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Morgl the Oracle

Hearthstone's latest alternate hero has been revealed - Morgl the Oracle! A shaman hero, once unlocked Morgl can be used in place of Thrall whenever playing with a shaman deck. He comes with his own portrait, hero tray art, incomprehensible emotes and unique animations.

A respected elder of the murloc race and member of the Earthen Ring, Morgl the Oracle is a mighty shaman, paid tribute to even by Thrall. Wise and learned beyond most of his kind, Morgl has been recruited by Sir Finley Mrrgglton to take up the mantle of heroism and rise above the savagery seen in most of their race. With an unparalleled control of the elements, Morgl can be persuaded to lend his power to the player's cause by a show of camaraderie.

Morgl is only available through the new Recruit A Friend system. Invite a player to try out Hearthstone - they will immediately get a free Classic card pack, and when they reach a combined level of 20 across their heroes, you will be awarded with Morgl the Oracle. Four more players can be recruited, with both players receiving a free Classic card pack.

For full details, see Recruit A Friend and Alternate heroes. For more information on the new hero, see Morgl the Oracle.

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