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Counterspell(531) Gold.png
Set: Classic
Type: Spell
Class: Mage
Rarity: Rare
Cost: 3 Mana icon.png
Abilities: Secret, Counter

Secret: When your opponent casts a spell, Counter it.

What's the difference between a mage playing with Counterspell and a mage who isn't? The mage who isn't is getting Pyroblasted in the face.

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"No voodoo for you, mon." —Ta'zo

Counterspell is a rare mage secret card, from the Classic set.

How to get[edit]

Counterspell can be obtained through Classic card packs, through crafting, or as an arena reward.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Counterspell 100 20
Golden Counterspell 800 100


  • Counterspell may be used preemptively to prevent the next spell cast by an opponent. When the opponent activates a spell, Counterspell will activate. Counterspell activates after the spell is played, and after the spell's activation phase has completed, but before it can take effect. Counterspell also prevents the spell from 'resolving'. As a result of this:
    • The spell card will still be consumed and its mana cost expended.
    • Any effects which activate from the spell being cast will still be triggered. Examples include Mana Wyrm, Questing Adventurer, Unbound Elemental and rogue combo effects on other cards.
    • Any effects which activate from spells resolving will not be triggered.[1] Currently the only card which functions this way is Wild Pyromancer. Similarly, any Overload effects will not activate, and therefore will not overload the casting shaman's mana next turn.
  • Counterspell will not trigger from activation of secrets. However, Counterspell can prevent secrets from being cast, since they are spell cards.
  • When attempting to counter Counterspell, try casting a weak or unimportant spell first.


Counterspell is a mage spell from World of Warcraft which interrupts a target's spellcasting, locking them out of that school of magic for several seconds. Higher levels of the ability also silence the target for a few seconds. The spell also features in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.


Jason Chan


Counterspell (full art)


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