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Upcoming changes and the Year of the Mammoth

Several changes are coming to Hearthstone, planned for release near the end of February:

  • Small-Time Buccaneer now has 1 Health (Down from 2)
  • Spirit Claws now costs 2 Mana (Up from 1)
  • New "Ranked Play floors" will be added at Ranks 15, 10 and 5, similar to those already in place for Rank 20 and Legend. Once a player reaches one of these ranks they will no longer be able to drop below that rank for the duration of the season.

As with all card changes, Small-Time Buccaneer and Spirit Claws will be disenchantable for their full dust value for a short period following the nerfs (but not until then).

For the full announcement, see Hearthpwn.

Year of the Mammoth bar.png

Looking a little further ahead, the first expansion of 2017 will see the start of the new Standard year - the Year of the Mammoth.

The new year will not only see the Blackrock Mountain, Grand Tournament and League of Explorers sets moved to Wild format, it will also see six Classic cards moved to the new Wild-only Hall of Fame set. The arrival of the new year will be heralded by special events including daily login bonuses and the new rogue hero Maiev Shadowsong.

For full details, see Year of the Mammoth.


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