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Upcoming expansion
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The official Twitter account has released a series of teasers, widely believed to be pointing toward the game's upcoming expansion, expected to be announced at BlizzCon 2016 on November 4-5.

The first teaser came in the form of a "postcard" from the goblin city of Gadgetzan - matching the recent registration of the gadgetzan.com domain by Blizzard. A second teaser, an image of the front page of the Gadgetzan Gazette, features a story on the new First Bank of Gadgetzan, complete with state of the art "Unbreakable" bank vault. A URL hidden in one of the adverts in the gazette links to a special messenger site where readers can sample some of Gadgetzan's unique local drinks, and get some off-the-record information on what's brewing in the goblin port, courtesy of bar owner Talan.

Found on the south-east coast of Kalimdor, Gadgetzan is a goblin city set in the desert of Tanaris. Frequented and inhabited by merchants and adventurers of both the Alliance and the Horde, the city remains protected by the strict goblin neutrality that was standard prior to the Bilgewater Cartel's induction into the Horde.

Hearthstone already features a number of goblins, including two that specifically hail from Gadgetzan: Gadgetzan Auctioneer and the Gadgetzan Jouster. Featured in the game's first expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes, goblins have come to epitomise RNG.

For background lore on Gadgetzan, and all the latest information on the upcoming expansion, see Upcoming expansion.

Featured video

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