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Emotes are short quotes that heroes can speak during a game. Each emote comes as a soundbite, and in a written form, displayed in a speech bubble next to the character's portrait. Emotes are the only form of communication possible between players during a game, aside from the friends chat function. Players can perform voluntary emotes by right-clicking on their hero's portrait and selecting the desired option.

Players can choose to prevent all voluntary emotes from their opponent by right-clicking their portrait and selecting the 'Squelch' option.


[edit] Emotes

There are 27 different emote triggers in total. Each hero has their own unique emotes in response to each of these events.

There are two types of emote: voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary emotes are chosen by the player, by right-clicking your hero's portrait, and selecting the desired option. There are 6 voluntary emotes. Involuntary emotes are made by heroes automatically in response to certain events, and comprise the remaining 21 emotes.

For a full list of each hero's emotes, see individual hero pages, eg. Jaina Proudmoore.

[edit] Voluntary

  • Well played
  • Sorry
  • Oops
  • Hello
  • Thanks
  • Threaten

[edit] Usage notes

"Well played" is a general compliment to the opponent on their play, but is also used by players at the end of a match to mean "good game". Because of this, players may also use "well played" to say "goodbye". In addition, "well played" may refer to player skill, or simply to a lucky sequence of cards or events. The existence of these multiple possible meanings often leaves room for ambiguity, and can be especially confusing for newer players, who may mistake a polite "well played" at the conclusion of a game for sarcasm.

"Hello" generates a (relatively) friendly greeting message. "Threaten" is sometimes used by players as a more dramatic or humorous form of greeting. "Hello" is also sometimes used, often repeatedly, to express frustration with the time their opponent is taking to select their play. Such use can interfere with the player's play, and can be prevented using the Squelch feature.

[edit] Involuntary

  • Concede
  • Error: Too many minions
  • Error: Generic
  • Error: Hand already full
  • Error: Hero already attacked
  • Error: Minion not ready
  • Error: Minion exhausted
  • Error: Not enough mana
  • Error: Need a weapon
  • Error: Can't play that card
  • Error: Can't target stealthed minions
  • Error: Not a valid target
  • Error: Must attack taunt minion
  • Good game
  • Almost out of cards
  • Out of cards
  • Opening remark
  • Thinking [1]
  • Thinking [2]
  • Thinking [3]
  • Running out of time

[edit] Notes

  • At the start of each battle, each hero will make an opening remark. This may be the hero's "opening remark" emote, or their "threaten" emote.
  • Emote events such as "thinking" may result in one of a number of possible emotes. The precise emote displayed for each player is determined by that player's computer, rather than by the server, so that each player may hear a different version of the same emote.

[edit] Squelch

The Squelch feature exists to allow players to prevent voluntary emotes from their opponent. Involuntary emotes are not prevented. Squelch may be used to prevent harassment, or simply to allow the player to focus on the game itself.

Squelch does not prevent players from activating emotes, but only prevents them from being displayed (visual and audio) for the other player. Squelched players do not receive any notification of being Squelched, and will still see and hear their own emotes, as well as those of their opponent (unless they have also been Squelched).

To Squelch an opponent, right-click on their portrait and select 'Squelch'. Squelched opponents can be Unsquelched by right-clicking their portrait and selecting 'Unsquelch'.

[edit] Notes

Emotes are the only direct communication possible for non-friends during a game. This relatively restrictive design has attracted significant discussion, with some players requesting the ability to communicate directly with their opponents. Blizzard currently have no plans to introduce text chat into Hearthstone. Their reasons include prevention of harassment, and increasing the speed of gameplay:

Why are you not interested in doing chat against random opponents?
We want to keep the game accessible to everyone. No one enjoys being harassed by their opponent.
Keeping chat to emotes keeps the game flowing at a quicker pace. No one is stopping to type.[1]

[edit] References

  1. Dev Interview - Rating, Social, and Balance Issues; Innkeeper Invitational Spotlight #2