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An Argent Squire with Divine Shield in place

Divine Shield is an ability which causes a minion to ignore the next damage it receives. Upon receiving any damage the Divine Shield is removed, and that damage is ignored. The amount of damage taken is not important, and may be from any source, including combat as either attacker or defender, spells, Hero Powers or other effects.

Removing a Divine Shield through damage is often known as popping it, due to its resemblance to a bubble.

Divine Shield is available to all classes, but is most strongly associated with the paladin class.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Minions with Divine Shield who engage in combat will still deal damage normally.
  • Divine Shield can also be removed through spells such as Silence and transforming abilities.
  • Divine Shield does not protect the minion from all sources of harm or attack, only from damaging abilities. Spells that do not specifically cause damage, such as Hunter's Mark, Equality and Assassinate, are therefore not prevented by Divine Shield.
  • Spells with both damage and an additional component, such as Cone of Cold, will have their damage prevented by Divine Shield (consuming the effect) but will still apply all non-damage effects.
  • Minions with an effect that triggers when they deal damage, such as the Water Elemental, will not apply this effect as the shield prevents all damage. Similarly, Frothing Berserker will not trigger when a Divine Shield is lost, and Imp-losion will not summon any Imps.
  • Engaging in combat with minions with zero Attack will not remove a target's Shield, since no damage is taken.
  • As with Stealth, Divine Shield is both an ability of a minion and an effect on the minion. Once the effect is consumed, the card text will still be present but does not do anything.
    • If a minion with Divine Shield is silenced, it will lose any Divine Shield effect.
    • If a card without a Divine Shield effect is given Divine Shield, it will gain the effect, regardless of whether it already has the Divine Shield card text or has ever had the effect before.
    • A minion cannot have two Divine Shields active; attempting to give it to a minion does nothing if it already has the effect.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Since Divine Shield is removed by any source of damage, regardless of amount, when seeking to quickly destroy a shielded target, it is often wise to use a weak ability to remove the shield before targeting the minion with a more substantial attack (if required). Good sources for this include weak minions, low damage spells like Arcane Explosion, and the mage Hero Power Fireblast. Cards with low damage secondary effects like a druid's Swipe and warrior's Death's Bite are similarly useful, by primarily targeting another minion while allowing the secondary damage to remove the Divine Shield.

Minions that originally possessed Divine Shield but have already lost it are good targets for return effects or re-summoning using cards such as Redemption, allowing them to regain their shield.

Cards with Divine Shield[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Divine Shield/Wild format

This section lists all cards which possess or provide Divine Shield.

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Hand of Protection Free Spell Paladin 1 Give a minion Divine ShieldThis spell has been renamed so many times, even paladins don’t know what it should be called anymore.
Argent Horserider Common Minion General Any 3 2 1 Charge
Divine Shield His horse's name is Betsy.
Argent Protector Common Minion General Paladin 2 2 2 Battlecry: Give a friendly minion Divine Shield"I'm not saying you can dodge fireballs. I'm saying with this shield, you won't have to."
Argent Squire Common Minion General Any 1 1 1 Divine Shield "I solemnly swear to uphold the Light, purge the world of darkness, and to eat only burritos." - The Argent Dawn Oath
C'Thun's Chosen Common Minion General Any 4 4 2 Divine Shield. Battlecry: Give your C'Thun +2/+2 (wherever it is)He gave her a promise ring and everything.
Psych-o-Tron Common Minion Mech Any 5 3 4 Taunt
Divine Shield "Annoyinger-o-Tron" was just too unwieldy. And accurate.
Scarlet Crusader Common Minion General Any 3 3 1 Divine Shield Never wash your whites with a Scarlet Crusader.
Seal of Champions Common Spell Paladin 3 Give a minion +3 Attack and Divine Shield"Arf! Arf! Arf!" - Seal of Champions
Silent Knight Common Minion General Any 3 2 2 Stealth

Divine Shield He used to be a librarian. Old habits die hard.

Silvermoon Guardian Common Minion General Any 4 3 3 Divine Shield The first time they tried to guard Silvermoon against the scourge, it didn’t go so well…
Argent Commander Rare Minion General Any 6 4 2 Charge
Divine Shield The Argent Dawn stands vigilant against the Scourge, as well as people who cut in line at coffee shops.
Master Jouster Rare Minion General Any 6 5 6 Battlecry: Reveal a minion in each deck. If yours costs more, gain Taunt and Divine ShieldNeeds just a few more ratings points to become Grandmaster Jouster.
Rallying Blade Rare Weapon Paladin 3 3 2 Battlecry: Give +1/+1 to your minions with Divine ShieldAs far as blades go, this one is pretty great in the motivation department.
Selfless Hero Rare Minion General Paladin 1 2 1 Deathrattle: Give a random friendly minion Divine Shield"Don't worry about me… I'll just be here... under these tentacles."
Steward of Darkshire Rare Minion General Paladin 3 3 3 Whenever you summon a 1-Health minion, give it Divine ShieldTurns out divine shields are way cheaper if you buy in bulk.
Sunwalker Rare Minion General Any 6 4 5 Taunt. Divine Shield She doesn’t ACTUALLY walk on the Sun. It's just a name. Don’t worry!
Al'Akir the Windlord Legendary Minion General Shaman 8 3 5 Windfury, Charge, Divine Shield, Taunt He is the weakest of the four Elemental Lords. And the other three don't let him forget it.
Fjola Lightbane Legendary Minion General Any 3 3 4 Whenever you target this minion with a spell, gain Divine Shield. LOVES being called "the wonder twins".
Tirion Fordring Legendary Minion General Paladin 8 6 6 Divine Shield. Taunt. Deathrattle: Equip a 5/3 Ashbringer. If you haven't heard the Tirion Fordring theme song, it's because it doesn't exist.
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Hand of Protection(499).pngArgent Horserider(22301).pngArgent Protector(191).pngArgent Squire(473).pngC'Thun's Chosen(33123).pngPsych-o-Tron(35216).pngScarlet Crusader(475).pngSeal of Champions(22373).pngSilent Knight(22297).pngSilvermoon Guardian(634).pngArgent Commander(463).pngMaster Jouster(22317).pngRallying Blade(35246).pngSelfless Hero(35245).pngSteward of Darkshire(33153).pngSunwalker(221).pngAl'Akir the Windlord(335).pngFjola Lightbane(22296).pngTirion Fordring(391).png

Related cards[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Divine Shield/Wild format
Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Rallying Blade Rare Weapon Paladin 3 3 2 Battlecry: Give +1/+1 to your minions with Divine ShieldAs far as blades go, this one is pretty great in the motivation department.
Blood Knight Epic Minion General Any 3 3 3 Battlecry: All minions lose Divine Shield. Gain +3/+3 for each Shield lost. The Blood Knights get their holy powers from the Sunwell, which you should NOT bathe in.
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Rallying Blade(35246).pngBlood Knight(75).png

Lore[edit | edit source]

Divine Shield is a paladin spell from World of Warcraft that protects the caster from all damage and spells for 8 seconds, in exchange for reducing their damage dealt by half. It is commonly used for surviving burst damage, especially in PvP when the paladin's attackers have just popped their damage-increasing cooldowns. In PvE using Divine Shield as a tank will cause the paladin to lose aggro, making this strictly a last resort, unless a tank swap is desired. In addition to its own 5 minute cooldown, Divine Shield shares a 1 minute cooldown with similar abilities, preventing paladins from chain-casting their many life-saving spells on any one target.

The immunity granted by Divine Shield is almost unique in World of Warcraft, comparable to Ice Block in Hearthstone. Indeed, Ice Block is one of the only other spells in World of Warcraft to grant a similar effect. The immunity granted by Divine Shield is complete, including even falling and drowning damage. Casting it also removes any crowd control on the paladin, including silences. Divine Shield can be removed by the warrior's Shattering Throw and the priest's Mass Dispel, but by nothing else, including standard dispels and cleansing effects.

In contrast to Ice Block, which in World of Warcraft prevents the mage from taking actions for the duration, Divine Shield does not limit the caster's abilities, and paladins are free to cast spells, use abilities or even continue to attack while shielded, although their damage dealt is still reduced by half. Divine Shield is therefore commonly used to allow self-healing, escape on foot, or most infamously the use of a Hearthstone.

Bubble hearthing[edit | edit source]

"Divine Shields and Hearthstones do not make a hero heroic." - Sayge

Known as bubble hearthing, earlier versions of Divine Shield had a longer duration, allowing time for the paladin to pop the shield and hearth away, all the while immune to attacks or interruption. Especially frustrating in PvP, the technique could be used by paladins to escape combat any time the tides of battle turned against them, even when stunlocked and on the brink of death. This could be reliably used to deny the opponent a well-deserved victory, or simply to hastily escape what appeared too challenging an encounter - often leaving their bewildered allies to suffer an unexpectedly quick and brutal defeat. Given the lore of the paladin as a brave and noble defender, some paladins' reported willingness to flee from battle the moment they were in danger was widely lampooned in the Warcraft community, inspiring the creation of numerous videos and even a song, and the duration was eventually reduced. However, the extended duration was later reintroduced through a special glyph, heralding the return of the bubble hearth.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Removing a Divine Shield is often referred to as popping it, with the Divine Shield occasionally referred to as a bubble, as in Bubble Paladin. This has its roots in World of Warcraft, where paladins casting Divine Shield are said to bubble, as in bubble hearth.