Hat to your hand." Harrison Jones was disappointed that he didn't get to be part of the League of Explorers, but his hat did.
Explosive Shot Rare Hunter 5 Deal 5 damage to a minion and 2 damage to adjacent ones. Pull the pin, count to 5, then shoot. Then duck.
Flare Rare Hunter 2 All minions lose Stealth. Destroy all enemy Secrets. Draw a card. Not only does it reveal your enemies, but it's also great for parties!
Infest Rare Hunter 3 Give your minions "Deathrattle: Add a random Beast to your hand." The best part is the look on their face when you jump out of the cake! Err… corpse.
Misdirection Rare Hunter 2 Secret: When a character attacks your hero, instead he attacks another random character. Sometimes it's as simple as putting on a fake mustache and pointing at someone else.
Powershot Rare Hunter 3 Deal 2 damage to a minion and the minions next to it. pow POW pow
Bestial Wrath Epic Hunter 1 Give a friendly Beast +2 Attack and Immune this turn. The seething wrath is just beneath the surface. Beneath that is wild abandon, followed by slight annoyance.
Call of the Wild Epic Hunter 8 Summon all 3 Animal Companions. "Hello. Misha, Leokk and Huffer aren't here right now, but if you leave a message we'll get back to you right away." BEEP.
Lock and Load Epic Hunter 2 Each time you cast a spell this turn, add a random Hunter card to your hand. Rexxar narrowed his eyes, grabbed his machine gun, and said: "It's go time. Lock and load."

This card pays homage to that special moment.
Snake Trap Epic Hunter 2 Secret: When one of your minions is attacked, summon three 1/1 Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?
Showing all 26 cards
Arcane Shot(167).pngMulti-Shot(407).pngTracking(163).pngAnimal Companion(578).pngBear Trap(22364).pngDart Trap(27227).pngDeadly Shot(239).pngExplosive Trap(344).pngFreezing Trap(99).pngHunter's Mark(22).pngKill Command(488).pngOn the Hunt(35220).pngQuick Shot(14459).pngSnipe(553).pngUnleash the Hounds(317).pngBall of Spiders(22272).pngExplorer's Hat(27209).pngExplosive Shot(114).pngFlare(630).pngInfest(33146).pngMisdirection(447).pngPowershot(22384).pngBestial Wrath(304).pngCall of the Wild(33167).pngLock and Load(22258).pngSnake Trap(210).png

Minions[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Hunter/Wild format

All classes can also use neutral minions. See Minion.

Name / Desc Rarity Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Houndmaster Free General Hunter 4 4 3 Battlecry: Give a friendly Beast +2/+2 and Taunt"Who let the dogs out?" he asks. It's rhetorical.
Timber Wolf Free Beast Hunter 1 1 1 Your other Beasts have +1 Attack. Other beasts totally dig hanging out with timber wolves.
Brave Archer Common General Hunter 1 2 1 Inspire: If your hand is empty, deal 2 damage to the enemy hero. This is a "bearly" concealed reference.
Carrion Grub Common Beast Hunter 3 2 5 Carrion, my wayward grub.
Desert Camel Common Beast Hunter 3 2 4 Battlecry: Put a 1-Cost minion from each deck into the battlefield. Dang. This card is sweet. Almost as sweet as Dessert Camel.
Fiery Bat Common Beast Hunter 1 2 1 Deathrattle: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy. He'll always be our first.
King's Elekk Common Beast Hunter 2 3 2 Battlecry: Reveal a minion in each deck. If yours costs more, draw it. Elekk jousting is AWESOME.
Scavenging Hyena Common Beast Hunter 2 2 2 Whenever a friendly Beast dies, gain +2/+1. Hyenas prefer the bones of kodos or windserpents, but they'll eat pretty much anything. Even Brussels sprouts.
Starving Buzzard Common Beast Hunter 5 3 2 Whenever you summon a Beast, draw a card. If you feed him, he loses his whole identity.
Tundra Rhino Common Beast Hunter 5 2 5 Your Beasts have ChargeTundra rhinos are often mistaken for kodos. Or am I mistaken?
Core Rager Rare Beast Hunter 4 4 4 Battlecry: If your hand is empty, gain +3/+3. It takes a special kind of hunter to venture deep into a firey lava pit and convince a monster who lives there to come home and be a cuddly housepet.
Forlorn Stalker Rare General Hunter 3 4 2 Battlecry: Give all minions with Deathrattle in your hand +1/+1. He's going to leave the dying up to you, if that's cool.
Infested Wolf Rare Beast Hunter 4 3 3 Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Spiders. A little flea powder will fix that right up.
Ram Wrangler Rare General Hunter 5 3 3 Battlecry: If you have a Beast, summon a random Beast. Not getting trampled is really the trick here.
Savannah Highmane Rare Beast Hunter 6 6 5 Deathrattle: Summon two 2/2 Hyenas. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion gets slowly consumed by hyenas.
Giant Sand Worm Epic Beast Hunter 8 8 8 Whenever this minion kills another minion, it may attack again. Banned from every all-you-can-eat buffet on Azeroth.
Stablemaster Epic General Hunter 3 4 2 Battlecry: Give a friendly Beast Immune this turn. Takes way better care of her pets than her brother, Unstablemaster.
Acidmaw Legendary Beast Hunter 7 4 2 Whenever another minion takes damage, destroy it. With the help of his trusty sidekick Dreadscale, the giant jormungar Acidmaw is ready to face any knight!
Dreadscale Legendary Beast Hunter 3 4 2 At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to all other minions. Let's be clear about this: ACIDMAW is the sidekick.
King Krush Legendary Beast Hunter 9 8 8 Charge The best defense against King Krush is to have someone you don’t like standing in front of you.
Princess Huhuran Legendary Beast Hunter 5 6 5 Battlecry: Trigger a friendly minion's Deathrattle effect immediately. She flitters around Ahn'Qiraj dreaming of the day she will meet a sweet prince, whom she can lay thousands of eggs with.
Showing all 21 cards
Houndmaster(225).pngTimber Wolf(86).pngBrave Archer(22310).pngCarrion Grub(35218).pngDesert Camel(27251).pngFiery Bat(35214).pngKing's Elekk(22370).pngScavenging Hyena(279).pngStarving Buzzard(101).pngTundra Rhino(162).pngCore Rager(14444).pngForlorn Stalker(33181).pngInfested Wolf(35215).pngRam Wrangler(22344).pngSavannah Highmane(8).pngGiant Sand Worm(31118).pngStablemaster(22365).pngAcidmaw(22393).pngDreadscale(22389).pngKing Krush(194).pngPrincess Huhuran(35188).png

Uncollectible[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Hunter/Wild format

The following minions are generated by other hunter cards or effects, and are uncollectible.

Name / Desc Rarity Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Mastiff None Beast Hunter 1 1 1
Spider None Beast Hunter 1 1 1
Hound Common Beast Hunter 1 1 1 Charge 
Huffer Common Beast Hunter 3 4 2 Charge 
Leokk Common Beast Hunter 3 2 4 Other friendly minions have +1 Attack. 
Misha Common Beast Hunter 3 4 4 Taunt 
Snake Common Beast Hunter 0 1 1
Hyena Rare Beast Hunter 2 2 2
Showing all 8 cards

Weapons[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Hunter/Wild format

See Weapon.

Name / Desc Rarity Class Cost Atk HP Description
Eaglehorn Bow Rare Hunter 3 3 2 Whenever a friendly Secret is revealed, gain +1 Durability. First Lesson: Put the pointy end in the other guy.
Gladiator's Longbow Epic Hunter 7 5 2 Your hero is Immune while attacking. The longbow allows shots to be fired from farther away and is useful for firing on particularly odorous targets.
Showing all 2 cards
Eaglehorn Bow(363).pngGladiator's Longbow(278).png

Levelling rewards[edit | edit source]

As a hero reaches various levels they are awarded new cards, with each class having its own rewards. All cards awarded by gaining levels are soulbound, and cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Levels up to 10 award new basic class cards, while levels after this award only golden versions of existing cards.

Starting cards[edit | edit source]

All hunters start with the following class cards.

Arcane Shot(167).pngHoundmaster(225).pngMulti-Shot(407).pngTimber Wolf(86).pngTracking(163).png

Level 2-10[edit | edit source]

Up to level 10, reaching each even-numbered level will reward the player with a new basic class card x 2. These cards are not obtainable through any other means.

Level 2 Level 4 Level 6
Animal Companion(578).png Starving Buzzard(101).png Hunter's Mark(22).png

Level 8 Level 10
Tundra Rhino(162).png Kill Command(488).png

Level 11-60[edit | edit source]

Above level 10, reaching certain levels will award golden versions of existing basic cards. As they are soulbound, it is not possible to disenchant these cards, making the reward purely cosmetic. Reaching each required level will award one golden card. Levels after 10 award golden basic class cards, whereas levels after 50 award golden basic neutral minion cards.

Level 15/20 Level 23/26 Level 28/30
Tracking(163) Gold.png Timber Wolf(86) Gold.png Houndmaster(225) Gold.png

Level 32/34 Level 36/38 Level 40/42
Arcane Shot(167) Gold.png Multi-Shot(407) Gold.png Hunter's Mark(22) Gold.png

Level 43/44 Level 45/46 Level 47/48
Tundra Rhino(162) Gold.png Animal Companion(578) Gold.png Starving Buzzard(101) Gold.png

Level 49/50 Level 51/52 Level 53/54
Kill Command(488) Gold.png Core Hound(173) Gold.png Stonetusk Boar(76) Gold.png

Level 55/56 Level 57/58 Level 59/60
Razorfen Hunter(47) Gold.png Bloodfen Raptor(576) Gold.png Ironfur Grizzly(519) Gold.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hemet Nesingwary was the original hunter hero in the game's pre-alpha.[2] Rexxar was eventually chosen for the role in part due to his strong connection with Beasts, which the developers wanted to focus upon.[3]
  • Hunter was the game's original starting class. This was changed to mage because the developers wanted to use a non-weapon class, presumably to reduce complexity.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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