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Card pack concept art

Card packs, also called Expert Packs, are items which can be used to obtain additional cards for your collection.

Each card pack contains 5 expert cards. Each card has a chance to be of common, rare, epic or even legendary rarity, but each pack is guaranteed to contain at least one card of at least rare quality. While the majority of cards in card packs are common, it is possible to find multiple cards of high quality within a single pack. Each card also has the chance to become a golden version of that card.

The contents of each pack are decided at random, at the time of purchase.[1] Details such as the amount of cards you currently have, and which heroes you have unlocked, will not affect which cards are found.


[edit] Opening a pack

A gnome opening a new card pack.

Card packs can be opened by clicking on the "Open Packs" icon from the main menu screen. The number underneath the icon indicates how many unopened card packs you currently possess.

Once the Open Packs screen has been reached, all current unopened packs will be displayed on the left-hand side. Drag a pack over to the right-hand section to open it. Once you open a pack 5 cards will appear face down. This forces you to turn each card individually, heightening the suspense.

Hovering over a card will show a border depending on the rarity of the card. Hearthstone uses quality colors based on World of Warcraft's gear system.

  • No color means the card is of common quality
  • A blue glow means the card is of rare quality
  • A purple glow means the card is of epic quality
  • An orange glow means the card is of legendary quality

[edit] How to get

There are two ways of obtaining card packs. They can be gained as a reward, from competing in the arena or from certain unique quests; or they can be purchased from the shop, either for gold, or for real money.

[edit] Purchasing

Hovering over an Epic card.

The following purchasing options are available. Only the single pack option is available for gold; all other options require real money. Players can use any of the payment methods that are also available for buying games and goodies from the Blizzard store.

1 100
2 $2.99 ($1.495 per pack, $0.299 per card) £1.99 (£0.995 per pack, £0.199 per card) €2.69 (€1.345 per pack, €0.269 per card) 99.00 р. (49.50 р. per pack, 9.90 р. per card)
7 $9.99 ($1.427 per pack, $0.285 per card) £6.99 (£0.999 per pack, £0.200 per card) €8.99 (€1.284 per pack, €0.257 per card) 329.00 р. (47.00 р. per pack, 9.40 р. per card)
15 $19.99 ($1.333 per pack, $0.267 per card) £13.99 (£0.933 per pack, £0.187 per card) €17.99 (€1.199 per pack, €0.240 per card) 649.00 р. (43.27 р. per pack, 8.65 р. per card)
40 $49.99 ($1.250 per pack, $0.250 per card) £34.99 (£0.875 per pack, £0.175 per card) €44.99 (€1.125 per pack, €0.225 per card) 1690.00 р. (42.25 р. per pack, 8.45 р. per card)

Note that a discount is offered when buying in bulk. Purchasing 40 packs of cards at once presents a 12-16% discount compared to buying cards in sets of 2. Exact prices and discounts vary by currency.

While no bulk purchase option is presented for gold transactions, players can double-click on the '1 pack' option to instantly order multiple packs by entering a number from 1 to 50. No discount is offered. Players are informed of this option upon entering the shop for the first time with a large amount of gold.

[edit] Notes

Purchasing options in the US region.

The cards rewarded from card packs are selected randomly, and may not suit the player's taste or preferred classes. Additionally, players can only use 2 of each card in a deck (and only 1 of each Legendary), meaning additional copies of cards beyond these limits are of no value. When receiving unwanted cards from card packs, the disenchant option can be used to destroy unwanted cards in exchange for Arcane Dust, which can then be used to craft new cards. This process allows players to convert unwanted cards into more desirable options.

When opening packs, cards are displayed using the player's currently selected card back.

[edit] Videos

[edit] Gallery

1 pack to open
Picking up the pack
Placing it in the centre
The pack bursting open...
…to reveal...
…5 brand new cards
Mousing over cards reveals their rarity
Another pack down
The player's current card back is used when opening packs

[edit] References

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